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6 (£125) Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel (Xbox One) (Best racing wheels for xbox one uk 2020)

The second on our list is the Ferrari 458 Spider Thrustmaster steering wheel that was specially designed for Xbox One. Previously we would like to tell you that this steering wheel is so far the cheapest offer we have on our list, since it has a cost of 100  . But having this price, how do you compare it with the beasts of Logitech G920 and G29? To be honest, the comparison would be somewhat unfair. Let’s find out what the VG Ferrari has to offer.

When we take it out of its box, the first thing we notice is that the steering wheel is very similar to the steering wheel of a Ferrari, in fact all the design language of Ferrari is very present in this product. We had our doubts about the quality of manufacture of this product due to its low price, but believe it or not, the steering wheel exceeded all our expectations, it presents a solid manufacturing and works in all racing games or driving games.

The few disadvantages that we have seen in the VG Ferrari are mainly the lack of additional options that if we can find in other racing wheels, and although the constitution feels very firm, it leaves us in turn a feeling of cheap plastic. But we must bear in mind that we are only paying  100 for it, and it is as good as it can be. Best racing wheels for xbox one forza 6 uk 2020

  • Ferrari 458 SSpider racing wheel
  • Realistic: 28 cm diameter racing wheel that incorporates rubber texture grip
  • 2 metallic shift paddles Up & Down
  • Adjustable steering wheel sensitivity (4 preset values) ensures more accurate driving in all games
  • 2 pedals with wide footrest. Brake pedal that offers progressive resistance. Individually adjustable



  • Red rubber-textured grips, inspired by motor sports
  • Wide adjustable pedal set
  • 9 replica action buttons (including View and Menu buttons)
  • Automatic centering
  • 240 degree rotation angle
  • Adjustable wheel sensitivity

7 (£539) Best of the best for PS4: Fanatec CSL Elite Racing Wheel

Fanatec Clubsport series has the jaw-dropping build quality and offers multiple customizations. PS4 lovers prefer to have racing wheels having similar controls as of PlayStation. You will find the identical options and buttoning on this racing wheel and amazing the small rev-meter assists in shifting gears in gameplay. The racing wheel comes along with strong and long-lasting shifters. Although, the price forces you to see other options in the league because it sells for $999.

Really by far best PS4 wheel in the market. Works perfect on GT Sport in compatibility mode. Also have other brand wheel as a comparison and this is in another league. No toy and with a loadcell brake the best one for console. Wheel is so smooth, no resistance when turning the wheel like all other ps4 wheels. Got it together with clubsport shifter and v3i pedals. Both work fine with GT Sport, Assetto Corsa and PC2 that I tried. In VR on GT Sport it feels like a real car. Takes one or two hours to set everything up and find out how it works and how to fine tune it. 

The base has contained dimensions (somewhat inferior to the ClubSport of the same manufacturer) and is easy to install and configure. It has a mode button, which allows you to select between console and PC modes. It even has a “CSW v2 compatibility mode” so that the steering wheel is compatible with old PS4 games that were compatible with that base.

The steering wheel itself has a good feel, with leather and leather parts. The display at the top is very useful and the shift cams have a fabulous touch. These cams are undoubtedly one of the best things of the steering wheel, since it is not a spring with a switch at the end of the route, but it is necessary to make a certain force from which the cam yields suddenly. So to say, it is not possible to leave the cam halfway, but it works as an “all or nothing”. The front of the steering wheel is aluminum and the interchangeable buttons are definitely a plus.



  • all PS4 and PS4 Pro consoles
  • Ultra-strong brushless servo motor which delivers up to 6Nm of torque on the steering axis
  • Single belt drive unit with ultra-low lag and cogging, and big ball bearings for lowest friction
  • DirectSensorTM on the steering axis to prevent influence of the belt drive on the position sensor
  • 1080° of rotation which can be adjusted in the tuning menu of the attached steering wheel

8 (£787) Best of the best for Xbox One: Fanatec CSL Elite Racing Wheel

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Xbox one steering wheel with pedals? The new electronic system features potentiometer sensors with metal gears on the arms of the throttle and clutch pedals, with 12 bits, and the load cell brake with ultra-precise resolution of 16 bits. The covers of the buttons of the Xbox One can be easily changed to the covers of the racing buttons, with symbols according to the most popular functions you will need during the races. best steering wheel for forza horizon 3.

