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Best budget gaming monitor uk under £100 – £200 – £300 in 2022

Good gaming monitors provide the best gameplay experience while playing games. They offer best refresh rates, great viewing angles and most of the time best resolutions which help in immersive gameplay. Gaming monitors come in different sizes, aspect ratio, frame rates and screen resolution. In this in-depth research guide we will explain to you what features and specs you should look for when buying a gaming monitor. We will list all the best budget gaming monitors in uk as well as the best gaming monitors in the uk with 144hz screen and 4k display.

If you are an avid gamer or simply love playing games on your Mac systems, you will need to get the best budget gaming monitor uk. For most Mac users, getting a Mac with powerful integrated graphics is perfect for their needs. But Macs aren’t known for their gaming performance, limiting the graphics they can play. To find the best budget gaming monitor for your Mac that will allow you to enjoy all your favorite games with high frame rates at high resolutions, read on!

Choosing a good gaming monitor is a difficult task and time consuming also. If you go to amazon or Argos  website and search for the best gaming monitors you will find it very difficult to finalise one. Here, on BGL UK, we will list 15 best budget gaming monitors for every budget from a low, cheap budget of under £100 to a mid budget of under 200 and 300 GBP respectively. 

Just like anything else, computer monitors have various features and characteristics. There’s a variety of sizes and resolutions, as well as other characteristics like refresh rates and aspect ratios to consider. But other than the picture quality and brightness, there’s something else that can make or break your experience: input lag.

If you are a Mac user then you can go through Best Monitor For MacBook guide from themacios to buy one of these professional monitors foe editing.

There are a great variety of budget gaming monitors with different features and specs. We will explain and review each one of them in detail and will tell you what we think of these gaming monitors. After reviewing each of these gaming monitors we will give our verdict, which one to buy and you can then decide which budget gaming monitor fits your needs best.

This list of best budget gaming monitor uk will be divided into three parts namely: best gaming monitor under 100, best gaming monitor under 200 and best gaming monitor under 300. We will give the verdict with tagging gaming monitors with best value Monitors, Editor’s Choice gaming monitors, Best display and many more. So that you will be able to know the best features and characteristics of the concerned budget gaming monitor. 

When we talk about the gaming, we talk about the high-definition quality games. There is no doubt that these types of games motivate gamers to play and practice more and more like professional players. But if you do not have a good monitor and a dedicated graphic card then you will not be able to enjoy all those graphics and those stunning visuals.

When buying gaming monitors you should look for certain things which I will tell you in detail at the end of the gaming monitors list. All gaming monitors featured in this list are of good quality and provide good value for money. We have tried our best to make this article as balanced as we can in terms of price to value ratio. Keeping in mind that some amatuer gamers or even pro gamers don’t want to spend more than £100 on a gaming monitor – we have featured 5 top rated cheap budget gaming monitors in the UK. 

According to us, the best budget gaming monitor under the different budgets are: 

1) Best budget gaming MonitorASUS VP28UQG and AOC C32G1 Curved

2) Editor’s choice “Most powerful”: Pixio P7 Fastest and ASUS VA326HR

3) Gaming monitor under £100: iiyma ProLite and LG 24MK400H

4) Gaming Monitor under £200BenQ ZOWIE and LG Ultra-wide

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Points to Remember while purchasing gaming monitor

There are several points that one needs to remember before buying a gaming monitor for their MacBook. It is not necessary that what is good for one would be best for the other. So, here are points that you need to look into before buying a gaming monitor for your new MacBook Pro 2022. Gaming Monitor is one of the necessary accessories you will need to take your gaming experience up a notch. With the growing popularity of the online multiplayer games, there are many gamers out there who want to buy a gaming monitor to take their game to the next level. To make sure that you are choosing the best gaming monitor, I have written this article covering some points you will need to take care of while buying one…

  • Check your Requirements before going to purchase.
  • Collect all necessary information about the product that you want to buy.
  • Seek your budget then go for purchase. Never buy products over your budget.
  • Check your Screen Size. We recommend that screen size must not be larger than 32 inch because it would reduce your pixel quality when you watch something in HD quality at Close view ( which is obvious on a Desktop).
  • Clarify all your doubts about screen size . Large screen would not give you a clear view. For eg – If you watch anything on 32 inch screen size at distance of 3 ft. then it will give you same experience and view on watching same thing at a distance of 6 ft. on 64 inch screen size but you will get a low pixel quality on 64 inch screen as large screen reduces the pixel quality a little- bit. That’s why we recommend not to buy a monitor of screen size more than 32 inch.
  • Check the brightness level of your Monitor’s Screen. It should not be less than 200 cd/ms2. i.e ( Candelas per metre square ) which is a measure of brightness level. So that your screen doesn’t appear dull in daylight.
  • Refresh Rate should not be less than 60 Hz because high refresh rate gives you more good gameplay experience and refresh rate around 60 Hz is good enough for outstanding Gameplay Experience.
  • Fast Response time – Response time should not be more than 5 ms because less response time gives you more hardcore gameplay experience to play like a PRO.

