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Best gaming desk in 2020 PC, PS4, Xbox One

Gaming and eSports are gaining popularity every day. If you’re a dedicated PC gamer or a console player, you know the competition in the market. New world-class gamers are emerging daily. This Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown have provided a shining opportunity for hardcore gamers to take this hobby to another level. A huge amount of free time and gaming addiction can create professional gamers like Shroud, Ninja, Dr. Disrespect. Who knows?

Best gaming desk for console gaming PS4, Xbox One and PC? Corner, L-shaped, cheap, large and black white gaming desks are all reviewed in this below in-depth gaming table or desk guide.

If you are a hardcore gamer, you know the importance of gaming desks. Yes, skills and high configuration is the prime requirement for gaming. But a gaming desk has its importance and contribution to a gamer, just like a gaming chair does. After all, it will be the home for your expensive PC screens, consoles, and laptops. If you’re going to sit on it for a long time, make sure you have the best gaming desk at your home.

You have to checkbox certain key factors before buying a gaming desk. Make sure to look for these particular features and you won’t be disappointed with your purchase.

The below guide will go through all of the top rated and best selling gaming desks that are available in the market right now. If you are a pro gamer and play in competitions or a youtube content creator then you must consider buying  Arozzi Arena, Parisot of France or EUREKA Z1S computer gaming desks. All of these gaming desks are well made and come with smart cable management so that the space underneath your gaming desk is tidy and clean. 

Now you are fully aware of the features to look into before buying a gaming desk for yourself. Make sure you’re aware of these key factors and you’ll end up buying the best gaming desk that will improve your gameplay eventually.

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According to us, the best pc gaming desk under the different budgets are: 

1) Best pc gaming deskEUREKA Z1S and Trust GXT 711

2) Best large gaming desk Editor’s choice: Arozzi Arena

3) Gaming desk under £100: DOSLEEPS and Coavas

4) Best L-shaped corner Gaming desk Eden Bridge Designs

Best Gaming Desks in 2020

Now, we understand that doing in-depth research consumes a lot of time. Since you’re a gamer, you’re probably busy as well. Don’t worry! We took care of that. Our list of top 5 gaming desks is the result of in-depth product research and comparison to provide you the necessary information. You’ll be able to buy the best one for you after reading this article. Pc gaming desk or console gaming desk are useful for comfortable sitting and are an essential part of your gaming setup. If you want a large or a small gaming desk, a gaming desk with storage and drawers, or a wooden gaming desk then this in-depth review about best PS4 or Xbox one gaming desks provides all the details about your questions.

We have made a list by keeping the above-mentioned key factors in mind. A brief introduction along with features and prices are given for your reference.

1. EUREKA ERGONOMIC Z1S: Best gaming desk

The most popular and budget-friendly gaming desk out there. This one is the first pick of most gamers on the internet. It has everything a gamer can desire. A neat carbon-fiber finish with ambient blue LED lights on the sides to give it a stunning look. On top of it, you get a built-in cup holder. The cup holder will come in handy if you want to keep yourself hydrated during long game hours. This essentially a highly recommended gaming desk in uk by our team. It is a good size modern looking gaming desk which you can buy from amazon.

EUREKA ERGONOMIC Z1S Best gaming desk in 2020

Eureka Z1S

  • Stunning design.
  • Value for money.
  • A budget gaming desk
  • The best started-desk with a cup-holder!

You get a headphone hook, an extra-large pad for mouse and keyboard, and a controller stand. The cable management of this desk is quite noticeable. It makes sure your wires don’t get tangled. It is 44.5 inches wide and 24.2 inches in height which is quite suitable for long hours of gaming. The Eureka Z1S comes at a budget price of 189 pounds. Quite reasonable, right?


  • Stunning design.
  • Value for money.
  • The best started-desk with a cup-holder!


  • Not as such.

2. Arozzi Arena : Premium Large black gaming Desk

This one is as simple as it gets yet surprisingly eye-catching. Covered with a full-surface mousepad, Arozzi Arona is crafted with water-resistant microfiber. It’s super easy to clean. You get an anti-slip rubber bottom to avoid any accidental interruption during your gaming hours. In one word, the build quality is premium. A big curved gaming desk with simple design but premium quality materials. You can use it as a Xbox one gaming desk or a PS4 gaming desk with three monitor setup for more brilliant gameplay.

Arozzi Arena Premium Large black gaming Desk

Arozzi Arena

  • Finest build-quality.
  • Water-resistant and easy to clean.
  • Best black gaming desk
  • Color variants to choose from.

