I want to change my laptops processor: Can I change the processor on my laptop

One of the options that you can pose if your laptop or laptop starts to work very slow is to change the processor . However, you have to keep in mind that it is much more complicated than doing it with a desktop PC . Moreover, there are equipment in which this change is impossible since the micro is directly welded to the motherboard . I … Read more

Acer Predator 17 X GTX 1080 Gaming laptop Review

Acer’s new gaming equipment within its Predator range has seen the light in the form of a new gaming laptop Predator 17X and a surprising gaming desktop computer Predator G1 , which by its characteristics and reduced dimensions has managed to surprise To everyone present. Acer Predator 17 X GTX 1080 Gaming laptop Review? Acer has tried to create a notebook that … Read more

Gigabyte aero 14 1060 review best i7 gaming laptop

Gigabyte aero 14 1060 review best i7 gaming laptop? A laptop to play more or less in conditions is something quite complicated to find, and if you find it there are always different problems to deal with: the price is very high, the designs are extravagant , and in terms of dimensions, they are usually dead . Except Razer and … Read more

10 best laptops for gaming in 2020 UK

10 best laptops for gaming in 2020 UK? You want a powerful gaming computer , right? Sure, a rigorous machine that can handle any game in the maximum configuration, beating the latest consoles would be cheaper to build. But that is a daunting task, and frankly unnecessary, for anyone more interested in playing games than … Read more

29 Lightweight gaming laptop UK, USA of 2017

Lightweight gaming laptop UK? Each year Desktop and Laptop Brands update their flagship with the latest hardware releases. Mainly on screen, CPU, RAM and Storage. There are several models of recognized brands that compete to get the best laptop and for this reason we have made a Top with the best laptops in several categories: The best Ultrabook, best convertible Laptops, hybrid, … Read more

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