The monitor of a gaming PC is one of the most important parts because without this component you will never be able to experience the real thrill and excitement while gaming. It is this monitor that will display live action and determine whether your playing time will be fun and thrilling or not. This is the reason while buying a gaming monitor it is necessary to keep in mind some basic things so that your money is not wasted on useless features.

Best budget gaming monitor uk for Xbox, PC, PS4

Budget gaming monitors are also powerful enough to provide exceptional gaming visuals and experience. They can also be used by professional gamers or new comers for their needs. It is true that budget gaming monitors may lack some frills and advanced features that come with expensive or premium gaming monitors but they are still the front runners when it comes to value for money.

Budget gaming monitors come with great displays, low lags, fast response time, high frame rates and stutter free display. All of these features are very important and you should buy a gaming monitor based on these features. Budget gaming monitors above 150 does come with AMD FreeSync technology while the more expensive and impressive NVIDIA’s G-SYNC technology can be only found in the budget range of £250 or above. 

The other main design characteristic of a budget gaming monitor is its small size and compatibility with most of the gaming consoles and desktop pc. We have looked at many monitors and have looked through each of the features they come with and have also assessed their performance metrics. Based on the review and customer recommendations, we have compiled a list of best cheap gaming monitors you can buy. 

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Whether you are looking to upgrade your desktop monitors or use an external screen, there are many good monitors to choose from. They vary in sizes, inputs, and refresh rates so knowing what you need is essential. So let’s have a look at the best budget gaming monitor uk.

1 Best Budget Gaming Monitor in UK:  ASUS VP28UQG

The best budget gaming monitor in the uk that we’ve tested is the ASUS VP28UQG. A great gaming and video editing monitor under a budget of 250. It is also a great 4K gaming monitor.

Screen size: 28-inchAspect ratio: 16:9Resolution: 3840 x 2160Refresh rate: 144HzResponse time: 1msViewing angle: 170°(H)/160°(V)FreeSync: YesG-sync: No

Best Budget Gaming Monitor- ASUS VP28UQG


The ASUS VP28U monitor is as good as it is affordable, it is a perfect gaming monitor for pro gamers also that are on a budget. It comes with a  28 Inch 4K (3840 x 2160) display, which is large enough for comfortable gameplay.

  • Best budget 4k monitor
  • True Value
  • 3 years warranty service 

The frame rates are impressive at 144Hz with support for AMD FreeSync technology which improves the overall picture quality keeping it flicker free. The large 28 inch display provides  crisp pictures and incredible realistic visuals. The viewing angles and colour accuracy is also good for gaming, editing and other high end projects.

This is one of the best budget gaming monitors that we have reviewed so far. This gaming monitor has a very fast response time and is good for any fast paced gameplay. The rapid response time, 144HZ frame rate and astonishing visual performance makes this gaming monitor a front runner. At this low price this budget gaming monitor panel is also compatible with FreeSync. 


  • Best and Cheapest
  • Amazing picture quality
  • Low blue light
  • Low response time 1ms


  • Stand is a bit shorter

Although a budget gaming monitor, this gaming  monitor display has impressive color accuracy. It is not the brightest but for pro gamers and competitive games this TN panel is recommended for gaming over IPS screens due to its high refresh rate and fast response time. GamePlus and Game Visual features of ASUS makes this budget gaming monitor, the best in the UK.

2 Fastest Budget Gaming Monitor:  ASUS VG278QR

The gorgeous display and impressive 0.5ms response time makes this gaming monitor the Editor’s Choice.

Screen size: 27-inchAspect ratio: 16:9Resolution: 1920 x 1080Refresh rate: 165HzResponse time: 0.5msViewing angle: 170°(H)/160°(V)FreeSync: YesG-sync: No

Fastest Budget Gaming Monitor:  ASUS VG278QR


One of the top rated budget gaming monitors in the uk that you can get under £300. Ths ASUS 27 inch 1920 x 1080 Esports Gaming Monitor runs at a refresh rate of 144Hz and has excellent colour accuracy at this price point. The default ASUS Game Plus technology optimizes and improves the screen visuals. 

  • Fastest budget monitor
  • 165 Hz + 0 .5ms
  • Low Blue Light

This is basically the best budget gaming monitor under 300 with a fast response time of 0.5ms which is very good for hardcore gaming. The combination of fast response time and 165Hz refresh rate with Adaptive FreeSync technology makes this a beast in the gaming community. The low input lag and faster motion delivery 

This Lightning-fast ASUS gaming beast comes with Extreme Low Motion Blur and host of other gaming focused features. If you play fast paced games like racing or FPS Shooting games, the low blur technology helps you to react instantly. Whether you are taking a headshot in darker areas or taking a corner in a car racing, this low blur technology is a life saver. 

Some of the features of this budget gaming monitor under 300 are: Good Picture Quality, great build quality, 165Hz screen and a very reliable brand. It is also an excellent gaming monitor and you can rotate it to any direction which is perfect for comfortable gaming.

So, if you want an upper hand against your rivals in shooting, racing, real-time strategy and sports titles games then this budget gaming monitor is an obvious choice. But make sure that you have a good graphics card to keep up with the gaming monitor.

3 Best Budget 1440p Gaming Monitor uk:  Pixio PX7 2560 x 1440 widescreen display

This is one of the few budget gaming displays which has everything. A true allrounder.

