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Best 4k monitor: 60Hz to 144Hz monitor for gaming and office work

After Searching more than 1000 products we bring the best ones for you so that you can meet all your requirements under your budget. Our website is neither interlinked with any specific brand nor Sponsored by anyone. Therefore, we don’t bring any fake content in-front of you. We may earn commissions through affiliates but we don’t earn payments through paid reviews or Sponsored Products.

Follow the below in-depth guide to know which are the best and cheap 4k monitors in UK and USA for video, editing, graphic designing and gaming.

Best 4k monitor 60Hz to 144Hz monitor for gaming and office work
Best 4k monitor 60Hz to 144Hz monitor for gaming and office work

We mainly focus on specific things such as :

  • Budget 
  • Best Quality
  • Brand Service
  • Trusted brands
  • Money Savings
  • Value for money

We have to go with the current trend of the market and this is the only way to get the best product that fulfills all our requirements. For example – If we talk about display and resolutions of PC , TV , LED , Monitors etc. then More than 80% of brands are using 4K panels now but if Some brand uses Simple HD panel with TFT or any lower display then it can’t compete with all the other brands that are using 4K panels. That is why we have to go with the current trend to get the best for us.

 Best 4K Monitors in 2020

4K monitors are far away better than any other HD , HD+ or UHD monitor because it has the latest viewing technology and provides best quality for all things such as : Streaming, Video playback , gaming experience etc. 

Now after knowing all these, Person will definitely choose 4K monitors instead of any other HD or UHD monitor but the question is how we can check the best one among all 4K monitors.

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As we all know that every brand is manufacturing 4K monitors to compete with all other brands but there is not much difference if we compare monitors of all brands. All Brands almost provide the same quality in their 4K monitors but change some little bit features so that they appear different from other 4K monitors of other brands.

We have to keep this thing in mind that for what purpose we want 4K monitors then after all this information we should go for purchase. 

If we talk in common then we should know little things before purchasing any 4K monitor such as :  Price , Quality and performance , Build quality , Design , Warranty and service of the product.

1) BenQ EW3270U 32 Inch best 4K HDR monitor

BenQEW3270U is the best 4k monitor with HDR content , B.I , Sensor tech and the 32 inch screen  gives you the best viewing experiences. As per his reviews it is also known as the best overall 4k HDR monitor. Its smart and advanced technology  provides brightness and colours to give the HDR viewing experience more accurately. This monitor has many special qualities discussed below in the article. A must have 32 inch 4k monitor for everything.

BenQ EW3270U 32 Inch 4K HDR monitor


  • Best high-res 4k screen of 32 inches.
  • Supports HDR content and B.I + mode.
  • Special Eye – care technology.
  • High Dynamic Range is also available.
  • USB – C connectivity.

The speciality of this computer is to provide the best images with supreme quality. The B.I and sensor technology gives you the best viewing experiences.

This monitor has advanced HDR technology which provides contrast with vivid colours to make HDR video better. This monitor has soft hot-keys switches which gives the best BenQ’s opt-clarity technology that allows people to choose the satisfactory clarity for them.

The BenQEW3270U 4K monitor has  a response time of 4ms which is quite impressive. This means it can be a good option for  competitive gamers where response time matters. It also supports AMD freesync which helps in reducing the screen tearing and stuttering of the screen. Its 32 inches screen provides the best realistic experiences.It also supports the USB – C connectivity which transmits data and power with a single cable. This monitor provides the 4K high-res audio and video to the users. Its special eye technology protects our eyes  from getting damaged.

Buy BenQEW3270U 32 inch 4k gaming monitor today and enjoy the real HDR video and audio  experience with 4k high- resolution.

2) Philips 32 inch: Best 4k Curved monitor

If you are searching for the  best 4k curved monitor for designing, editing or gaming in your budget then this monitor can be the best option for you.

