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Best office chair for back pain uk and bad backs

We also need to observe the maximum productivity along with the ergonomics of any Office chair.  Height adjustment setting plays an important role as it makes the most difficult task i.e looking up and down continuously easier and removes cervical problems. 

If you’ve ever suffered from back pain, you’re not alone. The World Health Organisation estimates that back pain affects 8% of the global population at some point in their life. You don’t need a degree in anatomy to know that an unhealthy back can have a negative impact on our quality of life, but how can we protect ourselves? Making changes to the way we sit is easier said than done – especially when it involves buying a new office chair. However, after years of standing on my feet as a business owner, I can testify that pain-free days are possible as long as you choose the right office chair.

Looking for Best office chair for back pain uk? Follow this guide to know which are the best chair for lower back and hip pain? If you suffer from back pain and have to sit next to a computer for office work or study then you must look for these best living room chair for back pain sufferers.

Sitting at a desk for extended periods of time is less and less typical these days. The workforce is becoming more mobile, and many people work remotely or have the freedom to select their own workspaces. Nevertheless, contemporary offices are typically less ergonomically friendly environments when compared to traditional office spaces.

This can put a strain on your body and cause long-term health problems. According to the American Chiropractic Association’s infographic on ergonomics, we sit on average 8.7 hours per day at work or school. You may have noticed that back problems are among the most common conditions in offices around the world. This is largely due to poor sitting posture and a lack of exercise. Office chairs only add to this problem by promoting a hunched-forward position that puts undue pressure on your lower back and shoulders. Also, today’s office furniture is all too often designed in such a way that it promotes slouching and bad posture.

Also, a good quality footrest with height adjustable setting is also an essential requirement of any office chair to provide maximum comfort to the user. 

Be that as it may, our health and the way in which we work is something that we must take into account, since few people stop to think about the office supplies they use in terms of their own posture. 

Best desk chair uk

The current working hours are of several hours, hours that we necessarily spend sitting and forcing ourselves to acquire positions in which we can be more or less comfortable, but that, in the long run, can be harmful.

Best office chair for back pain uk

If you have the correct office equipment, you will avoid constant pain and you will not feel so tired, even if you have spent eight hours leaving your eyes in front of a screen. Make sure you have everything you need to stay comfortable, and long office hours won’t take a toll on leaving work.

A good office chair is an integral part of your computer setup. While it might seem like a small detail, you’re going to spend countless hours in this chair. And, it will affect your comfort and posture considerably. When picking an office chair for back pain, there are plenty of things you need to consider in order to find the perfect one. In this post, we’ll go over what things you should pay attention to when buying a new chair as well as list our top recommendations.

1 mfavour: Best office chair for back pain

This office chair is specially designed for comfort along with attractive design as it supports the user’s back and maintains its posture. Moreover, Its headrest and footrest are up to the mark as they help in eliminating the body pains.  Do you need a seat that can support your body all day long? Then it is a good choice to choose our ergonomic office chair with human-curve backrest. Featured with premium mesh backrest, this kind of chairs gives you a sweat-free seating experience. You can also adjust the lumbar support up/down, back and forth to support your lower back and relieve the pressure. And it is easy to assemble.

 mfavour- Best office chair for back pain


  • Reliable and ergonomic design
  • Good neck support and comfortable seating position.
  • thick padded cushions for armrests.
  • Explosion proof 5-star steel base.
  • Soft mesh properly aligns your lower back for maximum comfort.

It is a basic chair, with a padded and comfortable seat, resistant and durable, and a mesh backrest that prevents sweat and transpires properly. In addition, one of the main advantages of this chair is that it has lumbar support which is responsible for taking care of posture and avoiding muscle ailments. It is a perfect option if it is necessary to buy many to equip a complete office.

This ergonomic office chair has been designed to provide comfortability and durability. The chair has a heavy-duty metal base with smooth-rolling caster wheels that make it easy to move around. The thick, soft padding on the seat, backrest, and armrests relieves pressure points. This chair features 5 adjustable features such as the armrest, headrest, backrest, seat height, and tilt angle of the chair so you can choose your favorite position when working or resting.

 Best office Chair under 200 uk

Moreover, Its body parts such as seat, backrest etc are made up of high class cotton mesh that avoids heat and humidity and gives it a premium look. 

2 Hbada desk chair for back support under 200

With a strong commitment to quality and design, Hbada Office Furniture has been manufacturing high-quality office chairs since 2015. Specializing in ergonomics, Hbada is dedicated to creating a better living and working environment for customers. The Office Chair is a work of art with its expansive mesh back. This breathable material provides ultimate comfort for those who sit for long periods at a time. Carry out your daily tasks in this cozy office chair that provides lumbar support with special curved design. A compact design allows it to fit neatly beneath desks and work tables when not in use, saving space in any room. Assembly is required but hardware instructions and tools are provided.

Another safe, comfortable, ergonomic and efficient chair . If it crowns this list it is due, to a large extent, to the fact that it offers a slightly more affordable price than the previous model, without sacrificing the excellent quality of the materials with which it is manufactured and the structure with which it has to take care of and protect the posture of whoever uses it.