This desk has a huge surface of 114 cm that can easily fit 3 monitors. There is a dedicated cable and monitor management system for you. It can easily hold up to 50 kg weight and it’s really easy to assemble. If you’re doing professional gaming, this one is the right choice for you. This premium desk will cost you approx 200 pounds and you’ll get 3 color variants, i.e. black, white, and red.


  • Finest build-quality.
  • Water-resistant and easy to clean.
  • Color variants to choose from.


  • The enormous size makes it difficult to move around.

3. Eden Bridge Designs: Best L shaped Corner Gaming Computer Desk

If you’re looking for an L-shaped gaming desk with the premium design and features, look no further. The Eden Bridge Designs gaming desk has everything you’re looking for at an affordable price of 127 pounds (Approx.). It has a metal body base and polished tempered glass surface that gives a sturdy and premium look to the table. There is a keyboard tray and a headphone holder on top of it. There’s plenty of space to fit other accessories on the table apart from your PC instruments. A must have corner gaming desk in uk which is good enough for any pro gaming setup. You can fit a console, two monitors, a gaming laptop, a headset to complete your gaming setup. A very spacious corner gaming desk in uk with glass and metal finishing.

Eden Bridge Designs Best Corner Gaming Computer Desk

Eden Bridge

  • The L-shape size makes it flexible to fit anywhere.
  • Premium look with gloss finish surface.
  • Value for money.

If you are on a budget, Eden Bridge Designs’ gaming desk is the ultimate option for you. You’ll have color variants to choose from as well. Overall, this gaming desk checkboxes all the criteria for the best gaming desk under 150 pounds.


  • The L-shape size makes it flexible to fit anywhere.
  • Premium look with gloss finish surface.
  • Value for money.


  • No LED lighting.
  • Glass is not smudge-resistant.

4. Parisot of France Gaming Desk Workstation: Best for pro gamers

This one the most premium computer desk in this list. I have listed this because this one is just too awesome to exclude. If you plan to spare a little more for your  expensive gaming desk, just go to the Parisot of France Gaming Workstation. It literally has everything a gamer can ask of a gaming desk. A complete gaming desk with an attractive look, smart features like fade and smudge resistance, water resistance, anti-slip stand, and lots more. A professional pc gaming desk with storage and drawers. you can store game DVD’d, USB drives, gaming headphones and more gaming accessories in the drawer to keep this big gaming desk clean and clutter free.

Parisot of France Gaming Desk Workstation Best for pro gamers

Parisot of France

  • Best Gaming Desk with storage drawers
  • Good for professional gamers
  • Led gaming desk

The desk workstation has a height of 75 cm which is accurately appropriate. It’s spacious and can fit all of your gaming accessories in its str=orage drawer with ease. The LED lights are used as stripes below the top shelf. Overall, if you’re looking for a premium gaming desk and ready to spend 300 pounds, just go for this one.


  • Spacious cupboard storage for all accessories.
  • Sturdy body with high-density particleboard.
  • Premium look with LED light strip.


  • High price.

5. DOSLEEPS: Best Gaming Desk under 100

 If you’re really tight on budget, do not worry! We have got you covered. We understand your needs. We conducted in-depth research to find a pocket-friendly gaming desk without compromising much. Here’s the DOSLEEPS L-Shaped Large Gaming Desk for you at the most affordable rate of 92.99 pounds. It has a premium quality L-shaped design that provides extra comfort during your long gaming hours. You can almost fit every equipment you have as your gaming accessories and still have space for other personal things. This one is also the best option if you’re looking for the best gaming desk for 2 monitors. A cheap gaming desk with endless possibilities. the black glass on the top gives it a premium matte look and it is wide enough to fit two gaming monitors and some gaming accessories.

DOSLEEPS Best Gaming Desk under 100


  • Premium metal body at a very reasonable price.
  • Best under 100
  • Affordable

The steel material is thick yet looks premium on the surface and sturdy from inside. You have enough free-space below the desk to keep your gaming accessories. There’s enough free space for you to stretch your legs after long gaming hours. So, stop your search for a budget gaming desk now and go for this one. DOSLEEPS L-shaped gaming desk is the best gaming desk under 100 pounds you’ll get in the UK. it is an affordable gaming desk for a pc, PS4 or a Xbox gamer.


  • Premium metal body at a very reasonable price.
  • Water and smudge-resistant which makes it easy for clean-up.
  • Durable yet beautiful design


  • Assembling involves a little hassle.