Philips 32 inch- Best Curved 4k monitor


  • Best 32 inch 4k curved monitor.
  • Fast Response time of 4ms.
  • 60Hz refresh rate
  • MVA panel of 2560×1440.
  • Advanced eye-protection technology.
  • Display port and HDMI also available.
  • Flicker-Free technology

Philips 32 inch widescreen is one of the best 4k curved monitors  in your budget. This monitor has special eye-protection technology, Its Philips flicker- free technology uses a direct current panel which helps in reducing the flickering light effects and its low-blue technology protects our eyes from the harmful blue lights by reducing them. 

Philips 32 inch 4k curved monitor provides you the 32 inches of large LED  display for the gaming and editing purpose. This monitor also supports FreeSync which reduces screen tearing and stuttering. Its Philips shadow control and the game colour provides the best visual effects. It has a response time of 5ms which gives an upper hand to the competitive gamers.It also has  off-timer mode  for the power  saving. It also has multi-dual inputs such as dual link DVI and HDMI. Its advanced IPS panel technology provides the best viewing angles from all sides of the screen which gives you the best realistic gameplay. It provides you the best bright colours with clear visual effects.

Basically, Philips 32 is the best 4k curved monitor in your budget. If you love to play games, edit videos, or watch movies then you must have to go with this monitor.

3)  ViewSonic VP2768 27-Inch: best 4k monitor for business and office work

ViewSonic VP2768 is one of the best 4k  monitors with 27 inches of screen.

This monitor is best for the business as well as office work. This monitor provides you the 100% sRGB Rec709. It has 14-bit 3D LUT colour which is good for photography and graphic design. It has a 4k UHD resolution (3840x2160p).Its 14 bit LUT and 3D LUT gives the smooth screen with approx 4.39 trillion colours that gives the best image quality.

ViewSonic VP2768 27-Inch- best 4k monitor for business and office work


  • 4k UHD high-res monitor with 27 inches of screen.
  • Supports flexible connectivity.
  • Ultimate colour accuray for better performance.
  • Smart hardware calibration feature.

ViewSonic VP2768 is a 4k UHD high-res monitor with 27 inches of screen. It provides the bright colours with the great image quality. It has more than 8 million pixels for providing the image quality. This ultra HD (3840×2160) monitor gives you the real- life experiences. It has a mini-display port, Display port, HDMI inputs and also high USB ports.

This monitor is the best for the business and office work. So, if you want the best 4k monitor for business and office work, you must have to go with it.

4) BenQ PD3200U 32 Inch: best 4k monitor for graphic design and editing

BenQ PD3200U is the best 4k monitor for the graphic designers and the editors.

This monitor has an advanced AQ colour technology which provides

BenQ PD3200U 32 Inch- best 4k monitor for graphic design and editing


  • Advanced Eye-protection technology.
  • Darkroom mode for better image quality.
  • CAD/CAM mode for contrast and technical illustration.
  • Keyboard View Mouse Switch available.
  • Supports Dual View function.

 Technicolour Colour Certified to make your presentation more beautiful. It has a great colour accuracy of sRGB with Rec.709 that makes your work more creative. This monitor provides you the best viewing angles from all sides of the screen. It also has a great darkroom feature that provides the brightness and contrast to the image for the clarity. It has a CAD/CAM mode which gives the contrast to the lines and shapes of technical illustration. It also has a great animation mode which provides you the best animated visual effects.

BenQ PD3200U is the best option for the editors and graphic designers. If you love to do editing then buy this monitor.

5) LG 27UK650 27 inch 4k gaming monitor

LG 27UK650 is one of the best 4k gaming monitors. It provides the bright colours with image quality to the gamers. It is a UHD 4k HDR monitor. The main focus is given on the HDR content of this monitor. This monitor provides you the best HDR audio as well as video quality.

LG 27UK650 27 inch 4k gaming monitor


  • 4k UHD high-res screen (3840×2160).
  • Support HDCP 2.2 for 4k content.
  • 3 years of warranty.
  • VESA wall mount 100×100 also available.
  • IPS screen with viewing angle of 178/178 degree.

