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Best Fortnite Creative Maps and fun creative codes

11. Lordly Labyrinth

11 LORDLY LABYRINTH - Fortnite Creative Map

Again test your IQ level in this Lordly Labyrinth map. Put yourself in a well designed giant maze and escape from there with your brain power. It is a type of hide and seek map where you have to survive by defeating all the enemies and escape from the giant maze.

The Fortnite creative code for Lordly Labyrinth is – 1991-9282-9857

12. Rollercoaster Escape

12 Fortnite Creative - Rollercoaster Map

Rollercoaster Escape is basically a mixture of Parkour and Escape Rooms. The series of rooms is laid out across the sky. You need to create a rollercoaster and solve various puzzles so that you can escape from there. This map is basically the test of your mental ability.

The Fortnite creative code for Rollercoaster Escape is -: 1036-8889-6703

13. ATV Race

13 QUADS VS ROCKETS - Fortnite Creative Map

In this map you have to race in your golf buggies in a well constructed race track. Race track has a number of lanes which are fully loaded with various traps and specific tools that makes your race more interesting.

The Fortnite creative code for ATV Race is – 1330-3984-1519

14. Super Smash Bros

14 Super Smash Bros creative map fortnite

This map is taken from the game Super Smash Bros. It is a single player map in which you have to do  1V1 against your opponent. Defeat your enemy with your best fighting skills and feel the gameplay of Smash Bros.  The Fortnite creative code for uper Smash Bros is – 9784-9942-55-46

15. Chateau Guillard

15 Chateau Guillard creative map fortnite

This map is taken from the Chateau Gulliard map of Overwatch. You can use your outfit similar to the overwatch characters.It gives you the same feeling of Overwatch and is one of the best maps in the Fortnite Creative mode.

The Fortnite creative code for Chateau Gulliard is – 9547-8714-0946

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