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Best 240Hz monitor: Gaming, graphics and Video Editing

Looking for best 240Hz monitor overall and for gaming also? The below in-depth guide about 240Hz monitors provides you with the full reviews of 9 monitors which you can buy. All the below presented monitors are 24o Hz and come with fast response time and 1080p or 1440p display.

You can choose according to your own needs and preferences. If you are looking for a good 240Hz gaming monitor – then you can go with HP OMEN X 25 or if you want an overall good 240Hz monitor then you can go with ViewSonic XG270. For 240Hz curved display you can consider buying Samsung LC27 and BenQ ZOWIE XL2540 240Hz monitor is the best budget option available for you.

In every popular video game, a display with a 240Hz contrast ratio offers you significant benefits, mostly with clearer graphics and quicker responses.

In this review, we recommend the best 240Hz computer monitors but instead we also tell you what and how to take into consideration when selecting your next playing games monitor. 

We offer you the full list of all 240Hz monitors that exist in the community. You probably recognize however that we would like you to explore all the available possibilities and opportunities of computer monitors so that you could always love your gameplay experience as you obviously deserve.

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A few more playing games monitors have perhaps provided synchronization rate enhancements anywhere between a tiny booth to 75Hz to 144Hz for the some period, and now we’re playing games screens that can deliver an incredibly flawless 240Hz screen resolution.

That kind of pace can make each image of your monitor seem so smooth that you may have a pretty tough time heading back to anyone or anything too little. Whether you’re playing professional video games or shooting games, the extra pace could be good enough to justify it.

Top 9 240Hz monitors in 2020

And this is why we would serve to highlight the 9 best 240 hertz computer monitors currently offered (October 2020) mostly on the marketplace from the below list.

1 ViewSonic XG270: Best 240Hz monitor with Motion Clarity

The ViewSonic XG270 is a very first (and even) gaming monitor to have been certified by haze Busters because of its PureXP reflector backlight technology , which means outstanding quality, software installations, and much more. 

 ViewSonic XG270- Best 240Hz monitor with Motion Clarity


  • Ultra-fast 240Hz Display
  • Smooth gaming and video editing
  • Excellent blue light filtering for long hours
  • Good colour accuracy

Now this 27′′ monitor has a pixel density of 1920×1080 that often, as we have already explained, results in a low screen resolution that makes the quality of the image seem somewhat pixelated. Unfortunately, the XG270 is not available as a 24′′ version. 

To reduce the pixel look, you can sit a little further away from the screen so that individual pixels are less identifiable, or you can offer some anti-aliasing to video games.

Several other consumers also prefer a low screen resolution although relatively large pixels allow themselves to become much more precise in FPS games. 

In particular, 27′′ 1080p monitors are ideal for playing games, surfing the web and searching, but if you’re using the display for workplace and related operations, you can probably wind up with a lack of display positional accuracy. 

Apart from that, the screen requirements are about the same as the other monitors throughout this reference which will include a robust and comprehensive of 400 bits as well as a fixed dynamic contrast of thousand:One.


This same ViewSonic XG270 is congruent with more than just AMD FreeSync with a rather 48-240 Hz VRR range and fully certified G-SYNC functionality. 

Numerous different game characteristics are pretty much standard which include configurable graphics, pre-calibrated image presets, black stabilisation (for enhanced understanding in darkened game play) and image processing adaptation techniques including six gamma templates. 

Its key feature, of instance, is the Blurred shredders authorized and preset PureXP backlit reflector engineering, which has popularised and led to the rise of motion blur reductions in gameplay monitors.

Strobe auto brightness on 240 Hz monitors is much more efficient whenever the display is set to 100 Hz-144 Hz, so that there is less strobe crosstalk (and double getty images) than those of 240 Hz. 

Notice however that the 240Hz monitor would have had significantly better RBM at 120Hz even than the 144Hz or 120Hz display screen, which is also very strobe mostly at 120Hz, and so the high scanning speed of the monitor would not be compromised there. 

Because once you adjust the ViewSonic XG270 to 120Hz, switch PureXP on and make absolutely sure you achieve ~120FPS (through either VSYNC or limited picture quality), you’ll get amazing CRT-like motion visibility with no distortion between fast-moving themes. 

Plus, huge kudos to the enhanced strong illumination and vivid colour combinations of the display, the output of the picture will indeed be superb!