This is the best option for the gamers who love the image quality. Buy it today and enjoy the real-life experiences with smooth gameplay.

It is a 27 inch 4k UHD monitor with (3840×2160) resolution. It has a warranty of 3 years of its parts and labor. It also supports Freesync which reduces screen tearing and stuttering.

6) ASUS VP28UQG: best budget 4k monitor

ASUS VP28UQG is the best 4k gaming monitor in your budget rate. It is built for the competitive gamers who love to play online games or competitive games. The main thing for the competitive games is the response time and this monitor gives you the best response time. It has a response time of 1ms. It also has a 4K UHD panel which blurs the 

ASUS VP28UQG- best budget 4k monitor


  • Response time 1ms.
  • Supports all types of connectivity such as HDMI, HDMI/MHL and display port.
  • 4k high- res screen of 28 inch.
  • Real 10- bit colour with 157 pixels per inch.
  • UHD resolution (3480×2160).

line between virtual and real gaming effects. Basically, it is built for  the high level gaming battles. It also has a  great gamer-centric feature that gives you the best gaming experience. It has a high – res of ( 3480×2160) with a pixel of 157PPI for the realistic and real-life experiences.

This is the best 4k gaming monitor for the competitive gamers in budget price with response time of 1ms. Buy it today and enjoy playing competitive games today.

7 ASUS ROG Swift: best 144Hz 4K Monitor  

Darkroom mode adjusts the contrast and brightens automatically to enhance the clarity of the image and to provide sharpness to the details, which makes it easy to work in darker post processing environments.

ASUS ROG Swift- best 144Hz 4K Monitor


  • Response time 1ms.
  • Large 43-inch 4K UHD monitor
  • super-smooth 144Hz display
  • Low Motion Blur technology
  • UHD resolution (3480×2160).
  • DisplayHDR 1000 certification 
  • Exceptional colour performance

The CAD/CAM mode provides contrast to lines and shapes of technical illustrations, taking our eye to every single detail in the image. The animation mode allows you to control and perfect every movement. The animation mode lightens the darker areas so  that no detail is left behind by your eyes.

You can adjust this powerful 4k monitor stand’s height and other adjustments like tilt, pivot, stroke, and swivel.

When you are using the screen in vertical orientation the smart screen will automatically rotate the screen content to make you enjoy the content.

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Cheap 4K monitor

It is not necessary that a good 4K monitor is always a Premium one. It can also be of  cheap price.

Here we will show the best 4K monitors at a cheap price so that you can easily buy it without any discomfort.

1 iiyama 27 inch IPS cheap 4k Monitor

The monitor offers a curved screen which is liked by many gamers and normal users as it looks very pleasant in the middle of your desk. The curved screen provides an immersive experience to the user.

iiyama 27 inch IPS cheap 4k Monitor


  • Brilliant picture
  • better viewing angles with IPS
  • Flicker-free monitor
  • Excellent performance for photographic and web design professionals
  • Good cheap 4k monitor for graphic designers and video editors.
  • Ultra Wide display
  • High performance curved monitor
  • Great picture quality and clarity

Ultra wide colour technology ensures a wider spectrum of colours. The Ultra wide spectrum of colours produces natural-looking green, vivid reds and deeper  blues for a brilliant picture. The Ultra wide colour technology enhances your viewing experience and helps you produce more real looking images.

The monitor utilises high performance panels to produce Ultra Clear, 4K UHD(3840 X 2160)resolution images. The resolution and features will make your productivity more deep, clean and efficient. You would be able to create more detailed images and see them in a high quality.

Science has shown that blue light rays of short wavelength can affect your eyes, cause strain on eyes and can also cause loss of vision if used for a long period of time. So to save your eyes from the blue light rays the monitor provides a low blue light mode which will save your eyes from the blue light rays emerging from the screen.