The lightweight steering wheel (970 g / 2.138 lbs) has a realistic diameter of 30 cm (11.81 inches) that uses the simplified quick change introduced with the non-Elite version of the CSL P1 steering wheel. Flywheels Change the steering wheel in a matter of seconds, even during the game, with the Quick Change automotive hitch system established by our ClubSport series. Positioned below the base for the ClubSport V2 steering wheel, but more powerful than the V1, the base for the CSL Elite steering wheel is, surely, powerful enough to respond to your needs in the circuit.



9 (£699) Thrustmaster T-GT: PS4 Subsonic Universal Racing Wheel with Pedals (PS4/Slim/Pro/Xbox One/S/PS3)

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The T-gt racing wheel is the latest Thrustmaster racing simulator for Gran Turismo sport and is officially licensed for PS4. The t-gt racing wheel is a highly innovative source of technology, the result of a thorough investigation of all the sensations required for an ultra-realistic racing experience. Designed and built to withstand competitions, the t-gt offers the most demanding players a new experience. T-gt is also compatible with PC. xbox one steering wheel with pedals?

Thrustmaster is one of the leading companies in racing wheel controllers. If you look deeply at the design of the wheel, you will see it has four circular dials particularly designed for traction controls, brake dials, and many more. It houses the professional brushless motors, providing the exact force feedback of what happens in the game. The modifiable pedals, and customizable option to change wheel rim makes it stand out of the racing wheel market. However, the price is unaffordable and is approximately $1499. 

10 RWA: Cheap racing wheel xbox one in 2020

HORI has great worth in the fighting controllers and now, they started producing steering wheels controllers. The majority of modern games are compatible with this racing wheel. Although, it does not have a clutch pedal yet it is still recommended to PlayStation players. The overall built quality of steering and pedals is great. You can get this professional racing wheel somewhere around $382.


We have tested and reviewed the above racing wheels, and their performance was amazing. Therefore, we can evidently state that these are the best steering wheels for Xbox One and PS4.

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Best cpu for gaming 2020 | How to choose a processor for gaming and which one to buy?

How to choose a processor for gaming? Follow the below in-depth guide.

The processor, also known as CPU or micro, is the brain of the PC. Its main functions include the management of the operating system, the execution of the applications and the coordination of the different devices that make up the equipment.

How to choose a processor for a laptop, choosing the right processor for Gaming desktop and PC, How to choose a processor for gaming and which one to buy?

What makes a good cpu?, What is a good cpu for gaming?, Do i need an i7 or i5 for gaming? Best cpu for gaming? All questions are answered below in full depth.

 This one is inserted in the base plate on a connector that is denominated socket , although this is not always so, in a laptop or portable it is normal to be soldered directly.  Choosing the right processor for Gaming desktop and PC  is crucial this we look at each one of the available processors in the market.

Best cpu for gaming: Gaming cpu in 2020

Intel and AMD are producing unmatchable and unbeatable quality processors. AMD’s recent Ryzen series is rocking the market. The second generation is gaining more fame just because of gaming performance and pricing. Few Ryzen CPUs are half the cost of Intel CPUs but they are great competitors to Intel. The collective number of processors of both companies exceed a hundred resulting in difficulty in selecting the best for your gaming setup.  You will get the answers about what cpu to buy for gaming? in the below guide. If you are asking that, what intel core is good for gaming? then all of the below mentioned Intel gaming processors are good enough for hardcore gaming.

Best cpu for gaming- Gaming cpu in 2020
Best cpu for gaming- Gaming cpu in 2020

What processor is better for gaming? It is always a tricky question and depends heavily on your gaming needs. Go through the below list of best gaming cpu’s and choose according to your preference.

Although, the Intel processors are regarded as capable of gaming (particularly higher fps) whereas, AMD processors have great fame for multitasking. Both Intel & AMD are considered as the best processor for gaming due to their ability to overclock. To overcome stress, and unify the decision. We have selected the best processors from AMD and Intel:

1. AMD Ryzen 9 3900x (Hard-core gaming processor): Best cpu for gaming from AMD

AMD Ryzen 9 3900x- best cpu for gaming from AMD
AMD Ryzen 9 3900x- most powerful cpu for gaming from AMD

This AMD processor is the best AMD processor for gaming. It is considered as the most advanced and high base frequency processor ever built. This flawless processor has twelve cores and twenty-four threads, which makes it able to execute any heavy graphic game. AMD Ryzen 9 3900x is the best competitor to the Intel Core i9-9900k.  One of the best cpu for 4k gaming and video editing.