The ViewSonic XG270 has a completely adjustable frame with such as approximately 120 millimetres elevation adjustment,-5 ° /20 ° tilting, + /-90 ° range of motion, 90 ° pivoting and VESA 100 install functionality. × 100 mm in size. It should also be fitted with such a helmet strap, an adjustable computer mouse and perhaps a secure monitor.

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2 HP OMEN X 25: Best 240hz gaming monitor

The HP Omen X 25 provides a screen resolution of 240Hz at 1440p for the much clearer picture quality and much more display region, but it is very costly and requires a great deal of GPU and CPU. 

HP OMEN X 25: Best 240hz gaming monitor


  • fast response time
  • stutter-free and minimum input lag
  • Brilliant images and crisp image quality
  • NVIDIA G-SYNC compatible

Centered on a 25 “TN display with a screen resolution of 2560×1440, the HP Omen X 27 reaches the pixel high density sweet place of ~109 PPI, ensuring you sometimes get vibrant full detail and lots of even more screen real estate!” despite having to climb! 

Now reaching 240FPS at 1440p would demand a large-end PC machine, and you probably wouldn’t be able to keep the refresh rate as strong as in competitive games like Overwatch, Rocket League, etc. 

You’ll quite definitely be sitting about 100FPS-144FPS upon the most challenging AAA games.

The benefit would be that you probably won’t need to use anti-aliasing due to the increased definition, which would save your GPU strength. 

Really only, the HP Omen X 25 seems to have a broad 90 percent DCI-P3 colour entire spectrum and perhaps the shades are pretty decent as well as reliable as a TN screen. Consequently, you also get a small focal length of 160 ° /170 °. 

It also facilitates Full hd, that further improves its usual maximum brightness from 300 to 400 bits, and perhaps even 16 dimming regions improve the pixel density. 

Even though the standard of the high definition display appears marginally better than those of the SDR picture, the blacks stay grey due to the poor pixel density of the display, which further differs between 800:1 to 1000:1.

The quick pixel reaction time of the display, 1 ms GtG, removes image stabilization and clipping efficiently without introducing overshoot (i.e. flip clipping). 

Sum up, the above monitor is really for you if you’ve the Computer specifications needed to run your favourite games at ~ 240FPS, and then you’ve surpassed the resolution of 1080p. 

Even so, when their pixel reaction time would be just as quick, recommend waiting as well for the 25′′ IPS 1440p 240Hz versions that will have some even really significantly better color schemes and sharp contrast, and as well as broader viewing angles.


AMD FreeSync 2 (FreeSync Premium Pro) with a high dynamic range of 48 to 240 Hz is supported by the HP Omen X 25, and provides reliable G-SYNC level of performance although it may not be NVIDIA approved. 

A personalized rechargeable, pre-calibrated template defaults and adjustable RGB LED illumination are some other characteristics. 

Note that PWM (width modulation ( pwm) is used by the display to control the illumination at lower levels of backlight, causing the display to change colour. 

While flashing is invisible to human eyes, following extended exposure, individuals who’ve been particularly prone towards this phenomena might also suffer migraine.

3 ASUS TUF VG279QM: Best 1080p 240 Hz monitor with  Low Motion Blur

27-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) Powerful IPS games display featuring ultra-fast 280*Hz refresh rate optimised for pro players and interactive gaming. 

ASUS TUF VG279QM: Best 1080p 240 Hz monitor with  Low Motion Blur


  • fast 280Hz IPS display with 1ms response time
  • Extreme Low Motion Blur
  • Good for professional gamers
  • DisplayHDR 400 for professional colour range

ASUS FastIPS technologies allow a 1ms responsiveness (GTG) for smooth gameplay graphics mostly with phenomenal speed. 

Certified as G-SYNC Compliant, provides smooth, start tearing-free gaming service that allows VRR (variable refresh rate) through definition. 

ASUS Extreme Minimal Motion Blur Synchronization (ELMB SYNC) system allows ELMB in combination with G-SYNC Compliant, removing artifacts and flickering for higher recognition speed and smooth gameplay graphics. 

High Dynamic Range (HDR) innovation with a qualified color scheme provides contrast and picture output that satisfies perhaps the DisplayHDR 400 standard

4 Acer Predator XB273GX 27 inch 240hz 1ms monitor with G-Sync 

Have a flawless, lag-free gameplay experience as well as clear, sensitive graphics with that as well NVIDIA G-SYNC compliant / evolutionary-Sync display. 

