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The Best Gaming Laptops of 2017 UK, USA

The Best Gaming Laptops of 2017 UK, USA? Specific gaming laptops offer superior mobility than you can get with a desktop computer, in addition to performance that has no rival even between consoles. If you are looking for a laptop for games, you are in luck: in this article, to make things easier, we have compiled a comparison of the 4 best laptops to play in 2016, in which you will find the most outstanding option within each size and range of price.

Specifications corresponding to the configurations of these laptops at the time of analysis. Keep in mind that manufacturers constantly change settings. The Best Gaming Laptops of 2017 UK, USA

Tips for Buying a Laptop Gamer

There is no doubt that the video game industry is on the rise again. A decade ago it was mainly consoles that absorbed the greatest number of enthusiasts. In recent years, the improved performance offered by tablets and mobile phones is attracting an increasing number of fans (casual) to games. But as true fans or hardcore gamers know well, nothing can compare to the incredible experience provided by desktop and laptop computers. While the former can offer you an extra power, gaming laptops are not only mobile but are becoming closer in that section. In fact, some of the machines in our comparison of the best laptops to play in 2016, outperform the vast majority of market PCs in terms of performance.

Since laptops designed for video games require very specific characteristics, different from those offered by normal laptops, here’s a list of what you should know before you get your next total gaming machine.

Versions and Advice

In our analysis you will see that gaming notebooks have very different configurations. To help you make the best choice, we’ve gone the market from side to side to find the best options so that you get maximum value for your money.


Gaming laptops, as the name implies, are designed to give the user the most satisfying experience possible when it comes to gaming. For this reason, their measurements and size are usually different from those of normal notebooks. While the current trend is to make laptops ever smaller, thinner and lighter, as in the case of the quasi ultrabook MSI GS60 , the medium gaming notebook is still a bulky and somewhat heavy machine. This fact, however, has its good reasons behind, and is that a larger laptop also means a larger screen size, better cooling and easier access to the inside of the device to modify or update any of its components.

In general terms, virtually all gaming laptops have a screen between 15 and 18 inches, although their weight, however, varies considerably more and can find models ranging from 2 to some more than opulent 5 kg. Be sure to take this last aspect into consideration, because a slim and lightweight machine like the MSI GS60 or the Lenovo Y50 computer , you can still take them with you on your daily commute with some comfort: to work or to school for example, but with laptops as Bulky like the MSI GT70 or the Asus G750JX you’ll have to think twice before taking them out for a ride: these are more appropriate models to stay at home and play a leading role in your LAN game sessions.

The screens of this type of notebook are at least Full-HD (1920 * 1080), with models whose resolution gives the jump up to 3k (2880 * 1620) or even an Ultra-HD / 4k (3840 * 2160) screen. Although the propaganda says otherwise, in this case bigger is not equivalent to better. The key lies in the power of your graphics card, because while 3k and 4k screens are great for watching movies, most graphics cards are not able to work with such high resolutions and games, Will not benefit from this feature. In short, a full-HD screen, in the vast majority of cases, will suffice. To learn more about this, take a good look at the section on the GPU or graphics card below.



In laptops mainly used for multimedia navigation and entertainment, their performance depends largely on the type of processor. In gaming laptops, however, while this is an important element, it is by no means decisive and, particularly, you need to maximize CPU power to get a good gaming experience. Any gaming notebook that is equipped with at least the third generation of Intel Core i5 or i7, will move your games effectively. In our comparison, all but one computer incorporates the 4th generation of the i7.

Graphic card

Much more important for your games is the graphics card, which is capable of generating a great degree of detail and also its number of frames per second (FPS). It is this part that will determine what configuration (High – Ultra) and at what resolution (Full HD – 3k) you can enjoy your games. The Best Gaming Laptops of 2017 UK, USA

At the time of writing this guide, the new generation of Nvidia GeForce graphics cards include the GTX 860M, GTX 870M and GTX 880M models. All of them are excellent, able to get the most out of any of the latest games in the market, and you will come across each of the three later in the analysis of our comparison.

To give you a better idea of ​​the difference between these graphics card models, particularly in terms of the detail and resolution of the games, we have collected and compared their performance (measured in images or frames per second) when playing To Battlefield 4 and Far Cry 3.

Ultra Configuration The Best Gaming Laptops of 2017 UK, USA

GTX 860M – BF4 70.1 SPF 45.4 SPF 41.8 SPF 27.4 SPF GTX 860M – FC3 46.9 SPF 21.3 SPF 24.3 SPF 12.6 FPS GTX 870M – BF4 41.0 FPS 26.4 SPF 24.9 SPF 15.2 SPF GTX 870M – BF4 57.5 SPF 37.1 SPF 34.4 SPF 21.7 SPF GTX 880M – BF4 – FC3 64.9 SPF 30.8 SPF 34.9 SPF 17.8 SPF GTX 880M – FC3 81.9 SPF 39.1 SPF 45.0 SPF 22.8 SPF

Knowing that 30 frames per second (FPS) is the limit point from which a good gameplay (game quality) is reached, we can conclude the following:

  • All graphics cards, from the 860M to the 880M, are able to deal with the latest games at least with a high-resolution Full-HD.
  • To play with an ultra setting in Full-HD, the 870M and the 880M are your best options.
  • If you want to play with a high configuration at 3k resolution, the 870M and 880M are still your best options, but even with these two colossus you will not be able to enjoy an ultra detail level with a 3k resolution.


