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Best Laptop with Numeric Keypad

Nowadays, as we all know that we live in a modern world. So electronic gadgets become an important part of our life because now we all need gadgets. Laptop is one of them and today we all need a laptop for different- different purposes such as gaming, editing, student assignments and office work.

Looking for a portable laptop with full size keyboard and numeric keypad? We have checked 100’s of laptops with numberpads and have selected top 6 powerful laptops with numeric keypads. All of the listed laptops are for different scenarios: From gaming to ediiting and from graphic designing to a college student.

Now, the next thing is which laptop is best for us. As I face different problems while buying a new laptop and in my experience it is easy for you to decide which laptop is best for you.

Firstly we have to think about the purpose i.e for gaming,editing, for student assignments etc.Then secondly, we have to set our budget. After deciding our budget, now we have to choose our laptop according to our need and budget.

Top 6 Laptops with Numeric Keypad

Now you can proceed to choose the best laptop for you according to your need and buy.

All the shown and recommended laptops in this list come with an excellent full QWERTY keyboard with an additional full size numeric keypad. Check the below guide to know which are the top rated and best value laptops with numeric keypad.

1. ASUS VivoBook M712DA with full-size backlit keyboard

This laptop is used for both office as well as for gaming. It is designed in a very classic way. The laptop is very thin and has a classic and stylish look.

ASUS VivoBook M712DA with full-size backlit keyboard


  • Excellent  full-size backlit keyboard.
  • Thin bezel display
  • Ergonomically designed keyboard for fast and comfort typing

The display provides an incredible 85% screen-to-body ratio for visuals that gives you more comfort. The full keyboard layout on this sleek laptop is designed in such a way that helps in giving a full comfort while typing. 

When we talk about battery, its battery life is quite good for long term use and can be charged 60% in 49 minutes. And its camera is full HD so that it gives a good quality for video chatting. The fingerprint sensor is provided in this laptop for more security.It provides a storage of 512GB + 1TB HDD and SSD.

It comes with Windows 10 pro and fast Ryzen 7 3700U AMD processor. The 16GB DDR4 RAM and 17.6 display is good for everything.

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2. HP 15s business Laptop with full number keypad

This hp laptop is recommended for students, office workers, and youtubers. This laptop can also be used for small games but not for professional gaming.

2. HP 15s business Laptop with full number keypad


  • Keyboard is Responsive
  • Touch pad and numeric keyboard for business projects
  • Fast i7 processor
  • Suitable for Editing, graphic designing and business professionals.

This full qwerty keyboard laptop comes with an i7 intel core, 16 GB ram/512 ssd and 1 TB of storage  and 15.6  inch display. 

Windows 10 is the default OS with this hp laptop. The silver colour looks great . The keyboard is designed in such a way that helps in giving a full comfort while typing.

The design of this HP laptop is so good due to its thin design which gives a classic look . Its weight is just 1.69 kg.The battery backup of this laptop is too good and a fast charger is given with this laptop.

3. ASUS ZenBook Full LED-illuminated numeric keypad

This ASUS laptop is of compact slim size and with just 1.39 kg weight so that it is easy to carry anywhere you want. This laptop is recommended for gaming, editing and for office use.

3. ASUS ZenBook Full LED-illuminated numeric keypad


  • Small laptop with full keyboard
  • Clear nano-edge display
  • Amazing battery life of over 20 hours
  • Full size numeric keypad with touch

It comes with a  86% screen-to-body ratio display.The full numeric keypad and  optimum keyboard are comfortable while typing.

It comes fitted with an enhanced cooling system which makes this laptop more powerful during multitasking and video rendering. It has Windows 10 Home, Ryzen 5, AMD processor and  8GB ram/512GB SSD.

The battery backup of this laptop is too good and a fast charger is given with this laptop. It gives 12 hour+ battery backup. The fingerprint sensor is provided in this laptop for more security.

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4. Lenovo IdeaPad L340 gaming laptop with numeric keypad 

This laptop is specifically used by gamers for gaming purposes, as it is best for youtubers and office workers . It comes under 2 models i3 and i5 models. It gives battery life up to 9 hours and is provided with fast charging technology that recharges up to 80% in under 1 hour and 100% in 2 hours.