Acer Predator XB273GX 27 inch 240hz 1ms monitor with G-Sync


  • Must have under 700
  • Cheap and Poweful
  • Excellent 144Hz display
  • 4 GB Nvidia 1650 Dedicated Powerful Graphics
  • Value for money

It’s not like every playing screen arrives mostly with VESA DisplayHDR 400 credential, bring some games towards the next stage for better image quality and comparison. 

Appreciate smooth, lag-free gameplay with such a quick aspect ratio of 240Hz, even though the gameplay is frantic, this same 0.1ms Graphical Reaction Boost guarantees simple, distortion-free photos. 

Make up your mind from either a broad spectrum of gaming & non-gaming styles, each of which has an exclusive colors scheme. 

Made continuously for multiple play sessions including minimized display haze and eye strain attributable to Acer ComfyView as well as Minimal flickering innovations.

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5 BenQ ZOWIE XL2540 24.5: Best budget 240hz monitor

Grab each aspect of movement as well as experience the much more smooth gameplay of BenQ ZOWIE ‘s native 240 Hz refresh rate display, providing a seamless image of fast-moving and exciting transformations throughout all stages.

BenQ ZOWIE XL2540 24.5- Best budget 240hz monitor


  • Best 240Hz monitor under 500
  • Smooth gameplay and excellent Colour accuracy
  • eQualizer technology for dark screens
  • Flicker free technology

Shield-Reveal a direction through focus mostly on sports. The infinitely adjustable inclination and easily removable nature enables the Protector to follow different conditions however according to choice, concentrating on winning the game.

Never ever fall prey to a timid camper in the darkened room. Dark skinned equaliser improves contrast in poor lighting while sensing node regions of light. 

Each game does have its own optimum settings. Designers Have equipped a full range of configurations for each XL-Series display. With either the click of a keyboard shortcut players could quickly turn to some of these gameplay modes.

Multiple use situations involve a range of settings tab. Controllers are programmed for easy connection through configurations and flipping among modified profiles as well as specific triggers.

If you’re probably watching, having to read, browsing, playing or linking to different computers, it’s as easy as 1-2-3 to shift among settings and various devices or to toggle through screens.

6 Pixio PX5 Hayabusa 2 25 inch 240Hz HDR monitor: Cheap and Powerful

That IPS Gaming Display for Quickest Esports 

The very first 25-inch pro-play game screen fitted with such a stunning IPS display. users could already experience 1ms reaction time, lightning quick 240Hz contrast ratio as well as an improvement at any viewpoint despite skipping a picture.

Pixio PX5 Hayabusa 2 25 inch 240Hz HDR monitor: Cheap and Powerful


  • Cheapest yet powerful 240Hz monitor under 400
  • HDR ready with 400nit Brightness
  • AMD Radeon FreeSync and low blue light technology

The PX5 Hayabusa 2 even provides a multi-functional frame which could turn, wiggle, twist or turn to suit both your watching new model with a sleek, bezel-less screen size layout 

On something like a 144-frame display, the PX5 Hayabusa 2 will formulate to 144 and 240 fps, that significantly decreases eye strain, enabling you to experience an enormous big difference in the game.

The 240Hz is the highest refresh rate mostly in the eSports gaming industry. providing an opportunity for avid players to play out-of-this-world games that audiences love far too much.

 The reaction time of the superfast 1ms (GTG) is as simple as it gets. Take full advantage of your favourite fast-paced gameplay becoming even more productive, and have the most seamless gaming accessible. 

To eradicate breakdown and stammer-free output for flawless gameplay at practically any refresh rate. Endure the very next AMD Radeon FreeSync breakthrough in Computer gaming results. 

For improved colours, the PX5 Hayabusa 2 uses a quality IPS graphics chipset that is ideal for any plethora of requests, from productive interaction to gaming.

Appreciate best experience viewpoints at 178 angles. Because a few audiences see the very same screen, without flickering, they also display precisely the very same hue.

7 Alienware AW2521HF: Best 1440p 240hz monitor

The ultimate colour coverage

FURIOUSLY Quick-See quicker for seamless-as-life gameplay with 240 updates per second 

A Benefit From Each and every ANGLE-Latest fast IPS technology has enabled a genuine reaction time of 1ms 

Alienware AW2521HF: Best 1440p 240hz monitor


  • 90 percent sRGB colour coverage
  • Amd FreeSync and NVIDIA G-SYNC Enabled visuals

THE Greatest In Any Environment-See all the 25-inch screen and natural 1080p resolution information. 

