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Best strategy games for PC, PS4 and Xbox One (2020)

Have you ever heard about strategy or war games? If  not, then here is something about strategy games. Follow the below article to know which are the best Strategy games for PC, PS4, Xbox, Android and iPhone.

Strategy games or we can say strategic War games are the games  in which players build and spread their empire by increasing their army and other resources. It generally helps in developing the players’ thinking skills. Almost all the strategy games are based on thinking skills. 

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After searching for hours, we are here with the best strategy games for PC with all kinds of categories.

Best strategy games for pc 

Best Strategy games For PC, PS4, Xbox, Android and iPhone

The best war strategy games and the other best strategy  games make you feel special with real gaming experiences. The gameplay of these war strategies games is very smooth and most of the time it hooks you into the immersive gameplay. The war weapons, Soldiers, creating an army, building resources, tanks and many more features makes the Strategy and war games a very popular gaming genre within the gaming community.

So,here is the list of best strategy war games in 2020 that you can play on your PC.


Best pc strategy games- CRUSADER KINGS 2

Crusader Kings 2 is a great early middle age strategy game with good quality graphics that helps you in enjoying the real gaming experiences.The players have  to choose their  king  and can select any nation of their own choice.Every character in this game has his own aim and work.It assumes you  in surprising conditions that makes you to do fantastic things to gain power again.The base version of this game totally free but it also has  additional files.

Get crusader kings 2 for free and enjoy playing one of the best strategy games with real life gaming experiences.


TOTAL WAR – THREE KINGDOMS pc strategy and war game

Total war :three kingdoms is the first award- winning strategy game series of ancient China.It’s a chinese civil war game with different-different characters.All characters are the superhuman warriors and became the part of the complex web of relationships affecting everything from statesmanship to  battles.

This game is the best game having lots of adventures that makes you feel special.The language of this game is old chinese language which looks like poetry.The modified and developed AI combat and diplomacy makes him the best strategy game of all time.

Download it today and enjoy the best strategy war game on your PC.


Offworld trading company is a space adventuring game where the players have to spread colonialism in our neighbour red planet,Mars.This is a multiplayer game in which victory is not achieved by blasting enemies tanks or by knocking down their bases instead of it your weapons and resources are the everything that will provide you cash to get rich and expand your empire and gave an upper hand against your enemies.

This game was started by Mohawk games and issued by Stardock.The exciting multiplayer battle mode will turn your friends into enemies.

Download now to enjoy the space adventures for free on your PC.


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Northguard is a norse mythology strategy game in which northguard is a superhero.In this game,players have to control the clan of vikings in a mysterious island.It was created by Mark Shainblum and Gabriel morrissette.

This game is better than  other RTS games and it is a great game to play. It is a game with great graphics and  great gameplay.The story mode makes you feel special and skirmish mode is great for creating custom scenriaos.It also includes some features of Age of Empires and Civ 4x.

Download the northguard strategy game to enjoy the great graphics and create your own empire with the vikings.


MUTANT YEAR ZERO- ROAD TO EDEN tactical adventure war game

Mutant year zero:Road to Eden is a turn-based strategy game.It is based on the mutant,a tabletop game.It was started by Swedish studio and issued by Funcom.

Mutant year zero:Road to eden is a strategy game with a very interesting story with investigation and combat battles with enemies. Started by a former team including HITMAN and the designer of PAYDAY. This game is for those who wish to have a different theme from alien themes.

One of the awesome strategy games to play in your free time. Get this game today and enjoy playing Mutant year zero: Road to Eden on your PC.


ENDLESS LEGEND strategy games for war game lovers

Endless Legend is one of the greatest strategy games with the most attracting maps in strategy gaming history. It is a turn-based 4X strategy game started by amplitude studios and issued by Iceberg interactive.

In this game, Players have to control the world of Auriga with one of the fourteen races by war or with diplomacy while exploring new and advanced technologies, new lands and finding new cities. Endless legend provides you the most beautiful and attractive maps with great graphics in strategy gaming history.

Endless-legend is one of the most amazing games to play on your PC. Download & install this game today and enjoy playing it.


DESPERADOS 3- story driven hardcore tactical war game

Desperados 3 is a real-time strategy game for the microsoft windows. It was developed by Mimimi games and issued by THQ nordic. It is a challenging round-based game with the beautiful view of wild west. The characters in this game have provided very unique and interesting skills to win challenging rounds from your enemies. If we will talk about the gameplay of this game then we will give it 10 out of 10,very smooth gameplay with high quality graphics. The story of this game is quite interesting than other strategy war game’s story with wonderful maps.

