Gaming laptops under £500, £1000, £1500, £2000 in 2020. All about gaming (PS4, Xbox and PC)

6 (£125) Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel (Xbox One) (Best racing wheels for xbox one uk 2020)

The second on our list is the Ferrari 458 Spider Thrustmaster steering wheel that was specially designed for Xbox One. Previously we would like to tell you that this steering wheel is so far the cheapest offer we have on our list, since it has a cost of 100  . But having this price, how do you compare it with the beasts of Logitech G920 and G29? To be honest, the comparison would be somewhat unfair. Let’s find out what the VG Ferrari has to offer.

When we take it out of its box, the first thing we notice is that the steering wheel is very similar to the steering wheel of a Ferrari, in fact all the design language of Ferrari is very present in this product. We had our doubts about the quality of manufacture of this product due to its low price, but believe it or not, the steering wheel exceeded all our expectations, it presents a solid manufacturing and works in all racing games or driving games.

The few disadvantages that we have seen in the VG Ferrari are mainly the lack of additional options that if we can find in other racing wheels, and although the constitution feels very firm, it leaves us in turn a feeling of cheap plastic. But we must bear in mind that we are only paying  100 for it, and it is as good as it can be. Best racing wheels for xbox one forza 6 uk 2020

  • Ferrari 458 SSpider racing wheel
  • Realistic: 28 cm diameter racing wheel that incorporates rubber texture grip
  • 2 metallic shift paddles Up & Down
  • Adjustable steering wheel sensitivity (4 preset values) ensures more accurate driving in all games
  • 2 pedals with wide footrest. Brake pedal that offers progressive resistance. Individually adjustable



  • Red rubber-textured grips, inspired by motor sports
  • Wide adjustable pedal set
  • 9 replica action buttons (including View and Menu buttons)
  • Automatic centering
  • 240 degree rotation angle
  • Adjustable wheel sensitivity

7 (£539) Best of the best for PS4: Fanatec CSL Elite Racing Wheel

Fanatec Clubsport series has the jaw-dropping build quality and offers multiple customizations. PS4 lovers prefer to have racing wheels having similar controls as of PlayStation. You will find the identical options and buttoning on this racing wheel and amazing the small rev-meter assists in shifting gears in gameplay. The racing wheel comes along with strong and long-lasting shifters. Although, the price forces you to see other options in the league because it sells for $999.

Really by far best PS4 wheel in the market. Works perfect on GT Sport in compatibility mode. Also have other brand wheel as a comparison and this is in another league. No toy and with a loadcell brake the best one for console. Wheel is so smooth, no resistance when turning the wheel like all other ps4 wheels. Got it together with clubsport shifter and v3i pedals. Both work fine with GT Sport, Assetto Corsa and PC2 that I tried. In VR on GT Sport it feels like a real car. Takes one or two hours to set everything up and find out how it works and how to fine tune it. 

The base has contained dimensions (somewhat inferior to the ClubSport of the same manufacturer) and is easy to install and configure. It has a mode button, which allows you to select between console and PC modes. It even has a “CSW v2 compatibility mode” so that the steering wheel is compatible with old PS4 games that were compatible with that base.

The steering wheel itself has a good feel, with leather and leather parts. The display at the top is very useful and the shift cams have a fabulous touch. These cams are undoubtedly one of the best things of the steering wheel, since it is not a spring with a switch at the end of the route, but it is necessary to make a certain force from which the cam yields suddenly. So to say, it is not possible to leave the cam halfway, but it works as an “all or nothing”. The front of the steering wheel is aluminum and the interchangeable buttons are definitely a plus.



  • all PS4 and PS4 Pro consoles
  • Ultra-strong brushless servo motor which delivers up to 6Nm of torque on the steering axis
  • Single belt drive unit with ultra-low lag and cogging, and big ball bearings for lowest friction
  • DirectSensorTM on the steering axis to prevent influence of the belt drive on the position sensor
  • 1080° of rotation which can be adjusted in the tuning menu of the attached steering wheel

8 (£787) Best of the best for Xbox One: Fanatec CSL Elite Racing Wheel

Check Amazon UK

Xbox one steering wheel with pedals? The new electronic system features potentiometer sensors with metal gears on the arms of the throttle and clutch pedals, with 12 bits, and the load cell brake with ultra-precise resolution of 16 bits. The covers of the buttons of the Xbox One can be easily changed to the covers of the racing buttons, with symbols according to the most popular functions you will need during the races. best steering wheel for forza horizon 3.