DISTORTION-FREE-The visuals and display are synchronised with AMD FreeSync technology.

Real colors, real frequency: Fresh, quick IPS tech from each and every direction of the monitor provides extra picture clarity. And, you have a large variety of colours in your collection including exceeding 90 percent sRGB colour coverage.

Best combination: The highest pixel-per-inch ratio is provided by a 24.5 “display paired with traditional FHD 1080p, so specifics are finer and pictures are life-like, rendering the 24.5” screen size the perfect size for high-speed gaming.

Fire-fast: enjoy the real IPS technologies tools with up to 240Hz local refresh rates. Answer to 1ms. No tricks: For simple images without any synthetic tricks required, a pure 1ms reaction time bombs artifacting and obscures free.

While you’re in the midst of practice, begin a unique degree of insight. AMD FreeSync Unlimited and NVIDIA G-SYNC Enabled visuals and display synchronisation technology helps you to even get epic, piss-free images that just don’t hold your gaming off. 

Keep in a competitive frame of mind via an incredibly simple-to-use dashboard with such a special new gameplay-centric list, with customizable default gameplay modes, an FPS metre and large – screen configuration instructions.

8 Samsung LC27: Best 240Hz Curved Monitor under 300

  • Blazing Pace, Absorption Absolute 

Need to get in the gameplay throughout. You are completely engulfed in the industry-leading 1500R curved monitor and the freakily quick 240Hz refresh rate.

Samsung LC27: Best 240Hz Curved Monitor under 300


  • Super-fast response time of 1ms.
  • Ultra-fast refresh rate of 240 Hz.
  • Compatible with G-Sync technology for smoother and lag-free gaming.

Without stuttering and cracking, G-Sync functionality ensures precise and compelling graphics. 

The Samsung LC27 RG50FQUXEN Gaming monitor is one of the best gaming monitors in your budget price. This monitor has a rapid 240 Hz of refresh rate for smoother and faster gaming performances. 

This monitor also supports the G-Sync technology that provides you lag-free and smoother gaming by eliminating screen tearing and ghosting.

This monitor has a super-fast  response time of 1 ms which helps you in competitive gaming where each count matters. This monitor provides you faster and better gaming experiences than other monitors.

Listed below are some of the outstanding features of this monitor.

The Samsung LC27 RG50FQUXEN Gaming monitor is a fast gaming monitor with lightning speed gaming performances.

Buy this monitor today and enjoy the best gaming experiences.

  • Authorized Monitor of the PUBG european association 

240Hz For realistic gameplay with flawless, super-smooth animations, RapidCurve introduces a lightning-fast 240Hz screen resolution to Samsung’s 1500R curved panel. 

Tackle any foe, even within scenarios that are fast or violent. The 240Hz lightning-fast response time removes lag, enabling you to respond in near real – time. Faster , smoother, and much more accurate key presses help you to banish rivals without reluctance. 

  • No rough gameplay. To remove picture drops, stammering, and display-lag for super smooth, rapid-action gaming, G-Sync convergence synchronises the GPU as well as display.
  • A progressively adjusted refresh rate of the monitor allows smooth and practically stammer-free complicated game action sequences.

9 ASUS ROG STRIX XG248Q: Best 24 inch 240Hz monitor with AuraSync, FreeSync

The ROG Strix XG248Q has always been about pace, making it the ideal display for most first-person shooters including gamers.

ASUS ROG STRIX XG248Q: Best 24 inch 240Hz monitor


  • Must have 240Hz monitor
  • Blur-free graphics
  • Low Blue Light technology
  • Excellent viewing experience.

With a 240Hz natural refresh rate, 1ms reaction time and Severe decreased optical flow technique for silky-smooth performance and hyper-realistic graphics, this high Definition display is the quickest yet.

Through comparison, ROG Strix XG248Q have unique styling cues of Strix-exclusive and ASUS Aura Synchronization illumination that add soundscape to just about any multiplayer configuration or LAN band. 

ASUS Aura Synchronization illumination mostly on backend features ROG Strix XG Set playing video games monitors.

To give a modern and stylish background to any gameplay configuration, it provides multiple lighting modes.

Designed to offer you a much more relaxed gameplay experience, the ROG Strix XG248Q eliminates monitor spark. Throughout intense play sessions, this avoids eye pressure.