2. LG UHD 24 INCH cheap 4K IPS MONITOR for Xbox and PS4

  This 4k IPS monitor has a Black Stabilizer which identifies the dark areas of the screen and brightens them so that the user can enjoy gaming and so that he can easily track enemies and kill them.

LG UHD 24 INCH cheap 4K IPS MONITOR for Xbox and PS4


  • Different game modes for gamers
  • Good for video editing and designing
  • Excellent colour accuracy
  • Value for money
  • AMD FreeSync

The stabilizer also enhances the experience while you are watching a movie which has night scenes or a dark video quality. The monitor assists Dynamic Action sync which makes the action very fast so that the gamer can kill enemies in very less duration of time with almost no lag.

  • AMD FreeSync allows a top notch gaming experience without any screen stutter or frame drops that may be observed due to the difference between the GPU frame rates and refresh rate.
  • The LG Ultra HD IPS monitor gives accurate and detailed expressions with a larger workspace.The sRGB helps in reducing 99% of the colour spaces on the screen.
  • The Ultra HD 4K monitor given by LG is based on IPS technology provides a great and enhanced picture quality to the buyer without any kind of distortion or frame drops which makes the experience of the user more realistic and impressive.
  •  This UHD monitor consists of game mode which offers you FPS and RTS modes with a lot of customization options. You can customize different  settings and graphics for your games.

This cheap and affordable UHD 4K display offers fine details and clarity which can easily blow away a gamer’s mind and all the credit goes to the screen with 8.3 million pixels and a resolution of 3840 X 2160 pixels which is four times the resolution of a Full HD screen. So there is no doubt that you would feel an immersive gaming experience.

Volume, brightness, picture mode presets, Screen Split 2.0 and dual controller and many more features can now be controlled by the click of the mouse instead of keyboard or hard buttons on the monitor.

You can now customize the monitor layout with the latest version of LG screen split for multitasking.

Resize and  display multiple windows at once,with 14 options including four picture in picture(PIP)choices. With FreeSync gamers can experience stutter free gaming with no frame drops. FreeSync reduces the tearing which may occur due to the difference between GPU frame rates and screen refresh rate.

The clarity of the 4K UHD screen will blow the mind of almost every gamer and the credits go to the resolution of 3840 X 2160 which offers about 8.3 million pixels which provides a lot of clarity even when viewed from a very close distance. 

3. Lenovo 28 Inch cheap 6o Hz 4K Monitor

   The monitor provides a 28 inch 3840 X 2160 pixels 4K display. The screen is very good to use for home entertainment and gaming.

Lenovo 28 Inch cheap 6o Hz 4K Monitor


  • Excellent viewing angles
  • Fast response time and 6oHz screen
  • Great for Gaming and office work
  • AMD Radeon FreeSync
  • Lag and stutter free
  •  The monitor has very thin edges with 2mm bezel on its three sides. The IPS panel which is tilted up to 178 degrees, prevents distortion and enhances the  viewing experience from every angle.
  •  The monitor provides a very good screen for gaming and it should be good in that as it provides us with a 60HZ refresh rate, 4ms response time which is very quick. It also includes AMD Radeon FreeSync technology.  
  • The revolving stand monitor has HDMI and DP ports, 15 user presets and VESA mount input capability which can save your precious time which you may have wasted in setting up your perfect viewing preferences.

The lenovo L28u-30 provides us with a 28 inch 4K display and a wide viewing angle, gamers can feel the clean and clear details while gaming. The large and wide display has a resolution of 3840 X 2160 pixels which can enhance your experience while gaming and watching other things on the screen. It provides you with a nice visual clarity.

The 178/178 degree viewing angle provides a maximum viewing experience without any distortion in colour and brightness.

The monitor is designed by keeping the needs of gamers in mind. The display provides a 4ms quick response time, 60HZ refresh rate and FreeSync technology by AMD. It improves the gaming experience by reducing lags and colour blurs which are faced by gamers while gaming and also they are very annoying and disturbing.

