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Best Fortnite Creative Maps and fun creative codes

16. Rainbow Road

16 Rainbow Road creative map fortnite

This is one of the amazing maps of Fortnite. Rainbow road is taken from The Super Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road This map is fully loaded with fun and adventure. If you love Super Mario game, then definitely you are going to love this map.

The Fortnite creative code for Rainbow Road is – 2668-3299-3251

17. Mega Wall Wars

17 Mega Wall Wars creative map fortnite

Mega Wall Wars map is an amazing map of Creative mode in the Fortnite Battle Royal. You have different areas that are divided into 8 sub areas by giant walls. you have 2 minutes to search for your required material from the waste and garbage.

The Fortnite creative code for Mega Wall Wars is – 4177-4290-4967

18. The Cube V3.4

18 The Cube V3.4

The Cube V3.4 is also a maze map in which each room is filled with traps, boosts, and puzzles. Creators use every single item in the fortnite to make all the maps interesting. Here, Some wall-like structure began to resemble an Escher painting when you try to crawl out of its twisted halls.

The Fortnite creative code for The Cube V3.4 is – 7512-6248-2736

19. Tiny Toys

19 Tiny Toys creative map fortnite code

Tiny Toys is a unique map in which you experience yourself in the shoes of a Toy in a house. In this map, players get smaller and smaller till they become microscopic size. You need to run around here and there and feel like you’re in Toy Story.

The Fortnite creative code for Tiny Toys is – 9673-6880-8356

20. Zone Wars

20 Zone Wars creative map fortnite

Zone Wars map is mostly liked by all players. This map is basically for your practise and mostly liked by pro players who love to play attacking games as this map is best for fighting face to face against the enemies.

The Fortnite creative code for Zone Wars is – 4340-8128-8554

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