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Best gaming headset 2020: PS4, PC, PS5, Xbox One

Below presented gaming headsets are ergonomic, durable, comfortable and are very sturdy. if you are a pro gamer and are in dire need of a comfortable perfect gaming headsets or headphones yet affordable and cheap then please follow the below guide and select the best gaming headsets for your PC, Xbox or PlayStation.

 best gaming headsets PS5, PS4, XBOX, PC

We have searched through the internet and selected the gaming headsets with good value for your money. Below are some of the budgeted gaming headsets in 2020:

This affordable gaming headset for pc, PS4 or Xbox one is a wired headphone which comes with noise cancellation feature. You can even turn on and off this feature by switching a key. The mic is of high quality and voice chat quality is crystal clear compared to other headphones at the same price. 

Also, if you want a gaming headphone without a mic then you you could also turn off the mic by flipping the switch. It’s a great value for money and you are getting some great features for just $24 dollars.

The 50mm surround sound drivers do good justice to your Fortnite, PUBG, or call of Duty gameplays. It does not matter, if you are playing on your Xbox or PS4, the retractable band, breathable ear pad are very comfortable for long time wearing.

Gaming headsets provide a handy and practical solution to all gaming needs. These headsets have a wide range of fascinating features.

These amazing features include crystal clear audio, clear microphones, sizable speaker drivers with plenty of power, virtual surround sound, memory foam, and even wireless connectivity in the best budget. Budget gaming headsets fulfill all needs with suitable features. 

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If you are looking for a gaming headset in the best budget, which makes the gaming sound best, you have landed the right platform. It has a separate boom microphone, and the sound profile is really well balanced with extra bass that is best for gaming purposes.

These are the best wireless headphones under 5000

These are the best gaming headsets for game lovers who like to switch among various platforms, also comfortable for the head because of thick memory foam pads.

Best gaming Headset

It is best to choose a gaming headset that is well-matched with multiple platforms such as playstation, Mac, PC, and other platforms. One of the best things is that you can communicate with your friends and teammates or fellows during playing games. 

Looking for best gaming headset for PS4, PS5, Xbox one and PC? Then follow the review guide, where we have reviewed wireless gaming headsets, wired headsets, and cheap budget gaming headsets with mic and noise cancellation.

1 Hyper X Cloud II: Best Wired Gaming Headset

The HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset is aesthetically pleasing and elegant in design. The LED lighting is awesome. If you’re a youtuber or a live-streamer then it’d look great on you because the aesthetics of the headphones and the sound quality is really nice.

 Hyper X Cloud II- Best Wired Gaming Headset


  • Reasonable Price for the quality
  • Decent speaker/mic sound
  • Good quality cable that is at least 6' long
  • Sits comfortably on the head
  • Has Stereo/mic connector to separate stereo and mic
  • In-line mic mute switch and audio volume adjustment

It’d also give you a pro look and seems quite advanced as the lightening effect gives the user a rather nicer look. All-in-all 

I would say after discussing all the features of this headphone, this headphone is one of the best headphones for Xbox, PS4 and gaming, buy if you’re a gamer or a frequent user of headphones otherwise you won’t be able to enjoy it’s quality to that extent.

These over ear headphones sit very comfortably and it won’t make your ears as tired as a lot of other headphones do, because they’re not too heavy, and feel exactly right because of the comfortable memory foam ear cushions and padded leatherette headband. 

The sound quality of this headphone is perfect and it tends to deliver you even the minute sound if you’re gaming or an avid listener or music too. 

These also sit really well on my smaller kids’ heads, unlike most big headphones/headsets. Have the option to easily extend the headband. The over ear design offers great sound isolation, even with no active noise cancelling.

The USB plug must be plugged into a power source to make the LED lights work, that is the USB plugs only purpose on this headset. Great value headphones seem very durable.

  • The USB is only a power source for the blue lights on the headset.
  • The in-line mute and volume knob would be better with a mic gain knob as well
  • Generates heat if used for long hours

So this is absolutely worth the money, but if you are looking for a high-end headset this is not it.

If in this budget you want a headset which would be a bit flashy and useful trust me this is the best headphones for Xbox or PS4 if you’re into gaming or you’re a stream player. The USB lighting, while completely useless, is a cool addition. The only reason it didn’t make it into the

The pros section is because unless you want to look cool on stream it is wasted resources.

