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Best office chair uk: Ergonomic Computer chair

These items make a perfect combination for those people who have to sit continuously for hours for their work. Whether an office person or a student, This chair and desk will provide the maximum comfort to the user and eliminate all body pains as they have extreme adjustable settings and high quality mesh paddings. 

At last, If you are looking for something to sit on that supports your body then you can definitely go with this. Perfect adjustable headrest, armrest and lumbar area settings make this item an amazing one. 

5 Best office chairs in uk

Looking for Best office chairs in uk: What is the best office chair for sitting long hours? From under 50 to 100 to over £200 pounds. We’ve picked out best office chairs in uk for all budgets. From study to work or for remote working. All these chairs provide best value for money.

 1. Sihoo : The best ergonomic chair

High adaptability and breathability are some Plus features of this amazing ergonomic chair. We can adjust and lock its backrest and headrest to up to 125ºand 45° respectively. Also, it’s armrest is adjustable up to 6cm height, 5cm longitudinally and angle upto 36°. Moreover, we can also adjust its lumbar area horizontally and vertically to exert suitable pressure.  

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This ergonomic ​office chair has 5 adjustment options for you to choose the ideal sitting posture for your long-term health. The SIHOO Office Chair features adjustable back support, height-adjustable armrests, and headrest adjustment. You can also adjust the height of the chair, making it ideal for people of all heights. A tilting function lets you tilt the seat up to 12 degrees to help you find your most comfortable seating position. It also ​swivels 360 degrees for maximum mobility, so it’s easy to move around a room or home office.

The mesh office chair uses a high-density mesh fabric that is more flexible and stronger, preventing body heat and keeping cool. The ergonomic office chair backrest is designed to provide more support for the lumbar area while the larger seating surface provides all-day comfort. Using multiple curve designs, the headrest to lumbar support can approximate different parts at once, making it easy to complete various tasks for long periods of time.

This office chair is designed with a unique W-shaped seat that provides tailored support for your body, ensuring you sit in the centre of the chair. The ergonomic high-back mesh backrest with built-in lumbar support provides comfort and support for your back during extended periods of work, while the waterfall front ensures minimum pressure on the back of your legs. The chair also has a high-density sponge filled seat cushion that is soft and not easily deformed. The 360° swivel and smooth rolling casters enable you to move around without getting up from the chair, helping to keep you productive and efficient.

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This chair is mostly recommended for tall people in this price range. But with lots of features, it also has a disadvantage i.e little bit discomfortability due to medium-high hardness of its seat.  

Sihoo - The best ergonomic chair
Sihoo – The best ergonomic chair


  • Great Breathability.
  • Available for people of different sizes.
  • Recommended for tall people.
  • It is quite comfortable.
  • It has adjustable Headrest, backrest, lumbar area and backrest. 


  • Its seat is medium- high Hard. 
  • Expensive.

With BIFMA certification, it complies with all applicable workplace safety standards and offers strong support for the body structure. The SIHOO office chair is precisely crafted with a fully-adjustable mechanism and high-quality components, making it a reliable choice for your office or home office.

If you are looking for budget office or home chairs then you can buy these 100 GBP chair or 200 GBP office chairs. For more expensive and comfortable office chairs go through this premium office chair guide.

2 INTEY Chair : Quality Office chair with great price under 100

It also has high adaptability and breathability quality. We can adjust both the headrest and the armrest to our suitable positions due to which this chair is adapted for different types of tables.  

It has a synthetic foam seat which is much comfortable and strong and is mostly recommended for large people. Also, it has a reclining backrest that can be locked up to 25° to provide comfortability. At last, it also has rubber wheels for different types of floors.  

INTEY Chair - Quality Office chair with great price under 100

If we talk about its limitations, then its backrests are not supportive to the people having larger heights than 186 cm.   


  • It has a warranty of 3 years.
  • It also has Adjustable,headrest, backrest, armrest and lumbar area.
  • It is mostly Recommended for stout people.


  • Its seat is medium-high hard.
  • It has low Low headrest for those people who have height more than 185 cm.

This is a high quality office chair with many advantages. The gas lift of the office chair is SGS certified and ensures the safety and stability. Strong five-star base and high-quality casters make the chair move smoothly. The maximum load capacity is 130 kg. This office chair can be adjusted to height according to your own needs. You can find a perfect position for you by adjusting the seat height. The comfortable backrest can provide support for your lumbar spine. It will help you relieve fatigue and relax your body during busy work. What’s more, it will improve the blood circulation of your body and promote metabolism, which is good for your health.

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Designed for softness, durability and easy care, this chair is a good choice for both business and casual use. The material of the chair cover is durable, soft and breathable. Double sewing internal. It’s better than a single thread or adhesive seams. Breathable mesh greatly reduces sweat on the back during long sitting time, which keeps you cool and comfortable all day. Office chair also has a fixed armrest to provide additional comfort, which can reduce neck and shoulder fatigue. Smooth pneumatic height adjustment lift makes it easy to adjust the computer chair to your desired height.

Ergonomic Design – the office swivel chair’s curves are based on ergonomic design for snug and comfortable contact with your body. Adjustable Lifting Armrests – 7 cm lifting armrest of the desk chair saves your space and meets your different needs. PU armrests bring you extra comfort. The height of the armrests to the ground is 66~83 cm.

3 Cedric Chair: Premium Modern and quality ergonomic chair

This amazing chair comes with full adjustable control which provides comfort to all the users. If we talk about the backrest, then it can be adjusted to four different positions along with the width controllable setting. Again one of the best office chairs having an amazon rating of 4.3 out of 5 and one of the most favourite brands of the people. This swivel chair comes with a stylish design along with a maximum adjustable height setting and Extra padding that provides full comfort to the user. 