2. AMD Ryzen 7 3800x (Mid-range gaming athlete): what is a good cpu for gaming

AMD Ryzen 7 3800x- best gaming cpu processor from AMD
AMD Ryzen 7 3800x- best budget gaming cpu processor from AMD

The Ryzen 7 3800X has high-speed clock frequency, wonderful overclocking capabilities allowing it to be compatible with the AM4 motherboard, making it the most affordable processor for everyone. Undoubtedly, the best pick in the mid-range budget. It compares and beats Intel core i7 dues to its built quality, performance, and affordability. 

3. Intel Core i9 10900K (Most Recent Intel Flagship):

Intel Core i9 10900K best cpu for gaming from intel
Intel Core i9 10900K High end flaghip cpu for gaming from intel for pro gamers

Intel Core i9 10900k processor is considered the best Intel processor for gaming by gamers. It can support nearly any type of video game. No processor can beat this one in terms of gaming performance. If you are an enthusiastic gamer, then Core i9 10900K is the only best option from intel. It is one of the best intel core processor for gaming and graphics. This is the most powerful and the best cpu for gaming from Intel in 2020.

4. Intel Core i7 9700K:

Intel Core i7 9700K gaming processor
Intel Core i7 9700K budget gaming processor from intel in 2020

Intel Core i7 9700K does not come with hyper-threading enabled and hence it is slightly cheaper than i9-9900K. Exceedingly balanced processor with amazing performance and highly affordable. It is enough to play heavy games thanks to additional cores and higher clock frequencies. If you are looking for a best cpu for workstation and gaming then look no further than this mid budget gaming processor from Intel in 2020.

Is i7 good for gaming? Yes, it is indeed a very powerful processor and can play even the top high end games at ultra settings without any lag. The latest generation i7 computer gaming CPU is a processor made for gaming. It will give you the best gaming cpu performance when compared to its counterparts.

You can also go for an 10th generation i5 gaming CPU which is a budget intel processor for gaming. It is quite good but I would recommend to buy a AMD Ryzen 5 series or higher gaming processor for CPU due to its sheer performance and competitive low budget price.


Before finalizing the decision about the CPU, it is essential to consider a few factors. The motherboard should be compatible even if you choose AMD or Intel. AMD processors are easily compatible with common motherboards like 300, 400, and 500 because it has an AM4 Socket. Intel reigned the processor market until AMD introduced the Ryzen series.

All of the above presented gaming computer CPU’s are in fact top processors for gaming and are best high end processor‘s in their category.

Intel and AMD both have built outstanding processors, however, with their specialties’ either for gaming and productivity tasks like video editing and rendering. AMD’s high-end processors such as 12 and 16-core 3900X and 3950X offer a greater number of cores as compared to flagship processors of Intel. Intel’s high-end processors like 9900K, 9960K, and 10900K are incomparable when it comes to overall performance (both gaming and video rendering) although AMDs are more preferred by gamers. Both AMD and Intel provide best computer processor for gaming, the only difference is in their prices.

Certainly, for better gaming you never need to buy the best processor, AMD is offering Ryzen 7 3700X is a fantastic gaming chip to play games and video rendering, and it can effortlessly beat Intel’s high-end 10600K. There are numerous reasons for considering AMD over Intel and vice versa. Intel’s latest-generation CPUs support multiple ports much better. PCI Express 4.0 can support the latest AMD 500 series motherboard, which can improve graphics performance in certain niche (and most likely future) cases and open u-based applications. 

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How to Choose a Processor for Gaming?

The selection of the best processor for gaming within a limited budget is one of the most facile and tough jobs. As a result, lots of questions are raised whilst deciding for the fastest processor to compete and support the modern gaming requirements. Performance factors like threads, no. of cores, clock frequencies, cache size, are generally abstruse to many people because everyone wants stupefying outcomes without wasting additional money. 

But we have come with an easy guide that helps and guides you about opting for the most effective and budget-friendly processor for your gaming needs. Today, you will learn about the tactics of buying the best gaming processor.


A core is the physical component of the processor which is responsible for performing tasks and calculations. In layman language, more cores mean smooth and buttery execution of multiple applications simultaneously. High graphic video games prerequisite multi-core processors. More cores, more threads mean better efficiency of the processor. Most of the CPUs have either six or eight cores, while AMD offers processors up to 12 cores. 