So, yes if you want a good quality headset for a decent price this is great for you.

2 STEEL SERIES ARCTIS Pro (Best wireless gaming headset)

Compatible with: PC/MAC,PlayStation 4,VR,Smartphone.

DESIGN: STEEL SERIES ARCTIS 7 are very much similar to the previous model but they also have a lot of improvement in them as compared to the previous model.

STEEL SERIES ARCTIS pro (Best wireless gaming headset)


  • Lag free audio for gaming
  • Hi-Resolution speakers
  • Stunning clarity
  • Best Microphone

The arctis pro provides the best sound quality for any PC or PS4 in the market. This quality is achieved with the help of the pairing of 40mm headphone with a high quality DAC(digital

 to analog converter).The DAC improves the sound quality of the headphone.you can control the    volume with the help of GAME DAC’s oversized wheel or the volume adjuster on the headphone itself.

The head band of the headset is more curved which provides comfort to people with big and wide heads. The new model has a thicker padding on it. The weight of the headset is reduced to ensure less load on the gamers head.

The fabrication in this model  is pretty good which reduces sweating in the ears. The cushions on the speaker are removable which allows the user to wash them without damaging the headphone.

Gamers face  a big problem of sweating in and near the ear which sometimes causes infections, to prevent this the headphone ensures  proper air circulation while wearing the headset.

The headset also has a solid build quality and it can withstand multiple drops without getting any damage. The metal covering on the ear cups ensure proper fitting in the user’s ear. 

3 ASTRO Gaming A50 Premium Wireless Gaming Headset

Compatible With: PS4/PC/MAC and XBOX ONE

It is one of the best Bluetooth headphones in the market. As one can easily assume from the brand we’re talking here. Astro undoubtedly manufactures one of the best headphones for PC, gaming console and any other computer devices possible in the market.

ASTRO Gaming A50 Premium Wireless Gaming Headset


  • Easy to operate
  • Tactical Design
  • Light-weight
  • Robust
  • Noise cancellation
  • Amazing sound quality

It nearly delivers the exact same sound/ audio and it has a tremendous feature of noise cancellation, which unlike other headphones work absolutely well. 

This headphone is totally wireless and works perfectly well via Bluetooth. Its connection doesn’t fade even if you’re walking or doing some household chore within the range. 

It is also incredibly comfortable, and has an excellent microphone that makes this the ideal headset for hands-free calling as well. If there’s a product to cut the cords with, this is it.

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4 RUNMUS: Best Cheap Gaming Headset (Wired)

RUNMUS K2 gaming headset ultimate sound quality to the user minimizing the noise in the audio drivers for providing you with better sound quality to the user.

RUNMUS- Best Cheap Gaming Headset (Wired)


  • Noise cancellation works perfectly
  • Epic sound quality
  • Easy to set-up
  • Perfect for gaming
  • Heavy/Bulky

It is programmed in such a way that if the gamer is using it in some game then he/she can easily make-out that from which direction the enemy footsteps ,gunshot is coming from(in the game). It is the best headphone for PC and desktop games.

RUNMUS stereo Gaming headset can also be called as an Xbox gaming headset; it also provides high-end noise cancellation to enable you to chat to your other players with crystal clarity.

The user can also turn the mic on or off as per the users requirement just by turning the switch off. It is also equipped with tremendous quality sound drivers which deliver the sharp and exact sound to the user’s ear without any disturbance or distortion.

It is equipped with self-adjusting padding headband; all-cover ear cups with soft memory foam, RUNMUS gaming headset presents the ultra-comfortable wearing experience. The soft ear cups with a bionic protein cushion coat covers your ears gently.

5 HyperX Cloud Stinger Core: gaming headset under 50

HyperX Cloud Stinger is the ideal headset for gamers who’re looking for lightweight headphones which would give them comfort, remarkable sound quality and would be a lot more convenient.

HyperX Cloud Stinger Core- gaming headset under 50


  • Value for money
  • Fantastic Sound Quality
  • Super-easy setup
  • Compatible with almost every device

It weighs just 275 grams; it sits on your neck very lightly and perfectly. Its ear cups can rotate in a 90-degree angle as per the users need and convenience for a better fit. 

