Best office Chair under 200 uk

If you are searching for the best ergonomic chairs in your budget price then you are at the right address. We are here with the list of one of the best ergonomic chairs under 200. These chairs provide you ultimate comfort and relaxation throughout the whole day and makes you stay fit and healthy.

Follow the below list to know which are the best 10 office Chairs under 200 in uk:

10 Best office chair under 200

So, in this guide, you will learn how to choose the best ergonomic chair for you?, which is the best ergonomic chair under $200 and what are the things that you should keep in your mind before buying a chair?

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1 Office Hippo best Ergonomic Office Chair  under 200


  • Elegant design and Ergonomic design
  • For long hours
  • Adjustable headrest and Cushioned armrests
  • Seat recline with free floating seat mechanism
  • Provides Extreme support with its height adjustable arms.
  • It has PCB feature (Permanent Contact Back Mechanism) that provides seat height adjustment setting and allows the back rest angle to fix at the specific point.
  • Height adjustable back makes coordination of the chair with the user to provide it comfort. 
  • Moreover, It is very robust and can be used continuously for 24 hours without any problem of back pain.

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Office Hippo Chair rating

This amazing chair is designed for both – offices and homes. With its enormous features and height adjustable settings, your back will remain in permanent contact with the seat.  

Parvinder Singh

Value for Money
Easy to assemble


Overall, it is a good chair and also comes with 5 years component and 2 years fabric warranty. The chair is extremely well made and very comfortable for work or study sessions. The mesh back is comfortable and is very good for back pain . A fantastic chair for back pain under £200.


2 Hbada High back Ergonomic home Office Chair

This  chair comes with (EHC) Ergonomic-Human-Curve designed backrest and headrest for spinal support to prevent the problems like – back pain, neck pain, tiredness, discomfortness etc.  


  • Curve design is good for Body posture.
  • Very good Spinal support
  • Adjustable seat and Top notch foam quality.
  • Recline your chair between 90 – 155 degree angles.
  • Use it for Work mode or for resting.
  • LONG LASTING GAMEPLAY- You can play games for 8 hours continuously without any fatigue as this chair eliminates the humidity level between seat and body by passing air and water vapours through it. 
  • DURABILITY – This computer chair is built up by high quality material which is durable and long lasting for use. Moreover, its tilt mechanism is up to the mark. 
  • RECLINING SYSTEM – Now, you can lock at any angle between 90 – 155 degree according to your comfort zone as this chair provides the smoother Reclining system.  

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Hbada Chair rating

This chair under 200 from Hbada is one of a kind. The curve design supports your spine for long hours. The back lumbar support moves with the body posture which perfectly holds the spine. You can get this ergonomic chair under 150 from amazon in uk.

Parvinder Singh

Value for Money
Easy to assemble


A very well made and comfortable home office chair under 150 for people who are suffering from back or neck pain. One of the best office chairs for back pain.


3 DOSLEEPS Mesh Office chair under 200


  • Curved Design Adjustable headrest
  • Ergonomically designed mesh backrest
  • Tilting and Lock feature
  • Fully adjustable height
  • High density sponge used for comfort
  • Good for neck, back and shoulder
  • Base is made up of High quality steel
  • The casters are noiseless
  • The mesh back is comfortable and breathable,
  • This chair features adjustable headrest and armrest to provide full comfort to the user and to remove various types of body pains.  
  • The backrest of this amazing chair is made up of high-quality polyester mesh fabric that is much comfortable and durable. Its backrest is designed according to the spinal structure of the body so that the back of the body remains in direct touch with the backrest of the seat.  
  • This chair supports the tilt feature that allows the user to recline and lock the seat at its suitable angle within  90° to 135°. 
  • Now you can adjust the height of the seat according to your spinal structure.