4. Lenovo IdeaPad L340 gaming laptop with numeric keypad


  • Good  blue LED backlit keyboard
  • Best gaming laptop with numeric keypad
  • 9th generation i5 processor with dedicated graphics


It comes with a display of 15.6” FHD IPS for immersive viewing. It has a stylish  and classic look. The keyboard is good and is comfortable while typing. It has a cool blue LED backlit keyboard.The L340 gaming laptop takes your gaming experience to another level with Dolby Audio technology and up to 9 hours battery life. The weight is nearly about 2.2 kg with slim design.

It provides optimum control for enhancing more performance of the laptop. It is a very fast processing laptop. You can instantly boost this laptop performance by switching from Quick’ Mode to ‘Quiet’ Mode. Lenovo’s  Q-Control function keeps the laptop cool and improves the overall performance.

The next-gen NVIDIA GeForce graphics and  9th Generation Intel Core i5 Processor makes your life easier while playing demanding games. The full keyboard with numeric keypad is comfortable and easy to use.

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5. HP Envy x360: Best touchscreen laptop with numeric keypad

This laptop is made specially for business professionals, college students, programmers and anyone who is looking for a sleek yet powerful touchscreen laptop with full keyboard layout with a number pad.

5. HP Envy x360- Best touchscreen laptop with numeric keypad


  • 15 inch laptop with numeric keypad
  • Quality touchscreen
  • Lightweight and powerful
  • Best Portable laptop

It is also  used by youtubers for editing and office workers for their office work.This is the latest full hd touchscreen laptop. This laptop has a classic design with sleek looks and premium material. 

This laptop has a 360 degree geared hinge provided for the simultaneous use of touch. In a laptop, battery plays an important role. So, it provides a long battery life of up to 12 hours 30 minutes.

You can use both the touchscreen or the numeric keypad for typing. If you are working on a college project or on a business assignment then this is an ideal laptop for you. 

It comes fitted with a 10th Generation Intel Core i7-1065G7 processor with a long battery backup upto 12 hours 30 minutes, 512 GB SSD storage and HP Command Center. 

6. ASUS TUF FA506IV 144Hz gaming Laptop with number pad

This laptop is specifically recommended by gamers for gaming, as it is also recommended for youtubers and office use. 

6. ASUS TUF FA506IV 144Hz gaming Laptop with number pad


  • 15 inch laptop with numeric keypad
  • Quality touchscreen
  • Lightweight and powerful
  • Best Portable laptop

It comes with Windows 10 and is powered by the latest AMD Ryzen 4000 Series R9 CPU and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 2060 GPU dedicated graphics. 

It has 16GB DDR4 3200MHz Dual Channel RAM. It comes with a storage of 1TB HDD + 512GB. This 144Hz gaming laptop with number pad is a lightweight laptop with a classic look. It has a long term battery life and can be used for video editing or graphic designing.

It has an excellent full size keyboard with numeric keypads for fast and comfortable typing.

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Buying Guide for the Best Laptop with Numeric Keypad

Numeric Keypad plays an important role in any laptop. If you are habitual of choosing the best then you should definitely collect some information for the best laptop with the best numeric keypad.

If you use your laptop for office work or perform some actions like – data entry, accounting, coding etc. or simply for entering numbers and performing calculations instantly with accuracy then you need the best numeric keypad.

However, laptops are getting smaller in size but you can still buy laptops loaded with full numeric pads. There are different types of size in smaller laptops like – 13 inch, 15 inch , 17 inch and all are loaded with full number keypads. 

Keyboards of Desktops are bigger than the keyboards of laptops and Some laptops come without any dedicated number pads due to the small size. Also, Some 15 inches or 17 inches laptops also have no specific number pads on the right of their keyboards.

Moreover, If a laptop has the numeric keypad then it can be useful for the input of numbers and spreadsheet based work.

The size of the numeric keypad keys of the laptop are approx. two-third to three-quarter  of the standard keyboard keys. Also, observe that your numeric keypad layout has four columns like a desktop keyboard.

You must purchase a laptop with a separate numeric keypad if you are dealing with data entry work, worksheet work or any other calculation work regularly.

Laptops that have no separate numeric keyboard make it hard for the user to perform Worksheet work or calculations at a high speed as the user has to place both of his hands on top of the keyboard in order to insert the numbers.

