Best cpu for gaming 2020 | How to choose a processor for gaming and which one to buy?

How to choose a processor for gaming? Follow the below in-depth guide. The processor, also known as CPU or micro, is the brain of the PC. Its main functions include the management of the operating system, the execution of the applications and the coordination of the different devices that make up the equipment. What makes a good cpu?, … Read more

What are good gaming pc specs in 2020? Requirements for a good gaming pc

The below in-depth article talks about: What does a gaming pc need?, What are the minimum requirements for a gaming PC tower?, and many more. What should I look for in a gaming PC in 2020? Look for the performance metrics and invest on a good motherboard, graphics card and a decent processor. Follow the … Read more

Graphics Cards: Integrated vs. Dedicated | Differences between an integrated graphics card and a discrete one

What is the graphics card? Most graphics cards connect to the motherboard of your computer and its main utility is to display images on the monitor . The current ones are able to accelerate the creation of three-dimensional images as you see in games and video playback. Although it is normal to have a single output, and therefore you can … Read more

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