Threads and Multithreading:

Thread is the virtual component that skyrockets the processing speed of the core. Single thread processors are enormously slower however multi threaded processors are efficient. The number of threads depends on the cores. One must consider multi threaded processors before making the final decision. Higher threads effortlessly advance the ability of multitasking — executing more than one application meanwhile. However, faster processing speeds may increase the power consumption resulting in a rise in CPU temperature. 

Mysterious Clock Frequencies:

Many people still find it problematic to comprehend the exact definition of clock frequencies of the processor. The processors have pre-designed cores frequencies known as base frequency. During the last two decades, the processors have undergone colossal development phases ensuring more base frequencies. Clock frequencies (or speed) are the most vital factors affecting the speed and performance in gaming.

Pro Tip: “Always opt for the processors having a frequency above than 3.0Ghz.”

Both Intel & AMD offer unlocked processors that can be easily overclocked (manually alteration to base clock frequency). The process of overclocking significantly increases and boosts the graphic performance of the processor. Although overclocking requires more power.

Cache Memory:

Every processor contains a memory known as cache memory; this usually stores information regarding the CPU. It somehow affects the performance however; one must go for a processor with higher cache memory.

Integrated graphics:

The built-in graphics chips on the processor are technically termed as integrated graphics whereas, the independent and external graphics are known as the dedicated graphics card. Most of the processor now has integrated graphics with them, however, these graphics chip are not designed for heavy gaming therefore external graphics are always preferred. Most games require a minimum of two gigabytes of graphics. 

The processors with integrated graphics are still capable of handling games on low-resolution settings. AMD never had graphics on their processors, but now they have started to integrate graphics within the chip. AMD integrated chips are now giving tough time to Intel processors. 

Unlocked & Locked Chips:

Most manufacturers are producing unlocked processors while considering modern gaming needs. A locked processor is designed the same as the unlocked ones, but the only difference is clock speed. They have pre-set clock frequencies, and cannot be overclocked. On the contrary, the unlocked processors have a frequency multiplier that allows setting the frequency according to the user demand. 

AMD has most of their processors unlocked because they are truly designed for overclocking. Although, Intel produces both locked and unlocked processors. The unlocked processor of Intel can be identified by the letter “K” at the end of the model number. 

We highly recommend newcomers to the gaming world to have unlocked processors because they are more customizable and can be overclocked to get maximum juice out of it. However, you can go with locked ones if you are not a tech guy. 

Cooling System & Power Supplies:

Generally, there is no credibility about the information regarding the power consumption of the processors both by AMD and Intel. The wattage helps to define the suitable cooler and required watts power from power supply unit (termed as PSU)

Typically, laptops need an estimated 40-45 watts whereas, the gaming computers consume 65 watts to 125 watts depending on the multi-tasking burden on the processor. It is obvious to think about the best cooler and power supply to avoid extra fan noises and heat issues. We recommend having good coolers such as Noctua NH-D15, Cooler Master Hyper 212, Corsair H100i Pro. 

Pro Tip: “Never rely on cheaper power supplies and coolers.” 

What components does a processor have?

Keep in mind that not all are the same but most of them include among other elements:

Nuclei. A kernel is nothing more than a miniature processor. Modern processors have several of them which makes it possible to speed up certain types of applications and avoid blockages.

Cache. The cache memory is the element of the memory system of a PC that is inside the micro, is used to accelerate the speed of the accesses to the RAM.

The cache is, in turn, organized into several levels each slower and larger than the previous one. It will be the task of the micro to leave the data that is most used as close as possible to accelerate the execution of the programs.

Memory controller. This was one of the first elements that was integrated getting speed access to the RAM. This has a drawback and is that you can only use the type of memory for which your processor is prepared.

This has not always been so since before the type of memory you could use depended on the motherboard and it was not uncommon that it was prepared to work with several types of RAM.

Graphic card. If they integrate this component we are no longer talking about CPUs but APUs . We would not be before a conventional micro if not before a hybrid between processor and graphics card. At present and it seems that in future developments almost all the micros that you find will be of this type.

One of the most used techniques to increase the speed includes the execution of instructions out of order trying to optimize the use of the functional blocks. In these processors the operations are executed when their data is in the order they were written. This of course leads to a more complex architecture that must control that the results are consistent.

What should I keep in mind when buying a processor?

It will be your needs that in the end decide which processor you should buy. It is not the same to acquire a PC to study, than to play by putting two examples.