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4 Komene top rated Office Chair in uk


  • Comes with excellent lumbar support
  • Comfortable for any adult
  • The padding is thicker and armrests are comfortable
  • This is one of the great ergonomic chairs with proper lumbar support along with the 4 Supporting points i.e – Head, Back, hands and hips. Also, It’s seat height, headrest, backrest and flip-up arms are adjustable. 
  • This office chair has more surface area than other chairs of its type and it can also handle the weight capacity upto 290 lbs so that a big,wide and heavy human structure can also sit comfortably on it.
  • This large seat computer chair also features adjustable flip-up armrests so that you can move armrests up and down easily by simply pressing buttons on its arms. 
  • The mesh back and mesh seat of this chair maintains proper air circulation to provide extreme comfort and also resists abrasion and  transformation so that a person can sit on it for a long time. 

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5 mfavour top selling heavy duty Office Chair


  • Ergonomic Design
  • The mesh design Improves posture
  • Lock the backrest at any comfortable angle
  • 3d armrests are filled with high-density sponge
  • Mesh used is breathable and provides better ventilation.
  • IMPROVES POSTURE: This computer chair is ergonomically designed along with height adjustable setting and maximum lumbar support keeps your spine straight that removes the body pains and maintains the posture of the body. 
  • STAY COOL AT WORK: Also, the mesh backrest and headrest of this chair increases the airflow to keep the user free from sweat and its polyester fabric seat eliminates various types of dirt, dust and food particles. 
  • ADJUSTABLE SEAT & ARMRESTS HEIGHT: SGS This computer chair features the certified pneumatic class 3 gas spring which allows the user to adjust the height of the chair according to need just by pulling up the lever under the seat. Moreover, You can also adjust the height of its armrests. 
  • TILT MECHANISM: Its tilt mechanism allows you to unlock and recline freely from 90° to 125° by pushing the lever inwards.  

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6 SIHOO Executive Computer Chair for office and home


  • Best lumbar support in a chair
  • Good for back pain
  • multifunction 3D armrests
  • Seats are comfortable
  • It can carry a weight of up to 150 kg.
  • This amazing chair features 5 ergonomic adjusting abilities that helps attain the most comfortable position for a long term sitting. It allows Adjustable lumbar support, headrest adjustment, stepless seat height, and tilt adjustment along with height adjustable arms. 
  • The premium backrest of this chair with mesh fabric maintains proper air circulation and removes certain kinds of dust and food particles. 
  • This chair is designed in W-shape to provide support to the spine and maintain the body posture. Also, it has the waterfall front to eliminate pressure from the legs.
  • The material used in this chair is of high quality and the fabric  used in it is much durable for long use and it can deal with the weight capacity upto 155 kg.  

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7 UMI premium value chair under 200


  • Made up of eco-friendly PA materials
  • Durable and sturdy for big and tall guys
  • S-shape backrest with pillow is good for posture
  • Protects your cervical spine and lumbar spine and reduces back pain
  • High quality polyester mesh is used
  • It is explosion proof and  heavy-duty nylon legs re used.
  • The  backrest of this chair is designed in S shape to provide spinal support. Also, its headrests are 43cm wide which are specially to support the cervical spine. 
  • This chair features high quality mesh fabric that eliminates various dust and moisture particles and allows proper airflow to provide comfort to the user.  
  • This amazing ergonomic office chair has adjustable 3D armrests which are made up of PU material that is very flexible and also eliminates the carpal tunnel problems. Moreover, its adjustable height waist pillow provides maximum lumbar support and its tilt feature provides full comfort to the user.  
  • This chair is made up of high quality material and all of its parts are SGS tested for Safety and Stability. This computer chair features BIFMA certified four-stage gas spring, 350 aluminum alloy chair legs that can handle weight upto 150 kg.
  • Also, its smooth and scratch-free nylon wheels are specially designed for hard floors and carpets. 

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MaterialFabric mesh, nylon
Item Dimensions L x W x H69 x 63 x 130.5 cm
Manufacturer’s Suggested Maximum Weight150 Kg
Item Weight15.55 Kg

8 SIHOO all-in-one chair with lumbar support


  • Sitting posture is very well thought.
  • Lumbar support aligns the spine perfectly.
  • Tilt mechanism is smooth and has two modes:
  • Work Mode and full reclining for Rest Mode.
  • Pain-free sitting due to its high-density sponge.
  • Chair is stable and sturdy.
  • This great office chair is specially designed to provide spinal support. Its human-oriented ergonomic construction helps to maintain the body posture and removes the body pains.
  • This chair is made up of premium quality of mesh fabric that maintains the airflow and removes the dirt particles due to which this chair is breathable and comfortable. 
  • This chair has multi -features like- PU Adjustable armrests, adjustable height of seats and headrest and Intelligent sensing gravity adjustment which helps to support the waist and maintains the posture of the body. 
  • Sihoo chairs are specially tested for quality and safety and it is ensured that they can handle the weight capacity of 150 kg and static pressure of 1136 kg alone with maximum tilt settings. 