  4. AOC 28 INCH fastest 4k LED Monitor under 300

AOC 28 INCH fastest 4k LED Monitor


  • ULTRA HD display without distortion
  • Very fast response time of 1ms
  • Flicker free
  • Recommended for video editing and gaming
  • The monitor offers an Ultra HD screen with a resolution of 3840 X 2160 pixels which gives a perfect clarity and wide range of colours without any distortion.
  • The FreeSync feature provides a stutter less gameplay without any lags,tearing or frame drops.
  • The monitor supports HDMI which is supported by almost every gaming console,GPU and set top box.
  • The monitor supports HDMI 2.0 X 1,Display port 1.2 X 1,VGA and DVI signal inputs.
  •  The monitor offers a very quick response time of 1 ms which reduces the time taken between the changing of transition and it reduces the lags as well.

The Flicker Free technology offered by AOC utilises a DC(DIRECT CURRENT) backlight panel which reduces the Flickering of light levels. It will absolutely  reduce the strain on the eyes and would prevent certain headaches you can freely use the monitor for long hours without any rest.

You can enjoy long and  intense gaming sessions with comfort and ease.A response time of 1 ms ensures that you go for an enhanced gaming experience without any lag of stuttering.

Fast-moving action and dramatic transitions will be smoothly rendered without any frame drop or effects of ghosting. AoC low blue light protects your eyes from the blue light which causes eye strains during long gaming hours.

5. SAMSUNG cheap 4K HDR monitor for editing 

SAMSUNG cheap 4K HDR monitor for editing


  • Beautiful and accurate colours
  • Bezel-less display for immersive
  • Great for pro editors and designers
  • AMD FreeSync support for gamers.
  • Excellent cheap 4k monitor
  • The monitor offers great UHD resolution with a rich shade spectrum of HDR.
  • Screen is extremely vivid and displays crystal clear colours from every angle. The monitor is made using the advanced IPS panel.
  • Screen offers SuperFluid motion with AMD FreeSync.
  • Screen comes with a bezel-less display from three sides.
  • Screen Split feature which is ideal for multitasking.

The monitor offers great details and colours all around the screen.The U28R55 combines rich shade spectrum of HDR and UHD together in this 28 inch Ultra HD 

Monitor. The advanced IPS panel offers great colours from every angle. The IPS panel provides colour vividness and clarity on every part of the screen. HDR support offers a dynamic range of luminous blacks and whites to the screen. Dark parts are more bright whereas white parts are brilliant.

The screen reduces the emissions of the blue light which are known to cause strain to the eyes and they are the reason for headaches. Now there is no need for yellow screen  filters with distorted colours and choppy screenplay. AMD FreeSync eliminates screen tears and frame drops to enhance your experience. The monitor offers a 3-sided bezel less screen so that you can enjoy UHD content.




  • Stunning detail at this price
  • Crisp visuals for gaming and designing
  • Excellent picture details in dark areas

 This cheap budget monitor provides a 28 inch 4K screen with resolution of 3840 X 2160 pixels which ensures a clear and detailed viewing screen.

  • The display supports HDR10 which provides the user with a dynamic range of colours and brightness levels that can exceed the capabilities of ordinary monitors.
  • This monitor also supports FreeSync technology which eliminates screen tearing and stuttering.
  •  The stand provided with this monitor offers extensive swivel,tilt,pivot and height adjustments.
  • Screen enhances the brightness of the dark areas gently without over brightening the bright areas.

The 28 inch monitor with 4K UHD support has a resolution of 3840 X 2160 pixels and is made with IPS panel of TUF gaming VG289Q provides us with four times  the pixels of similar sized FULL HD 1080p displays.

So it gives us more detailed images when watching movies or playing games.The screen gives more textured  and colour contrasting quality.

The VG289Q supports HDR10 which delivers a wider range of colours and more contrast as compared to normal monitors.The brightest whitest and darkest blacks bring out contrasting features which are never seen before.