Screen size: 27-inchAspect ratio: 16:9Resolution: 1920 x 1080Refresh rate: 165HzResponse time: 0.5msViewing angle: 170°(H)/160°(V)FreeSync: YesG-sync: No

Best Budget 1440p Gaming Monitor- Pixio PX7 2560 x 1440 widescreen display

Pixio PX7

This IPS monitor has everything, from display to performance. There is no backlight bleed and dead pixels which makes this gaming display, a superior gaming panel. A highly recommended and well built monitor with exceptional performance.

  • Allrounder
  • Best Value
  • Viewing angles are great

This is basically the best budget gaming monitor under 300 with a fast response time of 0.5ms which is very good for hardcore gaming. The combination of fast response time and 165Hz refresh rate with Adaptive FreeSync technology makes this a beast in the gaming community. The low input lag and faster motion delivery. It is a well priced gaming monitor with the minimumbeze design. This has a minimum and sleek look and has better contrast than the LG monitor. Also, you will not have to worry about ghosting, backlight bleed, or dead pixel problems as this gaming monitor comes with AMD Radeon FreeSync technology. The widescreen ensures its users that they will get Vivid and accurate colour visuals in wide angles also.

A true premium gaming monitor which has all the bells and whistles to be called as the “Must have” budget gaming monitor in the UK under 300. The brightness of the display, beautiful colours, 165Hz frame rate, great build quality and decent cheap price are some of the traits of this good gaming display. It is compatible with PS4 Pro, Xbox One, PS4. 

The 27-inch widescreen 1440p display has 400nit Brightness and comes with HDR feature. The combination of all these features does increase clarity and dynamic range of the display. Flicker Free and low blue light screen displays nicer images when compared to other gaming monitors.

4 Best Budget Curved Gaming Monitor in uk:  AOC C32G1 32 inch large screen

A quality competitive curved gaming monitor with FreeSync,
144Hz refresh rate, and minimal bezel design.

Screen size: 31.5-inchAspect ratio: 16:9Resolution: 1920 x 1080Refresh rate: 165HzResponse time: 1msViewing angle: 170°(H)/160°(V)FreeSync: YesG-sync: No

 Best Budget Curved Gaming Monitor- AOC C32G1 32 inch large screen


The AOC C32G1 144Hz curved screen monitor has a premium upmarket design, The large 32 inch FHD 144Hz monitor delivers a smooth and immersive gameplay which is very important for hardocre game lovers.

  • Huge curved screen
  • Immersive gameplay
  • Excellent image quality

The FreeSync technology helps in lowering the  input lag, screen tear and stuttering. All in all, a very good responsive display with fast response time of 1ms which is more than enough for competitive gaming. The shadow control is a good feature which makes dark areas more visible and clear. 

Alienware - best gaming monitor with G-Sync

5 Alienware – best gaming monitor uk with G-Sync

A must have premium gaming monitor from ASUS. The powerful performance and captivating display offers a super fast 240Hz refresh rate with 1ms response time. The  NVIDIA G-SYNC and Ultra Low Motion Blur combo caters professional gamers with smooth responsive gameplay. 

  • Must Have
  • High 240Hz frame rate
  • NVIDIA G-SYNC compatible
  • Dynamic lighting effects

The design is iconic and looks practical. It has a refresh rate of 240Hz which gives you enough power to play high end demanding games at a high refresh rate and resolution. The Custom RGB lighting effects, Fully adjustable stand, Gaming-centric On-ScreenDisplay and rapid refresh rates makes this gaming monitor a must buy for any demanding gamer. It is indeed a one of the best fast gaming monitor for professional or competitive gamers.

Best gaming monitor £100 in uk

In this section of guide, we will show you the best gaming monitors under £100 that come with great performance and efficiency. All these 7 listed budget gaming monitors in the uk are compatible with almost every graphics card available there in the market and can also be connected to any gaming console like:  PS4, Xbox One or desktop PC. These reviewed best cheap, affordable and budget gaming monitor displays are top rated and are well received by the wider gaming community.

The features, performance, design and build quality of these gaming monitors is top-notch and provides a good value for money. So, now follow the below in-depth review about the best gaming monitor uk and make select the best pc monitor which suits your needs best.

1 AOC best widescreen TN panel

The best gaming monitor in the uk under 100 that we’ve tested is the AOC e2470Swh. A great gaming and video editing monitor under a budget of 100.

Screen size: 24-inchAspect ratio: 16:9Resolution: 1920 x 1080Refresh rate: 60HzResponse time: 1msViewing angle: 170°(H)/160°(V)FreeSync: NoG-sync: No

AOC best widescreen TN panel

AOC e2470Swh Widescreen

This is a great display monitor for professional or amateur gaming enthusiasts. You can easily connect your Xbox one, PS4, and gaming PC to this gaming monitor. This cheap budget gaming monitor for less than 100 pounds and 23.6″ Widescreen TN LED, has 1 ms response time.

  • Best TN display
  • Excellent Brightness
  • HDMI + VGA + DVI

The low response time is good for gaming as it helps in smooth gameplay without ghosting or picture stuttering. It also comes fitted with VGA/DVI/HDMI ports for connecting gaming consoles or desktop pc.