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9 Hbada budget Office Chair with recliner


  • Reliable tilt function
  • Excellent cushioning provides you with sofa like comfort
  • It comes with one year warranty.
  • This computer chair offers high comfort and support to the user as its Double layer ergonomic backrest is made up of soft elastic cotton and native sponge that fits the human spine and supports the lumbar. 
  • The material of this computer chair is made up of  high-quality PU leather which is durable and it resists oil and water which makes the office chair smooth. Also, it’s wheels are specially designed for hard hard floors.
  • This amazing chair features adjustable heights of armrests, headrests and backrests. Moreover, the whole chair  can  rock to 125 degrees.
  • This chair is Certified by BIFMA and its five-star base is made up of metal that supports the weight up to 330 pounds. Moreover, it is  easy to assemble. Further details are included in the package.

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10 mfavour top Office Chair in uk


  • Comfortable and Breathable
  • explosion-proof chassis
  • Skin-friendly mesh for better ventilation
  • This computer chair features 6 parts adjustable settings in which the Armrests, headrest, height of seat, backrest angle etc. all can be adjusted according to the user’s comfort zone. Moreover, This chair can deal the maximum weight capacity upto 150 kg and its tyres are specially made for hard floors.  
  • The backrest of this amazing computer chair is designed in such a way in which it provides the maximum lumbar support and the spinal cord of the body remains in contact with the seat so that the problems of body pains and discomfort’s keeps away. 
  • The whole chair is made up of soft sponge and breathable mesh fabric design that provides maximum comfort to the user for long sitting.
  • Its backrest is designed with mesh fabric that not only provides support to the spine but also removes dirt particles and maintains proper air circulation to prevent the user from sweating.

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Why you need an Ergonomic Chair

In day to day life, we are too much dependent on the latest technologies and computers. Sitting on a chair and attending long sessions or doing office work can cause various health problems. Back pain, neck pain etc are the most common health problems that we all suffer while sitting in front of the computers for long hours.  So, selecting the best ergonomic chair for yourself is the most important thing that you should go for. 

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Which is the Best Ergonomic Chair under £200?

As per the reviews, there are five ergonomic chairs under $200 that are chosen. There are some more chairs that cost more than these five but they have less ergonomic features and durability as compared to these. 

The Duramont Office Chair is one of the best ergonomic chairs in the budget price. The Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair that has the stylish cutting edges that comes in the expensive chairs that are double the cost price of this chair. The Smugdesk also provides you the amazing that everyone looks for. 

These all high quality super comfortable chairs provide the best comfort and helps in enjoying completing your work or even attending long sessions. These chairs have the ergonomic design that helps in maintaining your body posture and also 

We all know that everyone is unique and different in size, shape etc. 

What are the best office chairs available now?

If we talk about the best comfort chairs, the Herman Miller Aeron is the best option. This chair is one of the most trusted chairs for many years. The new changes according to the needs of the people, this company is putting all possible efforts to make its chairs more comfortable and better.  You will get this design around $1395 that is too much expensive.

If you don’t have enough budget and you want a chair that comes under your budget price then HonExposure is a great option for you. This chair will cost you around $200 but it also has many great features like adjustable armrests,tilting seat and mesh back that comes with the lumbar support. You can easily get a full leather or a fabric seat.

How to choose the best office chair for you

After selecting the price, your second step is to check the comfort and adjustability of the chair which you are going to buy. 

If we talk about the comfort of the chair then the chair you buy should offer you a 

soft and comfortable seat. It also provides you the base firmness and it should be wick moisture to keep you cool even in the hot summers. The chair should be wide so that anyone can sit on the chair comfortably. The armrests of the chair should be adjustable so that you can perform your work easily. The chair should be made up of high quality leather so that it provides you all day comfort. 