Download & install Desperados 3 to enjoy the best action strategy war game today.


TOTAL WAR- WARHAMMER 2 a perfect turn based strategy war game

Total war : Warhammer 2 is a tactics turn-based strategy game with awesome gameplay and smooth graphics. It was developed by Creative Assembly and issued by Sega. It is a crusade game of proposition and spreading empire around the fantasy world by defeating enemies throughout the world. You will experience the epic battles of troops and monsters at your  commands. This game is from the total war series with best action gaming. Every character in this game has its own unique and special powers to conquer the fantasy world.

Total war : Warhammer 2 is the best strategy war game to play. So,don’t let it go, download it today and enjoy the best action strategy war game.


HOMEWORLD- DESERTS OF KHARAK best mission and tank war game

HOMEWORLD : DESERTS OF KHARAK is one of the best Military Strategy games of HOMEWORLD Series. This game was launched on 20 January 2016, developed by Blackbird Interactive and published by Gearbox Publishing. This Tactical game got much positive reviews and It comes in the ranking list of Top Strategy Games.

If you want to play games with your friends online and you love Strategy and Tactical Categorized games then Homeword : Deserts of Kharak is made for you. Here you have to Survive till the end in a Southern Desert Battlefield.

Only Tactical methods and best Strategy can save you from Heavy Air Combats and Massive Land Cruisers. Prepare a good strategy with your friends, Take advantage of Higher Grounds , Attack on your Foe’s Headquarters and Save your Civilization.


COMMAND & CONQUER- RED ALERT 2 classic war strategy game

Command & Conquer : Red Alert 2 is a real time Military strategy game of Command & Conquer Series. It is a nice workcraft of Westwood Studios and EA Pacific and special thanks to the Composer – Frank Klepacki and Artist – Chris Ashton. Red Alert 2 comes in dual mode so that it can be played with friends. It was launched on 25th October 2000 for the Microsoft Windows version.

You can play this Military Strategy game with your friends online by choosing any one of two different Characters  i.e The Soviets or The Allies which were also seen in previous part – Red Alert 1 

This Game was mostly liked by people and it received more than 90% Ratings. In this game, you have to defeat The Commander of your Enemy. Show your best Tactical skills , Plan a high class Strategy and destroy your Opponent’s Military Base to become Winner.

11. STARCRAFT II : Wings of Liberty

STARCRAFT II – Wings of Liberty best strategy sci-fi war game for pc

Starcraft II : Wings of Liberty is one of the best Multiplayer Strategy based games that you can play with your friends. This game got Ratings upto 94% and is very popular when we talk about Best Strategy Games. It runs on the Microsoft Windows and Classic Mac OS platform. This game was Launched on 27th July 2010. Blizzard Entertainment Developed and Published this game.

This game got the VGX Award for Best PC game in 2010 and Telly Award for TV programs and Promotions in 2011. This game gives Real time Experience of Universal BattleShips. There are near about 29 Missions in the game and Jim Raynor is the main Character of this Game. There is no age Restriction to play this amazing game. So, Try this superb game and conquer the Galaxy.


SUPREME COMMANDER best rated strategy games for pc

Supreme Commander is a military Strategy game which was released on 16 February  2007. Chris Taylor designed this game. It runs on the platform of Microsoft windows and Xbox 360 . Wargaming Seattle & Hellbent Games along with Gas Powered Games developed this game and Square Enix Published it.

Be Leader of your Army and defeat your Enemies before they defeat you. Fight for the Supremacy of Galaxies and Control your Unit. Improve your Leadership Qualities with best Strategies and Plans. Future of your Galaxy is now in your Hands. This game is again Free to play for all Players and it comes under the Category of Best Tactical Games.

To play this Game , You Require minimum 1 GB RAM Memory and Max. 8 GB Hard drive Space, Minimum 3.0 GHz intel core Processor and Graphics Card of 256 MB available RAM with Direct X 9 Vertex Shader.

13. Gears Tactics

Gears Tactics is the latest fast pace, turn-based Tactics game which was recently released on 28th April 2020. It was developed by Splash Games & The Coalition and published by Xbox Game Studios. This game runs on Microsoft Windows platform and is still under development for the Xbox One version. This game is a part of Gears of War Series.