The speakers are decent enough for music, streaming and gaming. It is supported by the current gaming consoles, GPUs and set-top boxes. The low energy consumption, low blue light, and brightly lit display screen makes this monitor a decent value gaming monitor. 


  • HDMI + VGA + DVI
  • Low blue Light
  • Excellent Brightness


  • Viewing angles could be better

The flicker free technology in this cheap budget monitor reduces the eye fatigue and strain during long gaming sessions. So, if you are a great quality gaming monitor keeping the price tag under £100 then this should be at least on your buying list.

2 “Recommended under £100” LG 24MK400H with FreeSync

The cheapest budget gaming monitor with AMD FreeSync under 100

Screen size: 24-inchAspect ratio: 16:9Resolution: 1920 x 1080Refresh rate: 60HzResponse time: 1msViewing angle: 170°(H)/160°(V)FreeSync: yesG-sync: No

Recommended under £100 LG 24MK400H budget gaming monitor with FreeSync

LG 24MK400H gaming monitor

With this gaming monitor LG is showing that it is possible for gamers to get their hands on a brand new AMD FreeSync monitor who have tight pockets and limited funds under 100. 

  • Value for money
  • Tilt adjust and FreeSync
  • Flicker safe

This cheap gaming monitor from LG is the best budget monitor out there. A highly gaming focused monitor with the price tag of under 100 this monitor can easily outperform its competitors. This gaming monitor comes with the AMD FreeSync Support which decreases the screen stuttering and tearing, so that you can enjoy your games and movies without any interruptions. 

This is a small gaming monitor with the display size of 24 inches. So, if you are short on a budget and don’t have much space in your room but want to use a decent AMD FreeSync monitor then this surely will do the job for you. This gaming monitor comes with 2x HDMI & 1x VGA and cables are included. With excellent panel colours and brilliant SRGB colour space it is a great monitor for editing photos.

If you are a pro gamer and play competitive games then you should look at best gaming monitors under 200 or 300 which have high frame rates of 120Hz or even more.


  • Great colour contrast 
  • Excellent light / dark levels
  • Cheap price
  • AMD FreeSync support


  • Thick bezels

3 AOC best widescreen TN panel

Best budget gaming monitor uk with 1ms response time.

Screen size: 24-inchAspect ratio: 16:9Resolution: 1920 x 1080Refresh rate: 60HzResponse time: 1msViewing angle: 170°(H)/160°(V)FreeSync: NoG-sync: No

AOC best widescreen TN panel

LG 24MK400H gaming monitor

This is a great display monitor for professional or amateur gaming enthusiasts. You can easily connect your Xbox one, PS4, and gaming PC to this gaming monitor. This cheap budget gaming monitor for less than 100 pounds and 23.6″ Widescreen TN LED, has 1 ms response time.

  • Best TN display
  • Excellent Brightness
  • HDMI + VGA + DVI

The low response time is good for gaming as it helps in smooth gameplay without ghosting or picture stuttering. It also comes fitted with VGA/DVI/HDMI ports for connecting gaming consoles or desktop pc.

The speakers are decent enough for music, streaming and gaming. It is supported by the current gaming consoles, GPUs and set-top boxes. The low energy consumption, low blue light, and brightly lit display screen makes this monitor a decent value gaming monitor. 


  • HDMI + VGA + DVI
  • Low blue Light
  • Excellent Brightness


  • Viewing angles could be better

The flicker free technology in this cheap budget monitor reduces the eye fatigue and strain during long gaming sessions. So, if you are a great quality gaming monitor keeping the price tag under £100 then this should be at least on your buying list.

4 “Editor’s Choice” iiyama E2283HS freeSync Compatible

Best rated and top selling cheap gaming monitor with AMD’S FreeSync technology for £100.

Screen size: 22-inchAspect ratio: 16:9Resolution: 1920 x 1080Refresh rate: 144HzResponse time: 1msViewing angle: 170°(H)/160°(V)FreeSync: YesG-sync: No

Editor's Choice iiyama freeSync Compatible

iiyama cheapest gaming monitor

Iiyma G-Master FreeSync gaming monitor is one of the best price-quality monitors that you can currently find in the uk. It can be used by designers, video editors, and gamers as their daily driver desktop monitor due to its small size and excellent picture quality.

  • Editor’s choice under 100
  • Excellent Quality
  • FreeSync + 1ms

Its top notch quality, best in class speakers and smooth responsive display makes this monitor a highly anticipated and best rated gaming monitor under 100.

No bleeding of light, good quality control and no frame skipping responsive display has a Fast response time of 1MS which is one of the important factors in ultra-smooth gameplay.

The fast response time reduces ghosting and blurring which in-turns improves the performance of the display and provides rich gaming and photo editing experience. 


  • Best in Class
  • Top notch quality
  • Excellent Value


  • Viewing angles could be better

With flicker free and low blue light combination, this gaming monitor display is soothing for your eyes to look at.  This is a Full HD 22 inch display with AMD’s powerful FreeSync technology.

The visual perfection of the display and great sound quality of the speakers makes this display panel an excellent budget gaming monitor for its price range.