Its 50mm sound-direction driver’s guide the sound directly into the ear of the user for precise audio and gaming-grade sound quality which will also give you an edge over the other gamers in the game by delivering you even the minute sounds inside the game.

For furthermore comfort in prolonged gaming sessions, it has high-quality memory foam.

6 Sennheiser pc 373d: best 3D surround sound

Sennheiser is famous audio equipment with the best audio sound quality and best features. It offers solid sound output at a low price.

This Gaming headset is exclusively for gamers who want good audio in various games like racing genres and shooting. Sennheiser pc 373d is equipped with some amazing features in the best budget range.

Sennheiser pc 373d- best 3D surround sound


  • USB sound card
  • Lightweight
  • Long cable
  • Amazing microphones
  • Good for the long gaming sessions


These headsets have super soft velvet ear pads and sturdy plastic bodies. Sennheiser headset’s design is unique, like the left ear cup is where the PC 363D’s 3.2-meter fabric-wrapped cable ends, and it also has a swing down, noise cancellation boom microphones and auto muting that converts the pair of headphones into headsets.

The right cup consists of a circular volume control dial that has a 270-degree range of motion.

So, it is simple to make tiny adjustments on how to increase the headphone sound. The boom microphone is present in the PC 363D’s ear cup that is better to use on a gaming headset.

Therefore, it is clear, with excellent ambient noise cancellation features.

Sound quality:

Sennheiser PC 363D is specially made for pro gaming with appropriate 5.1 or 7.1 channel surround sound option set in every game.

By using 7.1 channels, this amazing headset really rocks the gaming experience with crystal clear sound, and its outstanding effect is also prepared with noise-cancellation technology.  The frequency response of the Sennheiser headset is 15 to 28000 Hz. 

Best for 3D: 

It is specially equipped for 3D gaming; into the tool, there is advanced EAR technology, which has outstanding sonic clarity.


This headphone has a 2.0 USB interface and 3.5mm audio jack that is compatible with laptops and all kinds of PCs, with operating systems Windows 7, XP or Vista 64 and 32 Bit.

Guidance about Installation and warranty: 

You will get an installation guide along with the headset itself; it will help you install software and guides its usage. These headsets offer a two-year warranty.


Sennheiser headset is the best option with a lot of useful features, including auto muting of MIC and the best sound quality available in the best budget range. It has been made unique, stylish, and trendy that is comfortable and technologically advanced with stunning features.  Choice is yours! 

7 HyperX Cloud X Gaming Headset with in-line volume control

Kingston hyperx cloud is reliable and specially equipped with ultra-modern features for gaming. It has a lightweight body, outstanding sound quality, and eye-catching design. Kingston hyperx cloud is one of the best gaming headsets with many useful features in this category.

Kingston hyperx cloud consists of outstanding features that are comfortable for gaming in the best budget range. 

HyperX Cloud X Gaming Headset with in-line volume control


  • Trendy headphone
  • Compatible ear cups
  • Weight 380 gram
  • Equipped with carrying case
  • Compatible with multiple smart devices


The ear cups of this headset are made up of leathered material to feel soft on the ears. In the left ear, there are headphones with detachable boom MIC. A small rubber plug hides the space or hole when you detach the boom MIC. The ear cups are attached with solid metal joints that hit the important points. The cable is permanently attached to the left ear cup.  

Color and ports: 

Hyper X comes in three different colors, but white and black are really attractive.


HyperX cloud is really compatible with tablets, PS4 consoles, PCs, notebooks, mobile phones, and airplane adapters.

Sound Quality:

Kingston HyperX cloud provides a frequency of 15 – 25 kHz with 60 Ohms and 150mW output power. Simply it is made for gamers who need a clear sound, and it blocks the background noise.


Kingston hyper X cloud is the right choice; it is compatible with multiple smart devices. This headset fulfills all your requirements, and it’s extremely comfortable because of the soft ear pads.

This headset consists of a stylish design and the best quality sound. This headset is the best choice for you if you are a gaming guru.

8 LOGITECH G432 DTS Headphone with 50mm drivers

Compatible With: PC/Mac/Xbox One/PS4/Nintendo Switch

The headphone has a huge 50mm driver which provides a real life experience to the gamer and it also provides X 2.0 surround sound will make you feel that you are experiencing everything in real.The headphone provides a new sound quality to your game. 