Gears Tactics is one of the amazing games but there is a lack of multiplayer mode in this game which disables you to play with your friends online. Many fighting scenes of this game are similar to a very popular game i.e XCOM

There are different Characters inside this game which you can choose for playing . There are Variety of Missions in this game and with every new mission , a new mode gets unlocked . Apart from this , Permanent deaths of Characters are allowed during Combats in this game for Story Mode Campaign which means if your character gets dead during battles then you can’t Revive it till the End of Game.

14. Wargroove

wargroove- retro turn-based combat strategy game for pc

Wargroove is also a recently launched turn-based Tactics game that was released on 1st February 2019. Chucklefish Developed and Published this game. This game contains two modes i.e Single Player and Multiplayer which enables players to play it with friends online.  It’s Multiplayer mode allows 4 players to play at the same time. Wargroove runs on many platforms such as : Microsoft Windows,Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Thanks to Finn Brice and Phonetic Hero for Designing and Composing this amazing turn-based Tactics game respectively.

Wargroove Consists 15 different Characters of Commanders all with their unique Personalities. Player can choose his favourite one among them. Apart from that, Wargroove allows you to play with your friends in a Versus mode along with Team Mode. There are different missions with the variety of maps that you can select for playing at your Convenient Location. Moreover, Wargroove allows you to Customize your Maps ,Story and rules for better gameplay Experience.

Gaming how To’s and Guides:

Best strategy games for PS4 and Xbox One

The best strategy games on PS4: an essential buyer’s guide. Check our guide to some of the best PS4 and Xbox One strategy turn based war games.

1. Frostpunk: Best Strategy game for PS4

Frostpunk one of the best survival war games available on PS4 and Xbox

This unique city management game thrusts you into a bleak, frozen tundra, leading a displaced population in a desperate hunt for food, warmth and shelter.

Frostpunk is a High rated Building Strategy Game for PC to play with friends. It comes with Dual Mode and runs on Microsoft Windows and Classic Mac OS X based Platforms. Amplitude Studios are it’s Developers and Iceberg Interactive are it’s Publishers. Endless Legend was released on 18 September 2014 and It is the second part of Endless Space Series. 

Frostpunk is set-up in the Land of Auriga which is Surrounded by various Terrains and Ecosystems. Player who is playing this game can choose any character from the list of 14 different Characters each one with it’s own Specifications. You have to Establish Your Empire by saving it from the Attack of Dragons who want to Kill people of your City. 

2. STELLARIS: Best Xbox One Strategy game

STELLARIS best compex sci-fi strategy games for xbox one and ps4

The stellaris is also a space strategy game of conquering  the galaxy and spreading the empire.Stellaris is a 4X great strategy video game developed and issued by Paradox Interactive.

The players have to expand their empire in the galaxy by defeating enemies of other space civilizations.It is one of the most amazing space war video- game.About 95% of google users likes this game.It is a multi- player space war game that means you  can also play it with your friends.

Download & install one of the best space war strategy PC games (stellaris) today and enjoy the space war action.

3. CIVILIZATION VI: Best Strategy game for PS4 and Xbox One

CIVILIZATION VI top rated strategy game for PS4 and xbox one

Civilization VI is the latest version of Civilization V and   Award Winner Building Strategy Game for PC. It was launched on 21st October 2016 and developed by Firaxis Games. It runs almost on all the platforms such as Playstation 4 , Android , Xbox one , Microsoft Windows , iOS , Linux etc. Brian Busatti is the Artist of this game and It is published by 2K Games. 

Civilization VI is one of the best Online Strategy games to play with friends as it comes with two modes i.e Single player mode and another is Multiplayer mode. You have to be very focused if you want to Create a Strong Empire in this Game. Best Strategic tricks and Great Tactical moves are required to reach at pro level in this game. Basically, you have to rule like a King and Create your own Empire by defeating all other Great historical Leaders in this Strategy game.

4. IRON HARVEST: Best war games to play on Console

Iron Harvest is liked by 97% people and is the latest Real time Strategy Game of 2020 .Special Thanks to King Art Games for Developing this Game. Also, Thanks to Deep Silver and Maximilian Kiese for publishing and Designing this game respectively. Iron Harvest runs on Playstation 4 , Xbox One and Microsoft Windows and 1st September 2020 is it’s Expected Releasing Date.

Iron Harvest is based on the Reality of 1920 after the end of The Great War. It is a multiplayer Military Strategy game that you can play with your friends. You have to control your unit dealing with Heavy Weapons and Giant Dieselpunk mechs. This game allows you to make a high class plan and come with new Tactics to defeat your Enemies.