For full gaming setup see the below guides:

Adaptive-Sync (FreeSync) devices offer the cleanest, quickest, and perhaps most impressive graphics possible for gameplay by removing monitor distortion and jumpy screen resolution and decreasing stuttering and input lag of the monitor. While enjoying the recent quick-paced very next-person-shooters, sporting, or response-adventure players, ROG Strix XG248Q offers you buttery smooth, lag-free graphics.

What to search about Throughout a 240Hz Gaming Display

There’s several considerations about 240Hz gaming screens to take into consideration because when you plunk down your hard-earned cash. Next, there have been declining returns on something we’re lucky enough to experience as the update rate rises. But there is a reasonably significant difference among 60Hz and 144Hz monitors in what you’re seeing and/or experiencing on screen, the recognisable variation among 144Hz and 240Hz displays is so much smaller, to the extent that certain users don’t seem to see or sense any of it at all. Even when you will have a 144Hz display, users are probably smarter of keeping, in those other terms, users’ cash.

Could you determine the contrast here between a display that is 144Hz and a display that is 240Hz?

The norm of 144Hz was reached several years earlier. Fast refresh rate screens that can view up to 2.4 times the amount of photos per moment on a computer monitor. There is a screen on a 144Hz display that can be changed 144 occasions through one second, so the motions can consist of 144 samples per second. 

Once such misconceptions that the human eye doesn’t seem to see upwards of 30FPS per second have indeed been resolved, the progress from playing at 60FPS to gaming at 144FPS is an advancement of 2.4 percent in regardless of the quantity of FPS, as we already mentioned. 

Today, if we think about playing at 144FPS improving versus gaming at 240FPS, this reflects a 1.6 percent increase.The performance change is lower, as you’ve seen, however this makes complete sense in the universe, as the period between all the picture frames is shorter than expected, the larger the quantity of photos seen in each moment.

Suggestions for buying the best monitor for quality-price 

Size of Screen

The scale of the monitor is definitely one of the very first aspects we need to focus upon in a gamer display, because it is one of its most relevant information and everything that we have actually determined from either the start in particular. This option will vary depending on the situation, room and resource available. 

You might just be searching for perhaps a monitor to play quite conveniently, among the specifications, or you would really like to develop your perfect gamecube, as well as the size is a feature which will differ between these following scenarios. 

Furthermore, the usable room you seem to have, whether on a table or on the side wall, and therefore the maximum distance at which you will actually play should be evaluated. Users with shortsightedness who may not want to wear goggles, for instance, often prefer the smaller displays so that they will always play easily next to them. 

Whether you are searching for a monitor to be mounted at a standard distance on even a table, such something that you’re using the phone, and therefore it is particularly ideal for models around 22 to 25 inches, although if you’re aiming for a monitor of 27 inches or even more, you would need more reach. 27 ‘screens are by far the most picked in the gaming world as they are regarded as an ideal player display.

Although individuals prefer to opt for 22-to 27-inch screens in general, don’t be afraid to move up to 32 ‘, which will provide enough gaming space, yet keeping in consideration the usable room and the distance required to play conveniently. 

Reaction Time (ms)

We are talking about the time it requires for a pixel to get from the grey to grey whenever we speak about responsiveness. In certain areas, you could see that the term GtG (Gray to Gray) shows the response time. We would always seek to find the absolute lowest amount, calculated in millisec, during that stage. 

Lower reaction time indicates quick shift of pixels, leading to much less clipping on the display of the monitor. We could indeed find several displays mostly with reaction times of 1ms among some of the options available on the market, however obviously it depends on the template, there are indeed four or five msec.


Resolution is among the most well-known characteristics on displays, even though we all recognise the words HD, Full HD, 4 K, and so much more. Those other parts are structural to the pixel per inch size contained on the monitor, which defines the intensity of the photos that are replicated. 

We should therefore take note of the devices we are going to use to replicate the images on it while taking into consideration the resolution of a display. If your monitor or device doesn’t embrace it afterwards, it would be pointless to purchase a 5000 monitor as you won’t be good enough to take advantage of its graphical fidelity.

And that we should not just consider the resolution under consideration, but we should also select certain attributes in comparison to the amount of our monitor, as the effectiveness of the pictures would be changed. 

On a 24 ‘screen as on a 32’ one, a high Definition resolution would not have the same output, because the same pixel values should be distributed over a bigger region. The wider the monitor, the higher the resolution we want for quality product and detailed pictures to be achieved. 

