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Escape from tarkov customs map full guide

In order to Escape from Tarkov, you require good knowledge of maps.  All Beginners used to play in the Customs area map and to survive there, you must have full information about the map.

To Escape from Tarkov, all you need is to loot, ruble, and survive in the area which is full of opponents. You can only Survive if you have complete knowledge about the map. Also, you will know the right place to attack or where you have to hide, where you will get cover etc.

 Escape from tarkov customs map full guide

Here you will get all required information that will help you to fight with the enemies. 

The 4th map added to the survival FP shooter Escape from Tarkov is Shoreline. Including the Port area, this map has many more features like – a large beach area, gas station, weather station, and cell tower. Other areas include towns, commercial buildings, and expansive fields etc.

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It is the second largest map in Escape from Tarkov. Therefore, the loot amount is also higher along with the  high number of opponents. Therefore, a basic guide about the locations is much needed. 

Escape from Tarkov features two factions. The Scav and The PMC faction.  Shoreline is split between these two factions and both of these factions share some  locations between them. The Scavs have 7 exit points. On the other hand, The PMCs have only 4 exit points. Moreover, the availability of the exit points of The PMC is too low. 

Best Places to get loot for Beginners 

If you are a beginner, then you need some basic information about the map and know certain places where you get the maximum amount of loot. The best way to explore the whole map and check the places containing maximum loot is by playing as SCAV or offline. By playing SCAV mode, you can easily check all the locations of the map plus the amount of loot present in specific areas without any risk of death. At the end of SCAV mode, you can loot again after 20 minutes. In this way, you can know all the locations of the map.

There is one more way to get knowledge of the map i.e by playing the game offline because in offline mode, you will not see any enemy and as a result there is no risk of death from the attack of enemies.

After the loot, Looted items don’t store in your inventory but are replaced with XP points when you exit the game. Apart from this, Sometimes bots can be seen in the offline mode so that you can improve your aim by shooting them. You don’t need to worry because bots can’t kill you.

Escape from Tarkov Customs map exits

Exits points are those points where you can leave your game with all your collected loot. In SCAV mode you have 7 exit points so that you can loot and leave easily. The thing you need to know is knowing your exit points. The simple way to know all the exit points is to remember a simple thing and that is – whenever you are spawn to the east side of your map then your exit points are in your opposite direction i.e West side of the map and vice-versa.

Only a few exit points are active during a raid and they rotate randomly every time you spawn. If you want to check the accessibility of the points then you need to Double tap ‘O’ Exit Points are labelled with a ‘?’ You need to do some extra work before leaving. Like- Searching a key or paying some roubles.    

You don’t need to hurry to reach the exit points because you have a lot of time to do so. Therefore, take your time and get well aware of the map and know all the locations of the map so that you can get familiar with it. If you spawn in the east of the map then the crossroads and trailer park are your exit points. On the other hand, if you spawn in the west side of the map then your exit points must be the  Factory Far Corner and Admin Gate. 

Where to find Scavs on Customs

In Tarkov, Scavs are local and either can be the player or can be AI. The Scav AI always spawn at a specific position i.e  at the beginning of raid and in the waves. Where as the 

Sniper Scavs spawn on Customs in different areas. Therefore, you need to stay alert when looting some areas Such as : 

  • Construction
  • Warehouse
  • Military Checkpoint
  • Woodland east of Military Checkpoint
  • Smoke tower near Factory Stacks etc.

You get different rewards when you  kill a Sniper Scav. Rewards can be – SV-98, Vepr Hunter, and Mosin. You can search Sniper Scav in various areas. Use the maximum number of  grenades so that you can give maximum damage  to the group of enemies at once. Few tips you need to know such as : Don’t remain at one place for a long time because enemies can easily spot and kill you. Here are some locations where you can find Reshala and the goodies : 

  • Dorms, Gas Station, tower north of Gas Station and Military checkpoint near Gas Station
  • Hostiles: Reshala with 4 heavy guards

After taking a lot of risk you get some rewards such as: Bitcoins, Roubles, TerraGroup Labs key card, Golden TT (pistol) etc.

Best hidden stashes on Customs

You can get some ground stashes as your loot in the route. Whether it can be barrels or hatches.You can always see them in fixed locations. These items can be – weapons, gear, ammo, medical supplies etc.

Here are some fix locations of certain items :

Barrel: North-West of Bus Station, inside the blue crate

Hatch: South-West of Gate 2, under the foliage next to the large pipes

Barrel: East of Military Base Checkpoint gate, next to dumpster 21 

Hatch: East side of Factory Far Corner, next to the wall

Escape from Tarkov Customs hot zones

It is important to know the hotspots of your game so that you can play a rush game. In this game, you will see lots of traffic of enemies in the Construction and Dorms.

Also, Quests and Scav Spawns are some hot-zones of escape from tarkov. It is necessary to pay attention towards all Bridges. Whether you are fighting with humans or AI, Train bridge or the main bridge any of them can be camped or blocked by the enemies. Therefore, it is important to pay special attention towards these checkpoints.

How to complete quests on Customs

On Completing your quests, you get special rewards such as : increase in the XP, increase in trade reputation, increase in money etc. and much more items. You can check your rewards in with the traders quests. On joining this game, you have to do your first quest. Details of the first quest is given below :

  • Quest Name: Debut
  • Type: Elimination
  • Objectives: Take out five Scavs and retrieve two MP-133 shotguns

And the Rewards you get after completing your quest are : 

600 XP, 5,000 Roubles, +0.08 rep with Prapor, PM 9x18PM pistol, 3x 90-93 9x18PM magazine for 8 PM rounds and ability to purchase Kalashnikov’s AKS-74U 5.45×39.


Escape from Tarkovs Customs map is a popular choice in Battlestate Games FPS sim. How do you know where to escape from tarkov? All The extractions, PMC, Scav: ZB-013, ZB-1012 , ZB-1011, Warehouse 4 , Warehouse 17 , Trailer Park Workers’ Shack , Trailer Park , Sniper Roadblock , Scavs checkpoint , Railroad to Port , Railroad To Military Base, Passage between rocks

Escape from Tarkov Customs loot: where to get the best gear

If you want to survive in the game , then you need to defeat all other opponents and this can only be done when you get a sufficient amount of Loot. Without a good Loot, you can’t fight against your enemies.

Therefore, you need to know the best locations where you can get the best loot for you. Mainly, you can see max. loot in the hotdrop areas such as : Construction, Dorms, unlockable rooms, Big red etc. But you will also see numerous enemies in these areas because they also want good loot for them. 

Therefore, keep all information about the map so that you can loot and hide in hot-drop areas without being killed by anyone. You will see different areas that contain the maximum amount of loot such as : On the east side of the map, you can get a lot of loot in the Sub-Station. Apart from it, Hidden caches are also good areas where you can get maximum loot for you. 

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