Hbada desk chair for back support under 200


  • High quality leather material is used.
  • Can support a maximum weight of upto 150 kg.
  • Good for big and tall people.
  • Comfortable executive chair for long working hours.
  • extra padding provides good back support
  • neck support and lower back support is also very good.

 It is a flexible chair that can be used for multiple tasks, since its wheels are made of nylon and PU and can slide silently on any surface.

Do you want to have a more relaxed office life? Hbada ergonomic desk chair can be your best choice. High density sponge, widened armrest, large backrest curve and soft headrest give this modern office chair maximum comfort. Can be used as a computer chair and an executive chair.

The Hbada office chair features a modern and slim design in the shape of an “s”. The backrest is contoured to align with your spine, providing strong support. This chair is ergonomically designed to provide lumbar support. The padded cushion is filled with high-density foam and covered with quality leather. Durable, safe and smooth five-layer base with 360° swivel wheels give this chair a superbly stable structure.

 Best office chair under £100 uk

 Its system is very intuitive and it is very easy to adjust the position of the backrest and the rest of the elements to achieve a comfortable posture depending on what we are looking for, and thanks to its mesh construction there is no need to worry about sweat or heat, enhancing productivity.

Imagine yourself in your office sitting on the Executive Office Chair, relaxed, comfortable and pain free. The back of the ergonomically designed mesh is curved to effortlessly follow the natural movement of your spine, providing comfort throughout the day. The easy-to-reach adjustment lever enables you to change the seat height from 18.7” to 21.8”, plus tilt tension and tilt lock. Relax as you swivel 360°, completing tasks in a breeze. Firm bionics padding and soft mesh was made to provide optimal comfort for long periods of time.

3 INTEY: Budget chair for lower back pain under 100

In terms of design, this INTEY model is one of my favorite options. It is a comfortable and ergonomic chair that helps to relax the muscles of the body and prevent unnecessary tension, so the back will not be loaded and the posture will be healthier. 

 INTEY- Budget chair for lower back pain under 100


  • Top rated budget chair for back pain
  • The base is sturdy and is made of good material.
  • Cushioning is comfortable and the high density foam is used for comfort.
  • You can use this chair for long hours work, study or even gaming sessions.
  • The reclining angle provides comfortable resting position.
  • Mesh back is good for summers and the quality of mesh used is very good.
  • Overall a very good chair for study, work at home and office.

The seat is made of high-density sponge , which provides a softer touch and a more padded and comfortable backrest. 

Both the height and the inclination of the backrest are easy to adjust, fully adapting to the needs of whoever is using it, and despite being able to tilt quite a bit, the stability and balance of the chair are indisputable. In addition, the wheels can be turned in any direction, facilitating mobility throughout the space.

 Best budget gaming chairs

4 Songmics: Best chair for back pain in office

Songmics is a brand that has positioned itself as one of the best in office supplies and technology, so it is not surprising that its office chair model is of such good quality.

Songmics- Best chair for back pain in office


  • A very reliable and sturdy chair for everyone.
  • Good value for money under 150 GBP.
  • An Ergonomically designed chair for better lumbar support.
  • A well padded chair with quality foam material.
  • Armrests are also well padded but are not adjustable.
  • The design of this chair is like a premium office executive chair.
  • Good for business and office use.
  • The back support is firm and comfy.
  •  The upholstery is well fitted, is comfortable and very easy to clean. 

 The cover is made of PU, which is robust and very easy to clean, and the seat is upholstered and filled with extra thick sponge, very elastic, comfortable and with a great resistance to deformation, making it a stable chair and durable. 

This chair can hold up to 150kg, which gives you an idea of ​​how resistant and reliable its structure is, and thanks to the curvature of the back it contributes to improving posture, relieving the spine and avoiding muscle aches. You can adjust the height and inclination of the backrest, as well as lock the straight position to prevent it from being modified by use.

5 IntimaTe WM: Best chair for lower back and hip pain

This is a relatively more affordable option than previous models, so it seems like a very smart purchase to me, since its advantages are also tangible. It has a curved design that favors comfort and ergonomics, helping to obtain a suitable position and avoid back pain. 

 IntimaTe WM- Best chair for lower back and hip pain


  • The foam used in the padding is very soft.
  • High density foam gives you comfort and the chair padding feels comfortable.
  • Tilt and reclining feature of this chair are very good.
  • The seat and lumbar support have thick padding for convenient seating.
  • Ergonomic backrest curve design and wider seats relieve your back pressure efficiently

The armrests are made of high quality polyester, microfiber and sponge, and thanks to the materials of the headrest you can also change the health of the neck, as it is comfortable due to its height and can help to relax the cervicals.

 Best Big and tall gaming chair

 You can adjust both the height and the inclination of the backrest and the height of the armrests, so it is a chair perfectly capable of adapting 100% to the user. In addition, it is very easy to assemble, so as soon as you have it in your hands you can start using it.

6 UMI: Best living room chair for back pain sufferers

UMI brand offers pocket friendly office chairs with utmost comfort due to its extra thick padding, quality material that provides comfort and lifetime durability. It is crack resistant owing to synthetic leather which is easily cleanable too. 