LOGITECH G432 DTS Headphone with 50mm drivers


  • Flip-to-Mute Mic
  • 50 mm audio drivers for immersive gaming experience
  • Best for long hours
  • Good value under this price

* The headphone provides a X 2.0 surround sound which would make you feel like you are playing the game in real life and it would help you to easily detect the direction of enemies.

The in-game sound quality is really good and  it can provide you with a nice gaming experience. 

 * The headphone is not only known for its audio quality but it’s microphone is also a remarkable feature,your teammates can hear you well,loud and clear.You can control the microphone  and audio with your finger only.

 * A headphone is of no use if it is not comfortable.You would be tired after some hours if you are not using a  comfortable headset but this is comfortable headset which has a curved band with ear cups which can rotate up to 90 degrees which is a good thing.

It is a light weight headset so you can play for hours without any stress on head or ears.

9 STEEL SERIES ARCTIS 5: Best budget gaming headset

Compatible With: PC/Mac/Xbox One/PS4/Nintendo Switch

The headset is well known for its microphone which delivers a nice quality clear voice with background noise cancellation. The microphone of this headset is a discord certified microphone. 

STEEL SERIES ARCTIS 5- Best budget gaming headset


  • Excellent Mic
  • Studio quality voice output
  • Ultra-low distortion audio
  • RGB illuminated earcups

The headphones are designed in a way that they produce an ultra-low distortion sound. So,that you can hear each and every detail easily and clearly.

The headphone has X 2.0 surround sound which can make you feel the sound moving 360 degree, all around your head.The experience of 360 degree sound is very nice.

The USB chat mix dial lets you create a clear distinction between the game sound and chat audio.

The headset has a great weight distribution and your head would not feel heavy or any headache.

10 CORSAIR VOID ELITE: Best gaming headset under 100

Compatible With: PC/PS4/PS5

The headset has a 50mm custom-tuned high density neodymium driver which provides a high end quality sound. The sound has an expanded frequency which ranges from 20 HZ to 30,000 HZ.

CORSAIR VOID ELITE- Best gaming headset under 100


  • 50mm high-density audio drivers
  • Low-latency and lag free audio
  • omnidirectional microphone with excellent quality
  • Durable and Comfortable

The headset is built with good quality microfiber and the ear cups are made with memory foam which can provide comfort so you can play for long hours.

The microphone is a very important part of a headset and we want to tell you that the microphone has a LED light which tells you whether you are being heard or not.

The headphone is built with aluminium yokes which provide durability and increase the life of the product.

 The headphone provides us a 7.1 surround sound which brings you a virtual and real life 

experience and you feel like you are inside the game.     

Also the headset can be used with different kinds of devices like PC,PS4, XBOXand mobile with the  universal 3.5mmm audio jack but the bad face is that the 7.1 surround sound is only available on   PC.

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Best gaming headset for PS4, PS5 and Xbox One

Professional gaming requires top-class gadgets such as: Best gaming PC, laptop,Consols , Headset etc. And when we talk about Sound Quality then it should be perfect for a realistic gameplay experience. Therefore, it is very important to choose the best gaming headset. 

Many brands offer a variety of headset that have different specifications for different purposes. For example –  Some headsets are specialised for making calls while some are built for music playback. Also, Some have special features for gaming.

There are lots of varieties in gaming headset but we choose only those products which have best quality among all. 

Our gaming headset list includes :

  • Best Gaming Headset
  • Best PS4 Gaming Headset
  • Best PC Gaming Headset
  • Best Xbox One Gaming Headset
  • PS4 Wireless Headset
  • Xbox One Wireless Headset

Top 5 Best PS4 and Xbox One gaming headsets:

1.   Razer Kraken Tournament Edition for  PS4, Xbox One with Full Audio Controls

This is the Best Wired Headset for PS4 and Xbox One due to its sound clarity and fine-tuned microphone for crisp and clear game chat. A good gaming headset under 100 for Xbox and PS4

Razer Kraken Tournament Edition : THX Spatial Audio is a highly recommended headset for PS4 and Xbox One due to its various features. 