This high-back, ergonomically and aesthetically designed office chair challenges the likes of some of the leading brands in the business. It includes a highly adjustable frame with a smooth polished nylon frame, high-density memory foam cushions and durable racing car caster wheels. Due to its strong frame, it is able to support up to 150 kg. Comfort features include an adjustable lumber pad so your lower spine receives plenty of support and this reduces back strain. Its built-in ergonomic seat design improves posture and removes pressure points when seated for long periods.

At last, its height-adjustable arms provide extreme support to the arms and shoulder of the user which creates a next level of comfort zone for the user.  But if we compare this chair with other models then it is quite expensive and is not affordable to all people.  

Then it comes to its headboard which is adjustable in height, provides better head support and is mostly recommended for tall people.  

Cedric Chair- Premium Modern and quality ergonomic chair


  • It is Breathable.
  • Available for all heights.
  • It has Silent rubber wheels.
  • It comes with great quality and durability.
  • We can adjust the height and tilt of its headrest.
  • Its Lumbar area is also adjustable. 
  • Also , it has Adjustable backrest and armrest.
  • It has the feature of Backrest tipping weight control.


  • Much Expensive.
  • It has only four fixed backrest positions.

This chair is made of high-grade plastic, making it lightweight yet sturdy and long-lasting. A sleek chrome-plated steel frame enhances its contemporary appeal, while the smooth upholstery offers a professional look in any workspace. Suitable for use at home or in the office, this premium office chair is an ideal addition to your office space.

The moving up and down length of the gas lift is 65 mm, whose strength has been tested by BIFMA, so the seat height can be adjusted between 45 and 51.5 CM. The back tilt adjustment range is 30 degrees, so it can be adjusted between 90 degrees and 120 degrees. It can be locked at any angle in this range, so you can lock the sub-backrest to where you are comfortable.

It’s lumbar support can be adjusted upwards and downwards 4 cm deep, providing sufficient lumbar support and protecting the spine from damage during long periods of desk work. The Mesh allows for easy cleaning and can be used in any environment with its wheels making it easy to roll around.

4 Hbada Chair: Top rated Executive desk chair

Hbada Chair- Top rated Executive desk chair

It is one of the best office chairs and has 4.1 amazon rating out of 5 along with more than 53% of 5-star ratings .

This chair is fully swivel and height adjustable. Plus It has wheels for movement which is an advanced feature.

Apart from this, it comes with high quality mesh cover which increases its freshness in summer season and creates positive vibes.

Moreover, This brand offers you a 1-year warranty that represents its good build quality. 

Chairs that provide full support to the body, create a comfort zone and help to maintain body posture are called Ergonomics chairs.

 It is very important to choose a good chair in which all height adjustable settings are available so that it supports your whole body from head to toe and eliminates all body pains.  

5 Yaheetech Recliner Sofa Lounge chair for office

Yaheetech Recliner Sofa Lounge chair for office

Here we are faced with the best Yaheetech brand office chair for consumers on Amazon.

It supports up to 100 kg of weight , has a resistant nylon mesh that adapts to the user’s anatomy and that breathes very well and is fully rotatable. “I had always used wooden office chairs.

However, this one convinced me with its modern design and low price. I started by buying one and now I have ordered two more in other colors ”says Joaquín.

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Its average score is 4.3 out of 5 and its 5-star review rating reaches 57% .

 Intey office chair and the Sihoo ergonomic desk chair are also good options for studying and working purposes as they provide maximum comfort to the body and help to maintain posture. 

What are the cheapest ergonomic desk chairs? Where to buy them?

The Songmics ergonomic office chair & Intimate WM Heart office chair are two options available for you at a low price that will satisfy all your needs and provide you full comfort.

Both chairs differ from each other in breathability, rest both have good similar features and fit to buy. 

You can easily get these chairs from the official Amazon website. There you will also get similar chairs at good price along with return policy. 

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Ergonomic office chair vs gamer chair. Which one to buy?

Choosing an office chair or gaming chair depends upon the use of purpose of the user. If you want a chair for desk work then you can go with Office chairs as they increase your focus power. 

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On the other hand, if you want any chair for playing games then without any reason, you can go with gaming chairs as they provide full support and comfort to the body that makes the body relax and eliminates body pains. 

What other types of ergonomic chairs can we use for the office ?

 The ergonomic kneeling chairs are also good options to use for office work as they are specially designed for supporting the lumbar area and maintaining  body posture.

 Also, they are recommended for tall people, weak muscle people and  for those people who are suffering from disc problems. 

What are ergonomic chairs

Chairs that provide full support to the body, create a comfort zone and help to maintain body posture are called Ergonomics chairs. It is very important to choose a good chair in which all height adjustable settings are available so that it supports your whole body from head to toe and eliminates all body pains.  

How is the ergonomic chair used?

If you want to attain a good posture then buy a nice chair and follow these steps :
– Your inclination backrest angle must be between  90 ° to 105 °.
– Don’t press your backside of the knee with the chair. 
– Maintain perfect height of the chair to make the angle between the arm and table greater than 90°.  
 – Your backrest must coincide with the lumbar area.
– Keep your hips above the knee at an angle of 90 °.

How to choose the best ch

In order to choose any good chair, you need to check the adjustable setting of its height, backrest height, lumbar area height, sitting comfort, headrest height and reclining system. It is important that your chair should provide you all types of comfort so that you can sit easily for long hours. 

What is the tilting mechanism in an office chair?

It means that the seat and the backrest are tilted simultaneously due to the lever present under the seat and has various positions to fix up by the user. 

Maximum weight  that an ergonomic chair can support?

Most ergonomic chairs support weight between 100 to 120 kg. Also, there are some models namely “Heavy” models which are specially designed for large people and they support more than 115 kg of weight. 

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