UMI- Best living room chair for back pain sufferers


  • Breathable and comfortable chair.
  • Sturdy and durable chair for office or home.
  • S-shaped backrest design is good for back pain relief.
  • The adjustable back pillow protects your spine and  reduces back pain.
  • High-density foam-filled padding is good for long hour sessions.
  • It comes with adjustable armrests and headrest for maximum comfort.

Again, it is the UMI brand that brings us an economical and versatile option. This chair, and with which I close my selection of the best office chairs on the market, has a comfortable and functional structure, with a short backrest, five support points and comfortable plastic armrests. It is not the most comfortable option on the market, but it is ergonomic, contributes to a better posture, and it is also incredibly affordable. 

This office chair comes up with adjustable height and inclination and is strong enough to support approximately 150kg while its chrome legs with 360° turning wheels and five robust adds more stability to it. 

Best ergonomic office chair uk

 7 Office Hippo Physio: Best chair for back pain relief

Another of my favorite options comes from the T-LoVendo brand, and it is one of the most comfortable office chairs that can be found on the market today, and at a ridiculous price. 

Office Hippo Physio - Best office chair for back pain uk


  • Comes with 3D adjustable armrests.
  • Certified by a physiotherapist.
  • Lock and tilt mechanisms are very good for comfortable sitting position.
  • Headrest is very comfortable.
  • Mesh back soft designed back is good for anyone who is suffering from bad back.
  • The design and the shape of this chair is ergonomic and it provides Great back support.

It has an ergonomic design thanks to the extra thick padding that contributes to improving comfort, which makes it a comfortable, resistant and durable chair that can become the office chair that will last you a lifetime, thanks to the quality of its materials.

 It is very stable, since it has five robust and chrome legs, with wheels capable of turning up to 360º , and in addition to being able to adjust the height and inclination, this chair is capable of supporting 150kg. The leather is synthetic, easy to clean and resistant to the passage of time, so it is not a risk that it cracks.

8 Office Hippo 24 Hour ergonomic home office chair

Again, another of the cheapest and quality options is brought to us by the Songmics brand, well recognized for being a renowned brand.

 Office Hippo 24 Hour ergonomic home office chair


  • Fully adjustable headrest
  • adjustable seat height
  • free floating seat for better lower back support
  • Design approved by certified physiotherapist
  • Very well made chair for back pain and bad backs

It is a much simpler and less pretentious chair, which is why it is a perfect option if you are looking for more affordable office equipment without, for this reason, sacrificing quality or comfort. It is filled with high-density sponge, and the backrest is made of polyester fabric with breathable mesh, thus avoiding heat and wear and tear.

 The backrest is curved, perfect to support the vertebra and the lumbar area, which guarantees a reduction in the typical back pain that carries the office work, and is incredibly stable thanks to its five points of support. Thanks to the polyurethane coating of the wheels, its movement is silent and safe, so it does not scratch the ground or disturb.

9. MOOJIRS: Premium chair for back support

This is one of the most classic chairs in the office chair catalog, since it has an ergonomic but very simple structure that facilitates good posture and perspiration without being too expensive and offering a fairly high backrest that improves comfort.

MOOJIRS- Premium chair for back support


  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN with ideal sitting position.
  •  Adjustable headrest height and lumbar support height.
  • customized seating position for every single user.
  • It has one of the best lumbar support on any chair.
  • Armrests are of top notch quality and are wider than a normal chair.
  • Backrest has excellent breathability and flexibility.

Both the height and the tilt are adjustable, it is capable of supporting up to 90kg and includes a 360º rotation function, which guarantees unmatched freedom of movement. 

Thanks to the mechanism it has, it is a very stable chair, with a steel structure and a padded and comforting seat. In addition, much of the backrest is made of breathable air mesh, although the headrest is also padded and is especially comfortable. I recommend it without a doubt.

10 DOSLEEPS chair for back and neck pain

The Homely brand has hit the nail on the head with a versatile design that, in addition to being ergonomic and very comfortable, has a customizable design that can give more life to your office or home.

DOSLEEPS chair for back and neck pain


  • Reliable and ergonomic design
  • Good neck support and comfortable seating position.
  • thick padded cushions for armrests.
  • Explosion proof 5-star steel base.
  • Soft mesh properly aligns your lower back for maximum comfort.

It is a swivel office chair, with a short backrest, but with an ideal structure to properly support the lower back and avoid bad posture and other ailments. The seat is padded and very comfortable, and has two wide armrests that allow greater stability and more natural postures. 

It is entirely upholstered with black 3D fabric , and the color of the backrest can be chosen in up to five different options, being able to find the one that best suits the space you want to furnish. The base is swivel and the wheels are of good quality, so they slide smoothly and silently.

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So, we have recommended some of the best chairs for back pain in the above in-depth guide along with the research articles. You can use these extremely comfortable chairs for both home and office and in different scenarios. Like; while playing games, doing office work or studying. If you have any suggestions for this list then you can always comment below to give your feedback.

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