 Razer Kraken Tournament Edition for PS4, Xbox One with Full Audio Controls


  • 50 mm Drivers ( Specially tuned )
  • Heat-Transfer Fabric
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Soft Memory Foam

   Specs :

  • THX Spatial Audio
  • Cooling-Gel Layer
  • Ultra Soft Headset Padding
  • Clamping Force
  • Aluminium Frame
  • Variant Colors
  • Bass Controls
  • Mic Mute
  • Game/Chat Balance
  • Volume Controls 
  • Minimum Frequency 12 Hz
  • Maximum Frequency 28 kHz
  • Impedance 32 Ohm
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility

Razer kraken tournament edition comes with ergonomic design for the comfortable fitting. This PS4 headset has THX Spatial Audio and it is also the first gaming headphone that introduces THX Spatial Audio.

This THX Spatial Audio allows you to feel the depth of music in all the 360° Sphere around you which gives you a different level of gaming experience.

Also, It has custom-tuned drivers of 50 mm which produces powerful bass and purest Audio.

It’s Personalization Setting is up to the mark.  Mic Controls, Audio Controls , THX Spatial Audio Controls, Game / Cheat Balance all functions are properly maintained.

Moreover, it comes with Cooling-gel technology which minimizes the Heat produced after a long play back.

Razer kraken tournament edition is specially built with Aluminium frame and an ergonomic design due to which it is light in weight and fitable for every ear size. 

2. Sony PlayStation 4 Platinum Wireless Headset for PS4

 Recommended wireless Gaming headset for PS4 due to its virtual surround sound and lightweight durable design.

Sony Playstation 4 is one of the best PS4 headsets ( wireless) . when we talk about premium wireless gaming headsets then Sony Playstation 4 platinum is always in that list because it is specially designed for high gaming experience in the PS4.

Sony PlayStation 4 Platinum Wireless Headset for PS4


  • 3D Audio Technology
  • Wireless
  • 7.1 virtual surround sound
  • 50 mm audio drivers
  • Built-in microphones

Specifications :

  • Platinum Level sound
  • 3.5 mm audio jack
  • Superb Design
  • High Bass
  • Crystal Clear Sound
  •  Pro level Gaming Experience

Sony Playstation 4 Platinum is a premium PS4 headset that produces crystal clear Sound for experiencing the pro level gaming.

It comes with enhanced 7.1 virtual Surround Sound that boosts up the gaming audio to extreme level so that you can hear a pin drop sound also.

It’s build quality is so amazing due to which it is more durable and it’s ergonomic design is perfect to use with comfort.

Some of the games like PUBG, Call of Duty , IGI etc. require high class 3D Sound, So that you can easily hear all things – From footsteps of enemies to the last gunfire rate. It will give you a complete 3D Audio Experience.

Also, it’s 50 mm drivers enhance the Sonic Sound range and Audio Clearity due to which this headset becomes rich in bass.

Moreover, Sony Playstation 4 Platinum has built-in microphone feature which is very important for playing online multiplayer games so that we can talk with our friends.

It’s microphone quality is much better than other gaming headset which makes Sony Playstation 4 Platinum a top class Premium wireless PS4 headset.

3.  Sennheiser  GSP 600 : Best  Noise Cancelling Headset for Xbox One

Best wired noise cancelling headphone for Xbox One. Advanced noise-cancelling and Automatic microphone mute make this premium headset a must have. It is also compatible with PC, Mac, and PS4. It is a wired headset.

Sennheiser GSP 600 comes in the list of best PS4 and Xbox One Headsets. It provides Smooth and Clear Sound quality which enhance the gaming experience.

Sennheiser GSP 600 - Best Noise Cancelling Headset for Xbox One


  • Dynamic Drivers
  • Stylish Look
  • Over-ear design
  • Noise Cancellation Technology
  • Crystal Clear Sound

    Specifications :

  • Impedance 28 ohms
  • 3.5 mm Audio Jack
  • 10 Hz min. frequency
  • Connector – Wired
  • 30 kHz max. frequency
  • Built-in Volume Dial
  • 395 g Weight
  • 2 detachable braided Cables 

Sennheiser GSP 600 is the latest version of Sennheiser GSP 500 and is one of the best Xbox One gaming Headset. It’s previous version comes with Open back but GSP 600 comes with Closed back and over ear design which makes it more comfortable to use.