6. Coavas: Cheapest Gaming desk

This home or office corner gaming desk is suitable for both Desktop PC’s and Laptops. The large table provides a good space for working, studying and playing games. As this is a L shaped corner desk you can easily switch the sides and change the decor of your house or office. The large empty portion between the legs of this corner gaming station desk can be used to place your desktop gaming case or you can even stretch your legs when tired. 

Coavas Cheapest Gaming desk


  • Good value for money.
  • Best cheap gaming desk
  • Value for money at this price

This gaming desktop table is made up of waterproof wood and lasts longer than your normal desks. The material and polishing on the wood makes this console gaming table wear-resistant and fade-resistant.  If you want to set up your gaming desk around a wall corner then this corner gaming computer desk design is a perfect fit. 


  • Good value for money.
  • Waterproof wood and sturdy base
  • Value for money at this price


  • None

The legs of this console gaming table are made of high quality steel and are very sturdy. The overall design is good and the quality of the material used in this console gaming desk makes it less shaky. The foot cups are anti-slip and the foot rubber protects the floor from scratching. It is a quite large gaming desk and can fit upto 3 gaming monitors perfectly. 

One of the best features and perks of this design is that you can split this pc gaming table into two desks.  Overall, a very well designed gaming desk with top rated reviews. A must buy for pro gamers or gaming enthusiasts who are looking for a good corner gaming desk for PS4, Xbox One, or PC. 

7. FITUEYES: Best small gaming desk uk

This is a multifunctional computer desk. It can be used for gaming, study, writing and office work. If you have a small room or the space in the office or room is narrow then you can easily fit this Z-shaped pc gaming table. The design of this ps4 gaming desk is stable and modern. You can easily place multiple devices like gaming monitors, consoles, speakers on this cool gaming desk and can complete your Xbox desk, PC desk or PS4 gaming desk setup.

FITUEYES Best small gaming desk uk


  • Good value for money.
  • Waterproof wood and sturdy base
  • Value for money at this price

The quality of the material used is very good and 15mm double hemp wood is strong and looks good. There is plenty of room for leg stretching and the black metal frame gives it a beautiful and stylish matte finish. The maximum weight this compact gaming desk can hold is 20 kg, which is generally more than you need. You can buy this gaming desk under 100 in uk for your PC, Xbox, and PS4 gaming station setup.


  • Good value for money.
  • Waterproof wood and sturdy base
  • Value for money at this price


  • None

8. Trust GXT 711: Best selling console gaming desk

It is one of the top rated gaming desks on amazon and comes with a headset hook and cupholder for storage. The design of this gaming desk is sleek and simple. The surface of this gaming desk is very well made and is customised for pro gamers. You will definitely appreciate the large surface design and can easily fit two 27inch gaming monitors.

Trust GXT 711 Best selling console gaming desk

Trust GXT 711

  • Editor’s Choice under 150
  • Best Selling
  • Excellent quality

The length of this big gaming computer desk is  long enough to accommodate a large monitor, keyboard, mouse and other tech gadgets. The top material of the desk is made from textured PU leather which provides a better mouse control while playing games. The 116cm long gaming desk is very stable due to its high quality 18mm steel frame.

You can easily adjust the height of this budget gaming monitor for comfortable sitting. The rounded edge design is good for your wrists and forearms. The cupholder, headset hook and well thought cable management makes this desk a must have because of its low cheap price of under 150. 

What to look for in a PC Gaming Computer Desk

The preferability and selection is according to your needs. Whether you will be using it just for gaming? Do you want to set up a triple gaming monitor setup on your desk (Asus 28 inch or AOC 32 inch)? Or you just want a simple gaming desk large enough to fit in your gaming console, pc, mouse, keyboard and monitor. So the question is, What is your basic requirement

You can choose from a number of gaming desks with many different features and designs. From a cheap price of under 100 to a low budget price of 150 and to a higher premium price. You have a lot of options to choose from but the first step is to make a decision about your spending budget. Do you want to spend £100, £150 or more than that. Then the second step is to decide the size of the gaming desk.

If you have a large gaming monitor or want to buy a large curved gaming monitor then you will need a large gaming desk. You can also go for a multi display (3 monitor) gaming setup desk for more immersive gameplay.

For smaller gaming setups you will certainly do well with the FITUEYES small gaming desk. Large gaming desks like EUREKA Z1S, Arozzi Arena, Parisot of France, and Eden Bridge Designs are good for large 32 inch curved gaming monitors and can also accommodate other gaming devices like: Xbox one, PS4, and a gaming laptop also.