On the other hand if your laptop has a separate numeric keyboard then it becomes easy for the  user to perform tasks faster. Apart from these works Numeric keypads are also helpful in various PC games that require numbers for gameplay.  

Laptops with Separate Number pad have also a dedicated NUM lock key that you have to enable before entering any data from separate numeric keypads because sometimes this separate keypad plays dual role i.e punctuation or sometimes secondary cursors.

Also, you should keep many things in your mind before purchasing any laptop with the numeric keypads. Checkout the shape and the presence or absence of backlight.

Apart from these you should also check accompanying features in your laptop like – screen resolution, Battery size, RAM and the processor as these features play an important role in the laptop to give the best overall performance.

Check out some special features that you need in your laptop with a numeric keypad.


The laptop whose keyboard keys are similar to the keys of a traditional keyboard is mostly the demand of users.

Always remember that your laptop’s keyboard keys are marked with permanent paint so that they would not vanish with the passage of time.

In some cases we see that some numbers get faded from the keys of keyboards and we have to assume the numbers.

So, always check that your keyboard keys are marked with wear-resistant paints.

Also, Check the backlight feature in your keyboard because it allows the user to use the keyboard in low light conditions too.

Screen Size and Resolution

We recommend you to buy a laptop of screen size near about 15 inches because your Spreadsheet work gets easy and comfortable when you get the large number of cells on the screen.

Moreover, your laptop must have HD resolution as it is good enough to perform official work along with some casual tasks such as gaming, browsing, streaming etc. 

Battery Life

Battery is one of the most important features in your laptop. If your laptop has premium features but has a low battery capacity and optimization then all those features are worthless.

A laptop with good battery life allows you to perform tasks for hours without any worry of charging and with this speciality you can easily carry out your laptop anywhere and you don’t need a charger all the time as your battery backup is good enough to deal with heavy usage. 

Processor and RAM

Processor and RAM depends upon the activity of a user.

If you are using your laptop only for Office work and perform activities like Worksheet , Software Optimization etc. then 4 GB of RAM with some advanced intel core or AMD processors are enough for you to work without any problem.

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But if you also prefer gaming along with your official work then you must have at least 8 GB of RAM along with  intel core i5 or above processors. 


If you have a nice laptop with enormous features plus a good battery life but if it is heavy in weight then it is a negative point for you because you can’t carry it with you anywhere.

So, it is necessary to have a light-weight laptop so that it can be taken out anywhere. We recommend you to buy a laptop which is less than 3 pounds in weight.  


Storage is also an important factor of your laptop. Normally, Data entry softwares and documents don’t consume much space in the laptop.

But if you like to store games , music , movies and other multimedia then you should have at-least 512 GB SSD storage in your laptop.


This is the most common question that comes in the mind if all people that what is the right price for your laptop.

However, it depends upon your requirements that for what purpose you need your laptop.

But commonly, if you need laptop for data work and for some casual tasks then you don’t need to spend more than $500 for your new laptop. 


Numeric Keypad is an important feature for those who use laptops for office tasks or for accounting purposes.

Most of the laptops don’t come with separate number pads due to two main reasons.

Firstly, they have less space and secondly, they are costly than the normal laptops. Moreover, Space issue is not only the main reason but also there are various other issues that you will find in our review. 

What is an integrated numeric keypad?

Integrated numeric keypad is found at the right side of the keyboard. It is basically a smaller key cluster on the keyboard. These keys are arranged in the same way as the arrangement of keys in a standard calculator.

Do laptops have number pads?

Number pads are mostly found in laptops of 15 inch or above size but there is still possibility to find a number pad in the 13 inches laptop. In our list Zenbook 13 whose size is 13 inches has a number pad.   

What Laptop has the best keyboard?

Mostly all laptops have a nice keyboard but some factors like- elevation, backlight feature, wear resistant marks on keypads, shape of keycaps etc. makes a keyboard better. In our list we have  Lenovo IdeaPad L340 that has the best keyboard.

Which Dell Laptops have a number pad?

There are about 12 laptop models of Dell that offer a number pad. If we have to choose the best Dell model then we are choosing Dell Inspiron 15 5000 because of various features that are shown in our review list. 

Does Dell XPS 15 have a number pad?

No, the number pad is not offered in the Dell XPS 15 and there is also not any update of its availability.

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