Moreover, Noise cancellation technology is much improved then it’s previous version. This headset is mostly recommended for Xbox One and PS4 as it has all those features which are required for high class gaming. 

Sennheiser GSP 600 gives output of 10 Hz at lower end and gives output of 30000 Hz at higher end which means it produces clear sound quality at low and high frequencies which makes Easy for PRO players to Spot the enemies while playing games like PUBG , Fortnite , Call of Duty etc.

Apart from this , GSP 600 comes with 2 detachable braided cables, one is of 2.5 m and other is of 1.5 m plus extra built-in feature of Volume Dial.

In addition to it, It’s Dynamic Drivers produce Extra Bass and Purest Audio Quality which makes This headset Suitable for PS4 and Xbox One.

4. Turtle Beach Recon 70P Cheap Gaming Headset for PS4 and Xbox One

Turtle Beach Recon 70P is an all-rounder gaming headset for consoles and PC. Due to its several features , It is mostly recommended when we talk about the best gaming headset for PS4 and Xbox One.

Turtle Beach Recon 70P Cheap Gaming Headset for PS4 and Xbox One


  • Light Weight
  • Premium Look 
  • Pro level Gaming experience
  • Superb Built Quality
  • Mic mute on-board Control

     Specifications : 

  • 3.5 mm Audio Jack
  • Minimum frequency 20 Hz
  • Maximum frequency 20 Khz
  • 40 mm Drivers
  • Over-ear design
  • High Sound Quality 
  • Bluetooth Support

Turtle Beach Recon 70P is one of the best headsets for Xbox One. It has neodymium magnetic Drivers of 40 mm which produce Output of 20 Hz to 20000 Hz. Recon 70 is made up of Synthetic Leather with foam cushioning due to which it is light in weight and comfortable to use. Moreover, It has high Sensitivity flip-up mic and volume buttons on board Control.

Turtle Beach also Supports Bluetooth Connectivity which makes it a premium headset for gaming. Apart from it, It also supports Third party Application which allows the user to control this Headset v.i.a Application.

When it comes to the Sound Quality, Recon 70 P has much positive reviews for producing such a crystal clear and high class Bass.

5.  ASTRO A10 Gaming headset with High Quality Mic for consoles

Astro Gaming A10 is one of the durable Xbox One and PS4 headsets which are mainly for rough and tough use. This is the best astro gaming headset for PS4 and Xbox One.

It is made up of high class materials which are flexible and damage resistant due to which Astro gaming A10 is more durable.

ASTRO A10 Gaming headset with High Quality Mic for consoles


  • 40 mm neodymium Drivers
  • Light weight
  • Crystal Clear Sound
  • Ergonomic Design
  • High build quality

   Specifications :

  • 20 Hz min. frequency
  • 20000 Hz max. frequency
  • Comfort use
  • Pro Gaming
  • Premium Look
  • 2x Durable
  • Flip-up Mute button
  • 3.5 mm Audio Jack

Astro gaming A10 is specially tuned for high class gaming. It is made up of flexible and High class materials due to which it is more durable than any other gaming headset Plus it is light in weight which makes it easy for the user to use with full comfort.

Astro gaming A10 has frequency range of 20 Hz at low ends and 20 kHz at high ends and it has neodymium speakers of 40 mm which produce Excellent Sound at the both ends. 

Moreover, it has omnidirectional mic and in-line volume control on board so that you can adjust Sound according to your Surroundings.

Apart from it, Astro gaming A10 has a stylish look due to which it is one of the premium gaming headset of PS4 and Xbox One.

Headsets can be connected with phones or PCs that allow you to talk and listen; you can choose wired or wireless headsets. It blocks the background and ambient noise that is a great feature.

For gaming headsets with surround sound features, you can control the individual speak level and customize the volume setting for every speaker to increase the gaming experience.

A gaming headset can vibrate with low frequencies in the audio signal. It has the benefit that the listener can hear and feel the bass on both sides. 

It is necessary to choose a gaming headset with the best audio quality. So, all incredible features are available in the gaming headset that is present in the best budget range; it is best for everybody who wants to find a good gaming headset with excellent sound quality and comfort.

One of the features is that gaming headsets provide high concentration during playing games, and you can hear important details that your opponents can’t hear.

