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ASUS ROG Maximus XII Extreme

CPU support: Intel 8th and 9th Gen and 10th gen processors | Socket : LGA 1250 | Size: EATX | Memory support: 4x DIMM, up to 128GB, DDR4-4400 (OC) | Expansion slots: 2 x PCIe 3.0 x16 SafeSlots (@x16 or x8/x8) ; 1 x Pcie 3.0 x4 | Video ports: HDMI | Rear USB: 4x USB 3.2 Gen2 (1x Type-C), 2x USB 3.1 Gen1, 4x USB 2.0 | Storage: 3x M.2, 6x SATA | Network CardEthernet, 10Gbps 802.11ac wireless

The ASUS ROG Maximus XII Extreme is the ultra-plus of the motherboards available for Intel Z490 LGA 1200 CPUs. On board this extended ATX motherboard, in addition to many power phases and an elaborate cooling system, you can find eight DDR4 memory slots to mount up to 128 GB of RAM with a maximum frequency of 4,800 MHz + in overclocking , four reinforced PCIe slots, one M.2 slot covered by the chipset heat sink and two other M.2 slots available through the ROG DIMM.2 expansion card included in the package.

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 Also featured is the  Aura Sync RGB LED system , which synchronizes incredible light effects between compatible components, exclusive 5-Way Optimization technology, which allows you to dynamically optimize the essential parameters of the system based on real-time usage, the best gaming network segment, with the adoption of technologies such as Intel Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi 802.11ad and LANGuard, and an excellent SupremeFX audio compartment, for a deeper dive into the game.

Feature Rich graphics cardNot available in ATX or Micro-ATX Format
Sturdy, Great build qualityExpensive for average users
High-speed RAM support
Good for demanding and High intensive load
Layout is very well designed

This high-end gaming motherboard from ASUS is the premium top of the line gaming motherboard in ASUS line up. The memory layout improves the signal and reduces the noise. This motherboard is compatible with 3600 MHz+ memory kits. The 4800 MHz+ RAM supports allows RAM to run at high frequency speeds. You can also change the latency settings from low to high, according to your preference.

Due to it’s high capacity memory kits, OptiMem III, enables the PC to run at maximum frequency without compromising the capacity or the speed. This OptiMem III motherboard from ASUS makes sure that you can run demanding games and intensive memory applications without  worrying about memory bandwidth.

It also comes bundled with fast 40GBPs Thunderbolt 3 Expansion Card for faster data transfers. It is four times faster than any other cable and gives your PC twice the bandwidth. One of the best feature of this gaming motherboard is its cooling system. The AI controlled cooling system automatically controls the temperature and the fan speed based on current load and system performance. The most efficient settings would be used by AI to ensure that the system works perfectly and there is no dip in the performance of the system.

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