It has always been suggested to aim for at least a resolution of 1080p, while this resolution might well be poor on screens greater than 22 inches. Through game players monitors of somewhere around 24 inches it’s really ideal to go under 4 K resolution, the optimum would seem to be a resolution of 2 K or 1080 pixels if you really are searching for a safer price. 

Across the other side, on more than a 27-inch monitor users need to have at least a 2 K resolution to have great picture outcomes, but perhaps a 4 K resolution would’ve been optimal throughout this scenario. More resolution would be required as display different sizes increase, reaching up to about 5 K on wide angle screens, as well for instance. 

The aspect of the selection panel that even all your other computer screens has, planning to offer various levels of colours and sharp contrast, is another aspect that influences the formation of pictures on monitors. Users could even discover panel screens for Tennessee, Virginia or IPS.

Developers see an economic choice throughout the Tennessee tables, but with much more subdued shades. We provide improved colours and color temperature with VA tables, even though the best quality choice is IPS.

Although very vibrant colours and a much more consistent image are provided by these emerging technologies, it is much more costly and vulnerable to illumination exposure.

Freesync and G-Sync  

FreeSync and G-sync technologies are the main characters of screen gameplay, establishing a much more seamless interaction seen between controller as well as the machine or display.

As displays run with such a set contrast ratio, this technology plays an important role, although computer systems or consoles differ regardless of the type of scenario they replicate. 

The device or console sets the set of pixels per moment to be shown by your processor, which is transmitted by FreeSync and G-Sync technology to the monitor. In order to be allowed to play computer games without lag, this is indeed a crucial function that any computer monitor would have.

Although display technologies AMD FreeSync as well as  NVIDIA G-Sync , monitors could carry some different rate soda, which is synchronised with the one with the monitor or console. This updates the rate of refresh for the screen and ensures that the two or more devices show smoothly.

What’s the 240hz display average price? 

The rates around €300 and €500, midrange versions, are used as one of the 240Hz displays mostly on the marketplace. The emphasis of these monitors is on the refresh rate, which offers right size around 24″and 27 “and a high Definition resolution, while 240Hz 4k versions are indeed available. 

In order to achieve a great ratio of refresh rate, resolution and monitor size which is exciting to play any kind of computer games and to experience a fast recovery amount, this should not drop under €400 whether you are searching for a cheaper 240hz display.

Monitor 144hz versus 240hz ;

The refreshing rate including its screen is yet another attribute that holds significant amounts of weight when you decide a developer monitor to purchase. The market offers various results with higher resolutions from 60Hz to 280Hz. 

The refresh rate can be attributed to how much the display changes its picture every moment. This coefficient is estimated in Hertz as well as the minimum needed for a gameplay monitor is 60 Hz, which would have been an adjustment about Sixty times per second. 

Our eye could even clearly see the distinction between a 144hz monitor and a 240hz monitor with more dynamic photos, with more detail and precision, producing a natural motion.

Is 240Hz monitor worth it? 

240Hz gaming could have a serious impact on their results. If you’re a skilled player, it’s great to find a 240Hz refresh rate display. Anything other than that, you must compromise for a somewhat lower refresh rate. 

So what is the cheapest 240Hz display in the world? 

The perfect 240Hz budget monitor seems to be the Ultragear Lenovo. While cost below $350, the whole 240Hz refresh rate display provides several characteristics which create the greatest 240Hz displays pop away. 

Do you see any difference with 240hz monitors? 

If you’re a significant player, there really is a significant distinction around 240Hz games and lower refresh rate sports. Anything else, the improvement might not be as obvious. The better 240Hz displays are explicitly tailored to just the video games industry.

is 240hz better than 144hz monitor

Yes, the response time of 240 Hz is marginally greater than 144 Hz, and 240 Hz replay is typically regarded as the standard today. That being said, most players will not distinguish the change between such a refresh rate of 240Hz and a somewhat effective version. 

what is the best 240hz monitor?

According to our review ViewSonic XG270 is the best 240Hz monitor you can get right now in 2020. The excellent motion clarity and PureXP reflector backlight technology provides you with the outstanding picture quality.

what is the best 240hz gaming monitor?

The best 240hz gaming monitor according to us is HP OMEN X 25, due to its price and value it offers. The stutter-free and minimum input lag and crisp image quality makes it the front runner for the best gaming monitor with 24z display.

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