So, the Stereo noise-blocking headset is amazing both in terms of sound quality and enchanting looks.

6 Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Wireless Gaming Headset for PS4, PS5, Xbox

This headphone also provides us with a 50mm audio driver which can again provide us with a very good quality sound

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Wireless Gaming Headset for PS4, PS5, Xbox


  • Surround Sound technology
  • Active noise cancellation

The headphone has a very good quality and nice  microphone which can help your teammates to listen to you easily and clearly without any compromise with the voice quality.

 This headset has a 3.5mm universal driver which can be used with PC, MAC, XBOX and our regular mobile phones.

The headphone provides us with ear cups which can rotate up to 90 degree and a slim , soft and lightweight design which can allow you to play for hours without any load on ears and head.


There are a lot of aspects which you should consider before buying a gaming headset. To ensure that you do not buy a wrong product you should be able to differentiate between different types of headsets. There are three basic types of headsets:

1.DIGITAL HEADSETS: DIGITAL headphones provide a more powerful sound and a better software interaction. These headsets have an inbuilt DAC (digital to analog converter).

2. ANALOG HEADSETS: Analog headset uses one or more 3.5mm audio connectors. In most of the analog headsets there are two 3.5mm connectors, one for audio and  one for microphone.

These headphones are universally compatible with devices like PC’s,consoles and mobiles.

These headsets provide a more  smoother and softer sound.You need to use a sound card in your system to ensure the working of an analog headset.

3.WIRELESS HEADSETS: These headsets have a transmitter which is connected to a PC or a console. They are usually heavy in weight and are difficult to carry as compared to other headsets.

Different brands offer different battery life, audio quality but they are inferior as compared to wired headsets in the same price segment.

Wireless headphones have a feature that most of them are connected through bluetooth which means that they can be connected to a number of devices.

Wired headphones are a bit unlucky in that aspect as they are connected through a wire or connector which limits the number of devices which can be connected  to it. 


When buying a headphone you should look for a headphone with a good speaker and an excellent sound quality, sound quality is a more preferred feature as  compared to loudness.

Some companies may try to attract you by saying that there headphone provides a 7.1 surround sound  but that is not a feature to be  praised instead it will only cause headache. So you should always be aware of the features that you want in your gaming headphone.

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If a headphone can provide you a clear and smooth sound without any cracking of sound, then the headset is a good one.

The headphone should be able to provide you with all sound details and you should be able to listen to the instruments too.

The frequency range of the headphone should be within the limits which can be heard by our ear that is 20 HZ to 20,000 HZ. 

 It is clearly understood that if you are using a gaming headset then bass will always be there but the construction,design and the quality of the microphone also plays an important role in deciding whether the headphone is good or not. 

Surround sound is also a great feature which may be very important in some games to know the exact position of enemies and surround sound also enhances your gaming experience.

So you should at least consider all these basic features while looking for a gaming headphone.

What to buy ?

Wired Headset or Wireless Headset 

Most of the people get confused between Wired and Wireless headsets. However, it depends upon the user’s choice to choose a suitable headset.

If we talk in common, Wired headset don’t require special cables or chargers they are just direct on the other hand , Wireless headset require external cables, chargers and apart from it battery issues are also there. 

Wired Headset

Mostly , people prefer wired headsets because their sound quality is a bit higher than the wireless headset and also they don’t require external cables to charge the batteries.

Wired headsets come under two categories, first is : 3 pole 3.5 mm audio jack cable and other one is : 4 pole 3.5 mm audio jack cable. Both of these cables support almost all the gadgets like- PS4, PC, Smartphones, Xbox One etc. 

Wireless Headset

Most people prefer the best Wireless Xbox One headset for gaming which works on radio-active frequencies.

Wireless headset has range between 10 metres to 20 metres depending upon the quality of Wireless headset.

These headsets include external cables and USB-port for charging.

There is not much difference between wired and wireless gaming headset but you will notice a little bit difference in the sound quality of both the headsets.

Commonly, Wired Headset has High bass because transmission of signals is faster in wire but it is slower in case of wireless and as a result we get a little low Sound quality in wireless headset.

Always Remember 

Check your requirement list carefully before purchasing any gaming headset because it will save your money providing all information about basic and premium gaming headsets.

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