5 “Best display” LG FHD 22MK600M cheap gaming monitor uk

One of the best display panel on a gaming monitor that is under 100 GBP.

Screen size: 22-inchAspect ratio: 16:9Resolution: 1920 x 1080Refresh rate: 60HzResponse time: 5msViewing angle: 178°(H)/160°(V)FreeSync: YesG-sync: No

Best display LG FHD 22MK600M cheap gaming monitor

LG FHD gaming monitor

This LG gaming monitor comes with AMD FreeSync and lag free technology which is very important in gaming as it reduces the flicker and lag that could happen during gameplay.

  • Best display
  • Sleek modern design 
  • FreeSync + 75Hz

This budget gaming monitor is great for high end demand games like Call of Duty, Fortnite, Tekken, Mortal Kombat, FIFA and many other games. You can also play games like World of Warcraft, League of Legends, and Dota without any flickering and lagging. 

The IPS display offers a 5ms response time and 75Hz frame rate which is good enough for any avid gamer. The viewing angle and bright colours look gorgeous on this cheap gaming monitor. The Dynamic Action Sync works well with AMD FreeSync which in turn decreases screen tear and stuttering. 

The black stabilizer feature on this display panel nicely adjusts the brightening of dark scenes so that you can enjoy better gameplay and streaming quality. As this is an IPS display which is known for excellent picture quality, it can also be used for video editing, photo editing and designing projects. 


  • Value for money
  • slim and sleek.
  • Great price
  • Excellent Value


  • no display port

You can also customize the display options with an easy control panel. The base can be tilted and height of the monitor can also be adjusted according to your viewing angle. The vesa compatibility is also a good design decision.

Best cheap gaming monitor under 200 uk

Acer 27 Inch TN Panel

Acer 27 Inch TN Panel

An affordable gaming monitor with Crisp, true-to-life colours FHD display. The zero frame design looks good and stylish. If you are looking for a new gaming monitor under then this is a recommended one. The super fast response time and good frame rates are impressive. The blacks are good and very bright scenes are also visible because of its little glare technology. you can also use this gaming monitor for a dual or triple monitor setups for racing or RPG games.

  • Best Value under £200
  •  ZeroFrame design 
  •  Super fast 1ms response time

1 “Must Have” BenQ ZOWIE best gaming monitor under 200 uk

A must have gaming monitor for FPS Shooting games under a budget of less than £200.

Screen size: 24-inchAspect ratio: 16:9Resolution: 1920 x 1080Refresh rate: 144HzResponse time: 1msViewing angle: 178°(H)/160°(V)FreeSync: YesG-sync: No

 Must Have ASUS VP28UQG best gaming monitor under 200


One of the top rated and top selling 144hz gaming monitor under a budget of 200 in uk. The colour balance and  visual clarity of the display panel is just exceptional. It is indeed a special display frame that eliminates most of the distractions by reducing light reflection from the screen.

  • Must have
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Different game modesEditor’s choice under 200

BenQ is a pioneer in the gaming monitor area. They make some of the best budget gaming monitors under 200 and over £300 pounds. So, it is certain that this list of best budget gaming monitors under £200 would definitely feature a gaming monitor from BenQ. 

BenQ gaming monitors are always well priced without compromising any of the display features. They often have great display, low response time and excellent colour balance. The frame rates are also not the issue here.

BenQ ZOWIE belongs to that budget category of gaming monitors that comes with a 24 Inch 144 Hz display panel. The response time is just 1ms monitor which is good enough for smooth gameplay in FPS and MOBA games. This is one of the cheapest gaming monitors with a great 144Hz panel. 

This gaming monitor is in the top spot of this list because of its loaded gaming features. This display panel is particularly focused on providing outstanding gaming experience to pro gamers and amatur gaming enthusiasts. 


  • Value for money
  • Excellent for FPS games
  • A perfect monitor
  • Smooth gameplay

The default Black eQualizer feature of BenQ provides picture clarity in dark scenes which helps to decrease the overexposure of bright areas which in turns is very useful for pro gamers to easily find their targets. This overall experience  of comfort gameplay and colour accurate display makes this gaming monitor a must have gaming display panel. 

2 “under 200” iiyama 144Hz + FreeSync

Top notch quality monitor with the best in class responsive and smooth display which you can get for just under 200.

Screen size: 24-inchAspect ratio: 16:9Resolution: 1920 x 1080Refresh rate: 144HzResponse time: 1msViewing angle: 178°(H)/160°(V)FreeSync: YesG-sync: No

 under 200 iiyama 144Hz + FreeSync

iiyama monitor

An overall great gaming monitor for hardcore gamers with FreeSync technology and blistering 1ms response time. This fast quality colour accurate display with black tuner feature gives you a competitive edge over your rivals in shadowed areas.

  • Editor’s choice under 200
  • Top notch quality
  • Pre-defined game modes

There are many gaming monitors  with a 144Hz refresh rate and AMD’s FreeSync technology at or below this price point. But, With iiyama G-Master LED gaming monitor you are assured to get a smooth, blur free, and  lower latency quality display panel. The main reason we are recommending iiyama 24.5″ G-Master gaming display is because of its fantastic price, lag free screen, and fast response timewhichis very important for fast paced games.