5. Phoenix Point:

Phoenix Point best strategy game PS4

Phoenix Point is a recently released tactics based game which was launched on 3rd December 2019. This game got many positive reviews and comes in the list of Best real time Strategy games.

Snapshot Games developed and published this game. Also, Special Thanks to Julian Gollop for designing such an amazing game for RTS fans. It runs on Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4 , Xbox One and MacOS. 

This game also comes under the Category of Building PC games as it allows you to Build bases , Research new Technologies and Conquest. You need very Strong Strategies to Challenge your Enemies and  defeat them. Phoenix Point is very much Similar with XCOM or we can also say that it is the next part of the XCOM game. 

6. Age of Wonders: Planetfall: Turn based strategy game

Age of wonder planetfall4X turn-based strategy video game

Age of Wonders : Planetfall is the 5th Part of Age of Wonders Series. This is a 4X RTS game that includes a Sci-fi genre too. It was released on 6th August 2019 and runs on the platforms of Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4 and Xbox One . This game was Published by Paradox Interactive and developed by Triumph Studios. 

This game brings all Tactical turn-based Combats in a brand new Sci-fi Setting. Also, it comes under best Building PC games. This game allows you to battle in Space, defeat all enemies and Save your Empire. This game comes in dual mode so that you can also play it with your friends online. This game includes 6 different factions each one with its own features so that you can choose any one among them of your own choice.

7. BATTLETECH: Popular strategy game for Xbox and PS4

BATTLETECH turn-based strategy video with outstanding gameplay and well crafted story

Battletech is a turn-based strategy war game based on towering battles with great action. It was started by Harebrained schemes and issued by Paradox interactive. Leaving its technical clumsiness it is based on towering battle in which you not only have to hit other enemies but also have to protect ourselves from heavy loss. Because of its random number of generators sometimes it also depends on luck . It is a great game with unique ideas and fantastic gameplay and graphics. It is having an outstanding presentation that makes him more popular in top strategy games.

Get this game today to enjoy the best strategy war game action with fantastic gameplay.

Best strategy games for iPhone and Android

1) Grow Empire:  Rome

Grow empire rome real-time strategy game for iPhone, iPad and android

Grow Empire: Rome is a very attractive game with awesome gameplay. It is a real-time tactics strategy game which includes tower defense, strategy mechanics etc.

In this game, players have to control their roman army in the battlefield against the barbarians to conquer their kingdoms. There are about more than 120 cities to rule and more than 1500 waves for survival. 


  • Tower defence with RPG elements.
  • Variety of cities, 120+ cities to rule.
  • New city defence mode also available.
  • More than 35 roman troops with different skills.

Build and spread your empire and be the supreme king of the empire. 

Download and enjoy playing this game today.

2) War Commander: Rogue Assault

War Commander- Rogue Assault multiplayer military strategy game for iPhone and android

War Commander: Rogue Assault is a great strategy war game with smooth graphics and awesome gameplay. There are a number of tanks, warships, armies and many more in this game which provides you the best strategy war game experience.

In this game, players have to command their army to knock down their enemies and to conquer their kingdoms. 

This is one of the best strategy games with smooth graphics and awesome gameplay which provides you real-life experiences. It is a multi-player game that means you can play it with other players  all over the globe. 


  • Multiplayer mode available.
  • Increase your level and unlock powerful troops.
  • Solo unit control.
  • Solo or PVP or RTS combat.
  • Quick access to all kinds of weapons.

Download and enjoy one of the best strategy war games.

3) Badland Brawl

Badland Brawl real-time PvP battler strategy game for android and iphone

Badland Brawl is a great game with easy controls. This game has ultra smooth graphics that gives you real- life experience. The gameplay of this game is awesome.  It is a multiplayer game that means you can also play it with your friends. A very good game to play on your iPad Pro.

In this game, players have to send their clones in the battlefield to take down the enemies tower to win the battle. Unlock 1000 of mysterious Badland eggs and new characters.


  • Multiplayer 3D game.
  • Unique type of physics-based gameplay.
  • Win and unlock 1000 of new characters.
  • Master your clones and build tactical brawl parties.

This is the best game you must have to try. So, download it today and enjoy playing Badland Brawl .

4) Iron Marines: RTS offline game

Iron Marines- best real time sci-fi strategy rts offline game for android and iphone

Iron Marines is a great real-time tactics strategy offline game. This is a very adventures game in which you face strong aliens, space monsters and many more in the unknown planets.