Key Features to look for in a Gaming Desk

A gaming desk is the base of your operations. A bad desk can ruin the whole experience of your gaming. So, make sure you opt for the best one for yourself. Here’s the list of features you need to look for before buying a gaming desk.

  • The Price: Well, it’s pretty obvious right? Money is a key factor. Set a budget for yourself. Once you know how much you’re willing to pay for your desk, you can plan accordingly. There are highly rated gaming desks but it might cost you a fortune (comparatively). However, if you do proper research, you might just find the best‌ ‌desk ‌for‌ ‌gaming‌ ‌under‌ ‌100 pounds for you.
  • The Shape and Size: Once you’re through with your budget, it’s time to consider the shape and size to fit it into your room. Make sure to take the exact measurement of the space you’re planning to place your desk. Also, there are various shapes available for a gaming desk. You can get a rectangle one just like the Arozzi Arena or the L shaped ones are always there for you. It’s the best fit for the corner areas.
  • Height Adjustment: It is important to fix the right height for your gaming desk. You must find a sweet spot that will help you to be light on your toes when you’re in a vital moment of a game. Either you can manually measure the height you would need and search accordingly. Or, a more hassle-free way would be to opt for a gaming desk with adjustable height.
  • The Type, Look, and Design: Of course! Looks do matter. If you’re a gamer and like to customize your PC, a good-looking designer desk would be just the one for you. The most popular one would be with a large space LED fixed gaming desk. But don’t compromise functionality for looks. Make sure your desk has nice storage to hold your gaming equipment. If you have lots of them, like a complete VR set or console set, try opting for a gaming desk with drawer storage. It comes in handy.
  • Material Choice: Gaming desks come in a lot of variations like wooden, glass, steel, and many more. Choose the one you would prefer along with the color texture. These little things will matter a lot.

Gaming Desks in-depth Guide

Gaming desks or computer desks are generally inexpensive. You can buy a decent size gaming desk under £100 pounds in uk. Whereas, a more premium computer desk or a console gaming desk could cost you at least between £150 to £300 pounds. There are hundreds of different gaming desks available online that you can buy which makes your buying decision more difficult. 

To ease your buying decision, We have looked at a number of different gaming desks and have assessed their features. We will also provide you with the specs and overall quality of the computer gaming desk. Based on our and user reviews we have listed the best gaming disks according to their build quality and value for money. 

You can go through the different gaming desks in the above in-depth review  of gaming desks and can select a best desk for gaming according to your needs. If you have small room size then you can go with the small desk or a L-shape corner gaming desk to save more space. And, if you are an avid gamer and play professionally or compete online with other gamers while playing RPG games or War games, then you can go for a more premium and larger gaming desk like: Arozzi Arena, Parisot of France or EUREKA Z1S.


So, there you go! You have the list of the best gaming desks to buy that will suit your budget. All of these desks are highly rated on Amazon. You can check for yourself. Esports are gaining much popularity during this Covid-19 pandemic and the number of gamers is rising daily. If you want to stand out in the crowd, you must have the best gaming set up for yourself apart from your skills of course. The gaming desk is part of that setup. Get yourself the one that suits your needs and brawl the gaming world.

How to setup a gaming desk?

It is fairly easy to setup a gaming desk. All of the computer gaming desks you buy come with an instruction manual. Just follow the instructions and you would be fine. There is not a general way to setup a pc gaming desk as the instructions to setup a gaming desk varies according to the brand and the make of the gaming computer desk.

How much are gaming desks?

the price of a gaming desk in uk varies between £100 to £300 pounds. You can also get a simple gaming desk just under £100. For more professional and larger desks with quality wood and steel you may have to go as high as £300 pounds.

How to build a computer desk for gaming?

You can build a DIY gaming desk for xbox or PS4 by watching youtube videos online. But i would suggest you can go to a local furniture store and custom build your preferred gaming desk. Building a custom computer desk is a time consuming process so i would definitely buy a pre-built pc gaming desk.

How high should my desk be for gaming?

A pc gaming desk in uk should be atleast 70cm or 2.5 feet high for comfortable sitting.

What is the best desk for gaming?

There are number of best gaming desk in uk that you can buy. Arozzi Arena, Parisot of France or EUREKA Z1S are some of the well known names in the gaming industry. You can also go for Trust GXT gaming computer desk or Eden Bridge cheap gaming desk if you are on a low budget.

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