With the price tag of below 200, you are getting a solid performance gaming monitor which is also suitable for professional gamers and can also be used in 4k video editing. Some other features of this cheap gaming monitor under 200 include AMD FreeSync technology, predefined custom gaming modes, flicker free screen, blue light reducer and many more. 


  • Responsive and smooth
  • Excellent for FPS games
  • A perfect monitor
  • Excellent for gaming

The blue light reducer and good colour accuracy display work well in combination.  The Flicker Free, Blue Light Reducer and Black Tuner combination makes your gameplay easy in darker areas without putting strain on your eyes. Predefined gaming modes and adjustable stand are some of the excellent features that you will get from this cheap gaming monitor. The low budget price and exceptional quality makes this display panel a top selling gaming monitor in the UK.

3 “BEST under 200” ASUS 32 Inch  best curved gaming monitor in uk

Overall a great inexpensive curved gaming monitor with 144Hz frame rate and 4ms responsive time which is compatible with Xbox one, PS4, PC and many more devices.

Screen size: 32-inchAspect ratio: 16:9Resolution: 1920 x 1080Refresh rate: 144HzResponse time: 1msViewing angle: 178°(H)/160°(V)FreeSync: YesG-sync: No

BEST under 200 ASUS 32 Inch best curved gaming monitor

ASUS VA326HR 32 inch

This is a high-quality gaming monitor with curved display which you are getting for a very cheap price of under 200. It also comes with Asus-exclusive GamePlus feature that provides better gaming experience to new or avid gamers.

  • Best Curved monitor
  • No lag or blur
  • 144Hz and flicker free

If you want to enjoy the gameplay without worrying about the 1ms response time then you must look at this 32 inch curved gaming monitor from ASUS. If you are not playing in a highly competitive environment or in a world gaming series then you shouldn’t worry about the 1ms vs 4ms response time. Because it is highly unlikely that you will notice the difference during a normal or even during a pro gaming session.

This 1920 x 1080 32 inch Full HD gaming monitor supports 144hz frame rates per second and offers a very cheap tag price of under 200. So, if you are on a budget and looking for a top quality display that offers an immersive gaming session then you should look no further than this. You don’t have to empty your pockets for a decent curved gaming monitor.


  • Excellent picture quality
  • Curved screen for immersive gameplay
  • Under 200
  • For PS4, Xbox One and PC

The picture quality of this budget gaming monitor is amazing with Loads of customisable options and preloaded gaming modes that you can use to improve your gameplay. The stand looks sturdy and robust. You can switch between Xbox one, PS4 and pc gaming with ease since it has 2 x hdmi 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 and 1 VGA port. Watching pictures, editing videos or playing games on this gaming monitor is just amazing and free of flicker or lag.

4 “Best Ultrawide” LG IPS 

This is a high-quality ultra-wide 2K IPS gaming monitor under 150 GBP with a gorgeous design and a 25-inch 2560 x 1080 display.

Screen size: 25-inchAspect ratio: 21:9Resolution: 2560 x 1080Refresh rate: 75HzResponse time: 5msViewing angle: 178°(H)/160°(V)FreeSync: NoG-sync: No

 Best Ultrawide LG IPS best ultra-wide 2K gaming monitor under 150

LG Ultra-wide

The display of this gaming panel  is amazing and colour shifting or picture distorting is not there. Over 99 percent sRGB provides gives  realistic colour expression and immersive picture quality without any distortions.

  • Best Wide display
  • No lag or blur
  • Screen Split feature
  • 75Hz and flicker free

Sporting a 25-inch 2560 x 1080 2K Ultra-wide IPS panel this 21:9 FHD display offers the best gaming experience and ensures that the pictures you are seeing are perfect and colour accurate. At a price of under 150 this cheap gaming monitor means business and provides an incredible value for time. 

This gaming monitor doesn’t come with AMD FreeSync or G-sync technology, but at this budget price tag of under £150 you are getting a large 25inch Wide display FPS, RTS, and Custom game modes. This is one of the best gaming monitor deals that you can get under £150.


  • 21:9 UltraWide large screen
  • Custom game modes
  • sRGB over 99%
  • Screen Split feature

5 “Smooth & fast” HP 24x 144Hz

This is a fast and cheap 144Hz gaming monitor under 200 GBP which supports both Nvidia G-Sync & AMD FreeSync technologies.

Screen size: 24-inchAspect ratio: 16:9Resolution: 2560 x 1080Refresh rate: 144HzResponse time: 1msViewing angle: 178°(H)/160°(V)FreeSync: yesG-sync: Yes

 Smooth & fast HP 24x 144Hz-2

HP 24x

This smooth, vivid, crisp and blur free cheap and affordable gaming monitor comes with a 144 Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. It also supports Adaptive Sync technology (G-Sync & AMD FreeSync) at such a lower budget price.

  • Small and Fast
  • 144Hz + 1ms
  • NVIDIA G-Sync & AMD FreeSync
  • stutter-free gameplay

This 144Hz monitor is an allrounder and can be used for productivity and work. It offers a Full HD crystal clear display that produces high-quality colors. The gaming sessions are comfortable and are enjoyable because of its fluid and stutter-free panel.

