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Best Fortnite Creative Maps and fun creative codes

21. The Floor is Lava

21 The Floor is Lava creative map fortnite

This map is taken from the fun old fashioned game of the Floor is Lava.You need to use your mental power to overcome the problems of coming lava and you need to keep on building drills so that you can stop the lava.

The Fortnite creative code for The Floor is Lava is – 1201 1101 4279

22. Working Phone

22 Working Phone creative map fortnite

Working Phone is a kind of strange map which is taken from The  Minecraft Redstone creations. Some players want to see new things and This map can be an interesting one for them. It is almost similar to the Minecraft Redstone Creations. It is a working phone in which you can browse things or interact. 

The Fortnite creative code for Working Phone is – 2977-8511-9806

23. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Gunfight Map

23 Call of Duty- Modern Warfare creative map fortnite

Modern Warfare has introduced a new thing in the Battle Royale market. If you are searching for The Call of Duty, Then this is the map for you. In this map you can play as 2V2 gunfight against your opponents. This is one of the best multiplayer maps in the Creative mode of Fortnite Battle Royal.

The Fortnite creative code for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is – 2204-8734

24. The Legend of Zelda

24 The Legend of Zelda creative map fortnite

The most popular and interesting map which is taken from The Legend of Zelda which was released by the NES. In this map,You have an Infinity blade and even some dungeon recreations to get through. This map will give you the same feeling of game The Legend of Zelda by NES.

The Fortnite creative code for The Legend of Zelda is – 2326-3456-6999

25. Counter-Strike Dust 2

25 Counter-Strike Dust 2 creative map fortnite

It is one of the most loveable maps which got much positive reviews. This map is taken from the Counter Strike. Here, you have to play on Counter Strike’s most amazing area. This is like a copy of dust 2. You have to deal with the different set of mechanics, physics, and fight against your enemies by showing your best skills.

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