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Best Fortnite Creative Maps and fun creative codes

Fortnite Battle Royal is a popular game and it has many modes to play. Creative mode is one of its best modes that players can’t move ahead without playing. This mode is mostly liked by all players and is also a very popular mode with much positive reviews.  This mode not only improves your aim but also enhances your game sense. 

Creative mode has various amazing maps that are fully loaded with adventure and fun. If you are a Fortnite lover, then you must play all these maps. We should thank the creators for making such beautiful and amazing maps for the Fortnite Battle Royal game.

Best Fortnite Creative Maps and codes

If you want to choose One best map among all then it is not possible because all maps are wonderful and awesome. So, Keeping all this in mind. We bring some best maps of 2020 of Creative mode so that you can play all of them and choose your favourite one.

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Creative mode Fortnite: 25 best maps of 2020 that you must try with codes

1. Undyne Fight

Fortnite Chapter 2 Creative- Undertale Map Undyne Boss Fight

Final fight begins in a good atmosphere with soothing background music. Defeat your last enemy with the best strategy and skills. Here you don’t need to attack your enemy directly, you have to protect  yourself against the attack of your opponent and on seeing the best time to attack, you have to kill your opponent with your best aim and fighting skills.

The Fortnite creative code for Undyne Fight is – 6088-1271-3645

2 Disney theme

2 DISNEY CASTLE GAME - Fortnite Creative Map Codes

Disney Theme is one of the best maps among all. Fight against your enemies in Disney-Land in Paris. Control the whole disney park by killing all enemies and experience yourself in the Disney World.

The Fortnite creative code for Disney Theme is – 9027-4345-7705


3 FNAF PROP HUNT - Fortnite Creative Map Codes

Feel the experience of FNAF along with all the Fortnite players. You need to stay alert and keep a strict eye on your enemies so that you can counter attack on them from your control room. 

The Fortnite creative code for Undyne Fight is – 2756-0783-2628

4 The best music map

4 MUSIC MAP Fortnite Creative Map Codes - Dropnite.com Images may be subject to copyright. Learn More

This map is one of my favorite one because it makes me relax while playing the game. If you are a music lover, then you must try this Music map. 

The Fortnite creative code for The best music map is – 8089-4366-1609

5 Minotaur maze

5 THE MINOTAUR'S MAZE - Fortnite Creative Map Codes

This map checks your IQ level. Show your intelligence to escape from the trap of a maze. You will experience a different level of gameplay inside the huge walls of a maze.

The Fortnite creative code for Minotaur maze is – 1676-6495-8269

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