Moreover, this cheap budget gaming monitor supports both AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA G-SYNC technology, which is really impressive considering the price. It also comes with a good integrated speaker providing you with the action-packed gaming and movie streaming sessions.


  • NVIDIA G-Sync & AMD FreeSync
  • Value for money
  • excellent response time
  • Runs at 144MHz in 2560×1440 Res

In terms of design, the micro-edge display looks good and the height, tilt, swivel, and pivot adjustments provide comfortable gaming experience. The panel is Matte TN panel which is very smooth without any glare. This is a much better gaming monitor then glossy displays and the viewing angles are excellent. Overall a great gaming display panel for gamers and video editors that you can buy at a cheap price of just under £200.

Gaming Monitor buying tips

In this guide you will find a complete list of the best budget gaming monitors that are available in the uk. But, before buying any one of them, you should go through the below buying advice that we have curated for you. Now, go through each and every important aspect of gaming monitors to decide yourself which is the best budget gaming chair in the uk. 

What is the best Display Resolution and refresh rate?

One of the most important factors is the display of the monitor. Because we are currently reviewing gaming monitors, so it is very important that we take this factor into the account. More pixels on the display screen means impressive picture and video quality and also it needs much more graphics power to shine. High pixel density also means that the monitor’s display should be able to provide more immersive gameplay. 

As most of you already know that gaming monitor displays come in a number of resolutions – HD, Full HD and UHD monitors (also known as 4K models). HD display being the cheapest and low resolution and 4K being the expensive and high resolution. UHD or 4K monitors provide a greater gaming experience anr are expensive too, costing upwards of £230 and more. Due to their large pixel density, close to 8.2 million pixels, 4k gaming monitors offer better picture quality. Most of the budget 4K gaming monitors are capped at 60Hz. You can also get 120Hz and 240Hz 4k gaming monitors with a much higher price tag.

You also must know that playing games on these 4K displays also need a high-performance graphics card. Also, if you are on a low budget of under 100 or 200 GBP then you can also buy lower resolution monitors with a refresh rate of up to 144 Hz at a much cheaper price. 

Between Full HD, QHD, and 4K displays we advise you to go for a QHD gaming monitor which offers the resolutions of 2560 x 1440 pixels. QHD displays are the best value to money monitors and provide respectable refresh rates. If you are worried that some of your games may not look good on a WQHD display then you can always set the default screen resolution to 1080p.

What to select TNT panels or IPS displays for gaming?

Display panel type is the second most important thing in a gaming monitor after the display resolution. There are two popular choices for the gaming community when choosing a panel type and these are: TN panels and IPS based panels. The TN panel is more associated with performance and the IPS panels are generally more bright. 

Panels also come in curved shape which provides a better viewing angle and thus are more immersive and are generally more expensive. Also these curved gaming monitors have more colour contract and precision. 

Now, about the screen sizes of these gaming monitors. Most popular and common size used by the gaming community is between 24 to 27 inches, right in the middle. You can buy these display size gaming monitors at a cheaper price under a budget of around £200 or even £100. And, if you are after a gaming monitor with a display size bigger than 24 or 27 inches then you have to spend at least over £150 pounds. 

Most of the pro gamers or avid gaming enthusiasts do favour these premium curved display gaming monitors because of its stylish design and highly immersive video playback. Although, the curved gaming monitors are expensive but they provide an excellent value in terms of the resolution and picture quality. If you are on a budget of under £200 then you will have limited curved screen monitor options. I will also review some of the budget gaming monitors under £150 to £200 with curved displays in this guide. 

You can also buy these curved gaming monitors to overlay the window screen across three displays. Which does look amazing and enthrals everyone who looks at it. Curved gaming monitors with small bezels or bezel less display will do the better job in this kind of setup. You can see the fully functional setup on Youtube channel by Unbox Therapy.

G-Sync vs FreeSync: which one to buy?

Nvidia G-sync and AMD Freesyncare the two most popular graphics processing technologies that you can get in your gaming monitors. Both do an excellent job and provide good frame rates during gameplay. Both these graphics processing technologies play a vital role in lowering down the synchronization delays which may slow down the gameplay. Since every single frame and second is important in pro gaming it is very important to choose your gaming monitor that comes fitted with G-Sync or Free-Sync. 

Both AMD’s FreeSync and Nvidia’s G-Sync are heavily used in the gaming community and are quite similar to one another. Nvidia’s G-Sync displays are more expensive because of the dedicated hardware present inside the monitor which supports adaptive updating. On the other hand, AMD’s FreeSync uses existing DisplayPort for adaptive updates by adding new features thus making it less expensive than G-sync.

Both FreeSync and G-Sync have their own frame rate syncing and flickering problems. Whenever the game’s refresh rate and display frame rate does not sync  properly with each other, the G-Sync display starts to flicker at low frame rates. One thing must be noted here is that whenever this problem occurs the inbuilt G-Sync technology does its best to eradicate and fix the flickering problem.  

FreeSync displays also suffer with this problem and start  to stutter when the frame rate is below the minimum threshold. So, while playing games if your graphics card is unable to keep the minimum frame rates, you will encounter this problem.