Among these other technologies we find:

Hyperthreading. Thanks to Hyperthread technology, which is typical of Intel’s micros, it is possible to simulate that you have two logical cores over a physical one. It is interesting for certain applications such as those dealing with graphics and videos.

CMT. CMT is an AMD technology that allows to join two cores and share certain resources that occupy less area and therefore include a greater number of them.

Turbo Boost and Turbo Core. Turbo Boost and Turbo Core are two technologies, the first of Intel and the second of AMD capable of accelerating the processors when they do not consume much.

You can find more information about which processor you want in the link.

Processor Components

The processor is the device that is responsible for carrying out the tasks necessary for you to use your applications and programs. You can consider it the brain of your PC.

An application once installed on the hard drive has two basic components. The data, for example drawings, photographs, sounds, videos and the instructions that are in charge of working with that data.

The function of the micro is therefore to be attentive to the information that comes from the user through the keyboard and mouse and act processing the instructions that are part of the application you are using at a given time.

As you are told each time you add more elements inside the processor, among them you can find:

Memory controller. Before you had an element on the base layer that was in charge of all communication between the micro and the RAM. By including this inside the processor we get very important speed improvements.

Graphic card. More and more models include a graphics card inside. In this way we managed to reduce consumption and save money, not having to buy this device, in our team. Unfortunately these are not as potent as their older sisters the discreet of a lifetime.

PCI Express controller. When implementing this component internally the communication with the discrete graphics card is direct. That is, the same philosophy has been followed as with the memory controller.

System bus controller. The system bus allows the processor to communicate with the peripherals found on the motherboard. When included, an improvement in the overall speed of the system was achieved again.

Fourth Generation i7 Processors for desktop PCs, Which one to buy?

To better understand these devices it is necessary to understand how this company works. To create your designs, divide the development into two phases in a process that is called “tick, tock” and is done in succession.

What processor do I have on my PC?

The processor is the brain of the PC and therefore one of the most important elements of any computer. Its main function is to be in charge to execute the programs and the operating system.

But, can you recognize which family it belongs to? What are its characteristics? Unfortunately and because it is hidden inside the box of the PC sometimes it is very complicated to know its characteristics.

But do not despair with a few simple steps you will see that it is inside your machine.

How to find out which processor my PC has?

There is a very simple way to have Windows 7 :

From the start menu you have to select search and type:

“check the processor speed”

Here you will find both the name of the manufacturer and the model you have installed, its frequency of operation , and more information about the hardware of your computer such as RAM , Want something more sophisticated ?:

It uses Speccy which is a tool of Piriform the creators of CCleaner:

Download Speccy

In the previous link you can download it for free and without problems of Adware, nor viruses.

What types of processors are there for PC?

The two most important manufacturers of PC processors are Intel and AMD.

Its most popular micros are:

By Intel

The Core designed for those users with high average needs, divided into three families i7, i5 and i3 .

Its less powerful models include Pentium, Celeron .

From AMD

For the general public you will find A10 , A8 , A6 , A4 . Something more power will find in your FX micros.


If you are going to use the integrated graphics card use the AMD micro, otherwise Ivy Bridge is a highly recommended option.

Which is better if you are on a budget?

If your budget is limited and you are not going to need big benefits the AMD option is the one that you should choose.

The 100 savings, plus the possibility of not having to add a discrete graphics card, if you’re not going to use the computer to play, makes it the ideal alternative.

Which is better on a gaming computer?

The AMD micro has a higher graphics card can make you doubt. However, this card alone will suffer with the most sophisticated games.

Another option that you can consider is with the difference in price to buy a very good discreet card. In addition, the integrated card of AMD, unlike that of Intel, can work in tandem with another that you add. This can only be done with certain cards of the AMD itself does not lose features like UVD3 very interesting to play and video encoding.

The problem, limiting the performance of the processor can give you problems with future games.

Better to use it on a low price?

In this case if you want to have a cheap computer and play HD video the alternative is AMD by price.

Better if you do not have budget problems?

The Intel i5 and a quality graphics card that renews every bit. In this case you will have equipment for a long time.

Better to set up a team to work?

If you are going to use the Internet and programs like Word and Excel any of them will do, then choose AMD by price.

In case you use more complex applications like Autocad, PhotoShop, the i5 is better option.

Let us know in the comments that how you choose a processor for gaming and which one you deemed most powerful?

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