In this game, players have to command their armies to conquer the enemies base. You have to lead soldiers and strong aliens against the evil space monsters.


  • More than 7 units to bring out in battle to boost your heros.
  • Special operations of 17 types for testing battles.
  • More than 40 upgrades to build the powerful RTS army.
  • 8 powerful weapons to slay enemies.

Iron Marines is one of the best strategy offline war games to play. Download and install it today and enjoy the best realistic experiences.

5) Dawn of Titans: War Strategy RPG

Dawn of Titans STUNNING 3D WARFARE massive ACTION-STRATEGY game on mobile

Dawn of Titans: War Strategy RPG

is a great real-time tactics strategy game. 

In this game, players have to command their troops with the great GOD TITANS like Thor, Zeus, OSIRIS etc to conquer the enemies kingdom and spread their empire. This is a multiplayer game that means you can play it with your friends also. This game has various modes such as assault mode, raid boss, Conquest etc.


  • Create your own undefeatable alliance.
  • Continues exclusive events.
  • Great collection of legend superheros.
  • Build and spread your own empire.
  • Upgrade your army to become more powerful.

Download and install Dawn of Titans: War strategy RPG to enjoy the best action strategy war game.

6) Age of Ottoman

Age of Ottoman best android strategy game

Age of Ottoman is a great game to play. In this game, you have to fight epic battles by controlling  your Turkish or Byzantine soldiers. You will achieve points after winning every battle. This is a multiplayer game that means you can also enjoy playing this game with your friends. You will be given some special powers  which you can use in worst situations. This game has smooth graphics with awesome gameplay.

Mentioned below are some great features of the game which make this game the great one.


  • 3D multiplayer game.
  • Control the turkish or the Byzantine soldiers.
  • Conquer the enemies territory and spread your empire.

Download and install Age of Ottoman today and enjoy the best real-life experience.

7) Mushroom Wars 2

Mushroom Wars 2 award-winning real-time strategy game for android and ios

Mushroom Wars 2 is a real-time tactics strategy game developed and issued by Zillion Whales. This is an online as well as offline game with great  smooth graphics  and awesome gameplay.

In this game, players have to command their small army of mushroom soldiers to conquer the enemies base. The game controls of this game are very simple and easy to learn. This is one of the best strategy games in the world to enjoy. 


  • Small Mushroom army for battles.
  • Smooth graphics with awesome gameplay.
  • Supports both Online and offline mode mode.
  • Easy controls.

Download & install Mushroom War 2 to enjoy one of the best strategy games in the world with the real-life experiences.

8) Vainglory

award-winning free-to-play cross-platform game for iphonoe and android

Vainglory is a real-time tactics session-based game with great gameplay and smooth graphics. It was developed and issued by Super Evil MegaCorp. This is an online as well as offline game. You can play it with unknown teammates and you can also test your best strategies against bots. This is a multiplayer 

game that means you can also play it with your friends.

There are 25 superheros in total, increase your level to unlock them all and enjoy playing with all these heros. There are 5 different  hero classes in this game. Upgrade your heros to their max level to see their full power.


  • 3D Multiplayer game.
  •  Supports both online and offline mode.
  • Smooth graphics with awesome gameplay.
  • Collection of 25 superheros.

Download and install Vainglory to enjoy one of the best strategy games with realistic gameplay and smooth graphics.

9) Tropico

Tropico best ipad strategy game

Tropico is a great game with awesome gameplay and smooth graphics. This game was developed by Pop Top software and issued by the developers.

In this game, players have to control the role of ” El presidente” that rules a mysterious island state in the Caribbean known as Tropico. This is a good iPad strategy game.


  • Perform the role of “El Presindente”.
  • Rule the mysterious island country.
  • Smooth graphics with awesome gameplay.

Download and install Tropico today and one of the best games in the world and play the role of a great dictator.

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10) Mindustry

Mindustry top rated strategy game on android and iOS

Mindustry is an amazing strategy game with great gameplay and smooth graphics. 

In this game, players are provided with the variety of tools to strengthen their defense and to protect their resources from the enemies. This is  one of the best strategy games in the world. This is one of the top rated strategy games on iPad.


  • Smooth graphics with great gameplay.
  • Build your ultimate defense.
  • Protect your resources against the enemies.

Download and install Mindustry game to enjoy one of the best strategy games in the world.

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