Hard Drive and Battery

The world of hard disks has recently been shaken by a small revolution with the discovery and development of so-called solid state drives (SSDs). This type of disc has less moving parts and therefore is much more resistant than regular hard disks (HDD). In addition to this, they stand out especially for their speed when loading stored applications, much higher than on normal hard disks, also offering faster boot time in programs and games. Keep in mind however that, as always happens, this performance improvement comes accompanied by a rise in the price of the device.

As for the second section, we must say clearly that a laptop for games someone is not bought precisely because of the long battery life. With such large screen sizes and components as powerful as yours, we’re talking about power-hungry machines and, consequently, they need to have a power supply nearby.


When it comes to choosing between a relatively thin and light gaming laptop, and another good-sized, not to say bulging, one aspect to consider is the generation of heat in different notebooks. Obviously, when we enclose a large power machinery in a small housing, the components are closer together and the heat is regulated less efficiently. This will result in the laptop, while playing, become excessively hot and impossible to keep it on the lap; Or even worse, in that the hardware is heated so much that the durability of the various components suffers (although it is not that this is a phenomenon at all common). Some journalists have commented on this fact in connection with the wonderfully thin  MSI GS60 .


The last point we want to make in this shopping guide is the connectivity of your portable gamer. The larger housings have more space and therefore offer more connection possibilities. The biggest differences are found in the number of USB ports (between 3 and 5), or in the presence of Ethernet output, VGA connection and Blu-ray player, options that often lack the smallest notebooks.

We hope that the information in this guide will help you in choosing the best gaming laptop. Maybe we’ll meet online, and in any case, enjoy the game!

1 MSI GT70 Dominator Pro – The Best Gaming Laptops of 2017 UK, USA

The MSI GT70 Dominator is not just a gaming notebook with exceptional quality, but gives a few laps to its more immediate competitors. In both its “basic” version – GT70 Dominator – and the premium -GT70 Dominator Pro – we are talking about a device that is far more powerful than any of its 17 “neighbors in their respective price ranges. If your weight, very close to four kilos, and that will make it difficult to transport it, is not a great impediment, this is without a doubt the best gaming laptop you can get with your money.

2 MSI GS60 Ghost Pro- The Best Gaming Laptops of 2017 UK, USA

The MSI GS60 Ghost Pro is both powerful, portable and beautiful. Despite coming with a powerful i7 processor and a high-end Nvidia graphics card, it looks great looking in an ultrabook. Since the GS60 offers different configurations, ranging from superb to pure excellence, it is worthwhile to continue reading to find out which option best suits your needs. While none are cheap, all of them will deeply satisfy video game enthusiasts. The MSI GS60 Ghost Pro is therefore for ValorTop, and this without a doubt, the best 15 “gaming notebook of 2016.

3 MSI GE60 2PE Apache Pro – The Best Gaming Laptops of 2017 UK, USA

The MSI GE60 Apache Pro offers more value for your money than any other 15 “gaming laptop on the market today, perhaps even no other gaming laptop ever. Combining a very capable processor, i5 or i7, with a magnificent 15.6 “matte screen and the powerful new GTX 860M, this MSI model has the power and balance needed to play the majority of last Games with a high configuration. While it will be possible to find 15 “thinner and lighter notebooks than this, the GE60 transports more comfortably than many of the 17″ machines. But above all, this model stands out for its value for money: it is, without a doubt, the best cheap gaming laptop 15 ” that you can buy today.

4 Asus ROG G750JX – The Best Gaming Laptops of 2017 UK, USA

The Asus ROG G750JX is one of the best 17 “gaming notebooks available today. Thanks to the powerful alliance between the i7 processor and the GeForce GTX 870M, within the framework of a large Full-HD screen, you get an optimal gaming experience. In addition, this model has a superb keyboard, touchpad and virtually any connection possibility you can imagine (including a blu-ray drive). We find however a snag to the Asus ROG G750JX, although this is not, strictly speaking, the fault of the Taiwanese company: the MSI GT70 Dominator , which offers the same GTX 870M and identical glorious experience to play, but costs a good peak less .


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12 Acer Predator 15 (G9-593-72VT) Review – The Best Gaming Laptops of 2017 UK, USA

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13 Asus ROG G752VS-XB78K Overclocked Edition Review – The Best Gaming Laptops of 2017 UK, USA

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14 Lenovo Legion Y520 Review – The Best Gaming Laptops of 2017 UK, USA

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