If we talk about the adjustability of the chair then the chair you buy should offers you the adjustable seat height, seat angle, seat depth, armrest height, armrest width , armrest angle, backrest angle, backrest height, footrest height etc

So that anyone can fix the chair of his/her own choice. 

Selecting an Office chair?

According to Gary Allread who is the program director for the ergonomics division at Ohio State University’s Spine Research Institute, Ergonomics means “science of work” but this explanation doesn’t fit on our jobs or works. The Ergonomics design in chais plays an important role in providing you all day comfort.

The ergonomic chairs help in maintaining your body posture and help in relaxing your spine. If you love to attend long sessions while sitting on your computer or you do office work, these chairs provide you ultimate comfort throughout the whole day.

If you go with an ordinary chair then you may suffer from many health problems that you may not be familiar with. The ordinary chair doesn’t provide comfort as that of the ergonomic chairs. The ordinary chairs can cause lower back pain and spoils your body posture. If you spend your most of the time while sitting on the chair then you must go with the ergonomic chairs. 

There are two tips to improve your sitting style:-

  • Sit on the chair and make sure that your back should be against your chair. 
  • Make sure that your feet must be in contact with the floor. 

For more comfort, you can roll up a towel and put it at your lower back. It helps in maintaining the “S” shape of your spine and makes you fit and healthy. There are also many companies who are providing a number of varieties of chairs with different-different shapes and sizes. So, if you are searching for a new chair to buy for yourself then you must check the best size of the chair that suits you.

A new chair with good features makes your day. It will provide you the ultimate comfort and relaxation throughout the whole day. The ergonomic design of the chair protects your back, helps in maintaining your body posture and makes you fit and healthy.

There are also various chairs that come with the breathable mesh material that keeps you cool even in the hot summers. The chairs with the high quality PU leather are the best chairs for all day comfort. You should buy a chair that can handle your weight and fits to your shape and size as well. So, before buying a chair you should have to keep these things in your mind. 

Now, here are the major tests that experts go  for before buying a chair. These tests are on the basis of the comfort,durability, adjustability and the stability of the chair and also if the chair is suitable for attending long sessions or not. 

  • Comfort:- The first thing that all experts go for is comfort. The chair you buy should offer you a soft and comfortable seat. It also provides you the base firmness and it should be wick moisture to keep you cool even in the hot summers. The chair should be wide so that anyone can sit on the chair comfortably. It should be made up of high quality leather so that it will provide the best possible comfort while sitting for long hours.
  • Lumbar and back support:- The second thing is lumbar and back support. Most of the chairs that are ordinary don’t provide any lumbar and back support but the ergonomic ones are the best chairs that come with the lumbar and back support. It helps you in sitting straight and reduces stress from your back and neck area. The average recommendation of the experts of reclining of the chair is 100° to 110°. 
  • Ease of reclining:- The third step is ease of reclining. As we all know that reclining is very much important for sustainable sitting as it is recommended by the experts. The chair you buy should be reclined easily so that you can easily be able to adjust it in your own desirable reclining position.
  • Adjustability:- The adjustability is also one of the major factors that is recommended by the experts. The chair you buy should be an adjustable chair so that you can fix the chair at your own desired height. An adjustable chair offers you the best comfortable position. The chair you buy should offer you the adjustable seat height, seat angle, seat depth, armrest height, armrest width , armrest angle, backrest angle, backrest height, footrest height etc so that anyone can fix the chair of his/her own choice.
  • Durability and the material:- The fifth step is durability and the material of the chair. There are a number of little things that you should take care of like the arms of the chair can be damaged or it may crack or any part of the chair can break off etc. So, it is better to find a chair that comes with a great durability and is made up of high quality fine material so that it can provide strength to the chair and the chair can’t get damaged easily.
  • Warranty:- The sixth step and one of the most important steps that everyone looks for is warranty. The experts recommend you to buy a chaid that comes with a warranty of at least 10 years. So,  you can enjoy the comfort of the chair for a long period of time.

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