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Best Fortnite Creative Maps and fun creative codes

6 Trials of Zaneth

6 Trials of Żaneth Fortnite Creative Map

Trials of Zaneth is basically a single player map. If you love to play solo then this map is best for you. You will experience yourself between the spirits in a sacred land in this map. 

The Fortnite creative code for Trials of Zaneth is – 9078-3524-9057

7 Whack a zombie arcade

7 WHACK - A - ZOMBIE- ARCADe Fortnite Creative Map Codes

Whack-a-zombie arcade is the  map in which your character plays different mini games inside a shopping centre or a park while fighting with other opponents. 

The Fortnite creative code for Whack a zombie arcade is – 0266-6811-8054

8 Blissful Bunny Prop Hunt

8 BLISSFUL BUNNY | PROP HUNT - Fortnite Creative Ma

Blissful Bunny Prop Hunt is basically a Spring Season map which pays special attention towards the easter eggs. In this map you have to complete your challenge series and play some mini games.

The Fortnite creative code for Blissful Bunny Prop Hunt is – 0766-9634-2298

9 Alverton Hills Livingston

9 ALVERTON HILLS- LIVINGSTON - Fortnite Creative Map Codes

Alverton Hills Livingston is one of the best Haunted maps. If you love horror games, then this map is made for you. Here you will experience yourself in a Haunted Map. 

The Fortnite creative code for Alverton Hills Livingston is – 2801-1260-2849

10 Prison Break

10 Fortnite custom creative mode PRISON Break death run

You are definitely going to love this map.You have the labyrinth of interlocking rooms inside an old castle in this map You have to start the game inside the prison which is in the base of the building. You have to escape from the prison and reach the outer world by solving different puzzles.

The Fortnite creative code for Prison Break is -: 0893-8977-9494

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