Now the user can shift between multiple HDR modes to adjust the HDR settings of the monitor based on the current viewing scenario.

ASUS Shadow boost technology brightens the dark areas without over brightening the bright areas of the screen.

Points to remember while purchasing a cheap 4K monitor

You should know some basic details about your 4K monitor according to the technical point such as :

Resolution : 

As we know we have to go with the latest trends so it is obvious that we should go with the 4K not with HD or UHD because the latest 4K resolution is far away better than HD and UHD Resolution.

Screen Size :

Screen Size must be normal. Neither Too small nor too large because much smaller screen size will not give you realistic experience and much larger screen size will reduce the pixel quality so we recommend you not to buy the 4K monitor having screen size more than 32 inches.

Panels : 

Best panels provide better quality. There are a lot of panels that are used in 4K monitors but we should go with the better panel if we want good quality in our 4K monitor. Some of the panels are :

TN –  Twisted Nematic Panel

It is a good panel that provides high class quality and supports the higher refresh rates.

LCD – Liquid crystal Display

LCD panels are not the latest one but are good panels and provide good quality which gives realistic experience.

IPS Panels 

IPS panels are not much older and are still used in many HD monitors. IPS panel provides higher angle view up-to 180 degree plus lower latency in the image.

OLED– Organic Light Emitting Diode

OLED panels are the latest panels that are used by various brands in their 4K monitors. This panel is better than all other panels and provides best quality. I recommend to you that you must go with the 4K monitor that has an OLED panel.

Refresh Rate :

Refresh Rate is the amount of image drawn on screen per second. A good 4K monitor has the refresh rate between 60 Hz to 144 Hz. Today, the latest 4K monitors are using 100+ Hz refresh rate for better outcome but 90 Hz refresh rate in any 4K monitor is also not bad.

Technology :

Buy 4K monitors with the latest technologies. For example – Today, 4K monitors are using G-Sync , FreeSync and Double FreeSync or FreeSync Premium Technologies that prevent images from tearing problems.

Brightness :

Always go with the brightest 4K monitors. Brightness of any monitor is measured in Candela per metre square. And your 4K monitor must have brightness upto 260 Candela per metre square.

Contrast :

It shows the ratio of white color to black color. For example if the ratio is 999:1 then it means that the white colour is 999 times brighter than the black color. Contrast indicates the ‘Colour Jumping’ on the Screen.

Color Accuracy :

Good 4K monitor must have good color accuracy so that it gives high class quality and better experience. Latest 4K monitors are using high class sRGB colors so you should go with them.

Connectivity :

A good 4K monitor provides better connectivity support so that you can connect your monitor with all other gadgets. Your 4K monitor should have Display-port USB port , Type C bluetooth or HDMI support.

Figure out the Best 4K monitors

Best 4K monitors require all given features. If your monitor has all the  given features then you can say that you have one of the best 4K monitors.

  • Check out the screen size of your 4K monitor , it should be between 16 inch – 32 inch because you can see pixel issues in the monitors having screen size more than 32 inches.
  • Check out the image fluidity of your 4K monitor, your monitor’s refresh rate should not be less than 60 Hz because more less refresh rate will not give you a nice experience.
  • Check out the panels of your 4K monitors. We always recommend you to go with the latest panels for an amazing experience.
  • Carefully Check out the response time of your 4K monitor because it is one of the most important features of a 4K monitor. In simple words response time means the time difference between the signals and screen. Don’t purchase the 4K monitor if it’s response time is more than 4 ms.

Uses of a 4K monitor 

Before purchasing any 4K monitor You should know,  For what purpose you need a 4K monitor and what are its uses.

If you are a true gamer and a Social media lover then the 4K monitor is for you. A good 4K monitor gives you high class quality for video playback, Web browsing, Online Streaming and Playing games.

If you have a good 4K monitor with high refresh rate, Good response time and advanced graphics card then you will experience a next level gameplay.

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