You should also know that most of the tech reviewers who have compared both these technologies often favour G-Sync stating its quality at high and low framerates.

Ports: HDMI VS DVI Display ports

Ports are very important for gaming monitors. Most of the gaming monitors come fitted with more than enough ports. But you still have to make sure that you are getting the right combination of ports, so that you can easily connect your display monitor to other devices. 

HDMI, DisplayPort and even DVI ports are very important and have their own uses and benefits.  HDMI port is good for connecting you gaming console or desktop to your gaming monitor as it carries both video and audio at a resolution of 1080p at 60Hz frame rate. 

If you are planning to play games at 4K resolution and at a higher  refresh rate of 120Hz then DVI is a good choice as it can handle higher bandwidth than HDMI ports. 

So, make sure that the gaming monitor you are planning to buy must possess both a HDMI connection and DisplayPort. 

While both also offer 4K-quality playback for high-end gaming, you’ll want to make sure that both the GPU and the display support the specifications of HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.3 for 4K gaming at 60fps.

How to choose the best budget gaming monitor? 

If you want a good value gaming monitor which is affordable and provides better gaming experience then you should look at certain aspects and features of the gaming monitors which are explained in this detailed review.

The first and the foremost thing to look after is the speed and response time of your gaming monitor which are very important for uninterrupted gameplay. The sharpness and the clarity of the display screen also plays an important role in the overall gaming experience. Some other important features like screen resolution, frame rate, and response time are other important factors. 

If you want to buy a multi-monitor mode gaming monitor setup or a curved display gaming monitor then just make sure that the frame rate of those display monitors is up to the mark, so that the slow response frame time does not interrupt with your gameplay. 

If you are on a budget and are looking for a cheap budget gaming monitor Under £100,  £200 or £300 then you must not worry because there are many budget friendly and fairly efficient monitors available on the market in this price range. Also, if you have a good budget, say over £500, then don’t hesitate to buy a higher range gaming monitor with more features and an excellent display.

What is the difference between gaming monitor and regular monitor?

While both monitors can be used as a gaming monitor there are still major differences between these two due to certain limitations of basic desktop monitors. The most significant difference between a gaming monitor and a regular desktop pc monitor is the response time and the refresh time. Another significant contrast between these is the image and video quality. 

Gaming monitors have a lower response times usually between 1ms and 5ms and also come with much higher refresh rates(like 60Hz to 144 Hz) or even more making as compared to their counterparts. The dissimilarity between the features of both monitors: gaming and regular also dictates their price and value. 

Sound quality and the necessary technology fitted in the gaming monitors like graphics support does make the case for gaming monitors a superior choice as compared to regular home or office pc monitors.

Due to the higher refresh rate, low response time and other gaming friendly features, it is viable to go for a gaming monitor if you want to play games for long hours for interrupted immersive experience.

Some thoughts and suggestions

Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or simply an avid movie watcher, the first thing you’ll want to do before purchasing a monitor is determine your budget. The more money you spend, the better the picture quality and durability of your monitor will likely be – but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a top-quality option for under £100. With our help, finding your first gaming monitor won’t be a difficult task.

As you would expect, the features of budget gaming monitors have progressed to meet demand. You can find 75Hz, 144Hz and 240Hz monitors on the market nowadays. Plus, there are also higher resolutions with IPS being the new standard for monitors in this price range. From my own experience, you will be hard-pressed to get a better gaming experience at this price range than with a quality budget monitor. That’s not to say that a £500+ monitor is bad but I’ll leave it up to you to decide: is £300 worth more than adding an extra £200 to your budget?

A great monitor is the single most important thing for a gaming PC setup. You need to find the best 144hz monitor for your budget. The 4k resolution is great if you have got the money and the hardware to take advantage of it. The response time must be less than 1ms if you are into FPS games, with G Sync you will be looking at $300-400 at least so make sure that your graphics card can keep up. If you are using a Radeon GPU then FreeSync might be a viable option for you as it works on monitors with a refresh rate between 48Hz-144Hz.

Ultrawide monitors are a great choice for gamers who need to maximize the viewing area of their monitor. While ultrawide monitors will not cover all these aspects, it does cover the most often sought after feature, that is, wide viewing angles and high refresh rate at an affordable price. That’s why I believe this product will appeal to gamers on a budget.

Chances are, your average gamer is going to be looking for some key features like a high refresh rate, 1080p resolution, an overdriven TN panel, low input lag and cable management. All of this lead us to believe that the Benq Zowie will be right at the top of the class when it comes to potential gaming monitors under 200 on this list.

The Acer Nitro VG280Kbmiipx is an outstanding option, not just because of its immense contrast ratio and support for AMD FreeSync, but also because it’s loaded with a number of extra features that don’t typically come with monitors at this price point. With the influx of 4K and high refresh rate displays this monitor still manages to cut through the competition. On top of all that it comes from one of the most trusted manufacturers in the world.

Whether you’ve just bought your first gaming PC and are looking for the right monitor to fill out the build, or you don’t have a ton of cash to spend on a higher-priced option, the offerings in this category are more than good enough for most users. It’s also nice to know that these monitors could easily be repurposed for other uses down the road when gaming is only a small part of your computing needs—an added bonus if you’re on a budget.

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