The lightweight steering wheel (970 g / 2.138 lbs) has a realistic diameter of 30 cm (11.81 inches) that uses the simplified quick change introduced with the non-Elite version of the CSL P1 steering wheel. Flywheels Change the steering wheel in a matter of seconds, even during the game, with the Quick Change automotive hitch system established by our ClubSport series. Positioned below the base for the ClubSport V2 steering wheel, but more powerful than the V1, the base for the CSL Elite steering wheel is, surely, powerful enough to respond to your needs in the circuit.



9 (£699) Thrustmaster T-GT: PS4 Subsonic Universal Racing Wheel with Pedals (PS4/Slim/Pro/Xbox One/S/PS3)

Check Amazon UK

The T-gt racing wheel is the latest Thrustmaster racing simulator for Gran Turismo sport and is officially licensed for PS4. The t-gt racing wheel is a highly innovative source of technology, the result of a thorough investigation of all the sensations required for an ultra-realistic racing experience. Designed and built to withstand competitions, the t-gt offers the most demanding players a new experience. T-gt is also compatible with PC. xbox one steering wheel with pedals?

Thrustmaster is one of the leading companies in racing wheel controllers. If you look deeply at the design of the wheel, you will see it has four circular dials particularly designed for traction controls, brake dials, and many more. It houses the professional brushless motors, providing the exact force feedback of what happens in the game. The modifiable pedals, and customizable option to change wheel rim makes it stand out of the racing wheel market. However, the price is unaffordable and is approximately $1499. 

10 RWA: Cheap racing wheel xbox one in 2020

HORI has great worth in the fighting controllers and now, they started producing steering wheels controllers. The majority of modern games are compatible with this racing wheel. Although, it does not have a clutch pedal yet it is still recommended to PlayStation players. The overall built quality of steering and pedals is great. You can get this professional racing wheel somewhere around $382.


We have tested and reviewed the above racing wheels, and their performance was amazing. Therefore, we can evidently state that these are the best steering wheels for Xbox One and PS4.

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Best budget gaming chair Under £100 – £150 uk 2020: Recommended Budget comfortable gaming chair

The main objective of this article is to teach you how to find the best gaming oriented chair for your needs. This accessory, often mistakenly considered as a secondary one, is actually essential and its importance becomes exponentially higher in relation to the number of hours we pass in front of the PC

So let’s see what are the indispensable features to consider in our selection and what are the best gaming armchairs for the various bands.

According to us, the most comfortable gaming chair under the different budgets are:

1) Gaming chair under £200: Anda Pro, Kirogi chair, Ficmax and GT Omega

2) Gaming chair under £100: bigzzia Chair and Requena Sport.

3) Gaming chair under £150: GTforce Pro and Puluomis Gaming Chair

4) Gaming chair under £120: GTPLAYER and JL Comfurni

5) Most Expensive Gaming chairs Anda Seat Dark  and boulies Ninja Pro

When concentrating on the game for a long time, feeling tired is left behind. Having the same posture may hurt your hips, shoulders and neck. So pay attention to the gaming chair used by professional gamers. This time we will introduce a recommended gaming chair by type.

Best gaming console chair in uk 2020 Under £100 – £150 uk 2020: Recommended Budget comfortable gaming chair. Which PC computer gaming chairs do PRO gamers use? A PC gaming chair needs to be ergonomic, stylish, durable, comfortable and good value for money. (Best Gaming Chair 2020) We’ve rigorously sorted through the best gaming chairs of 2020 to help you find that perfect one.

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Best budget gaming chairs in UK 2020

In the section below you will find high quality, comfortable and perfect for pc gamers gaming chairs that have excellent padding, great level of comfort and are offered at a decently low budget price for the type of product. In this best budget gaming chairs under £150 to £200 section, will be showing you 6 chairs that are top sellers and are best rated but are available at a nominal budgeted price of under £150 to £200. Now lets get started with the best budget pc gaming chairs uk in 2020 list:

Best comfort for £200 GTFORCE PRO GT

1 GTforce Pro budget chair

  • Best budget racing chair
  • 4-way adjustable armrests
  • High density foam

Armrests are very comfortable and are padded. You cam adjust the armrest to the left, right and move them up and down. The back cushion is fully adjustable and also comes with a neck pillow.

Even if you sit for a long time using a polyester material with good breathability such as a seating surface and cushion, it is comfortable. If you get tired, a place where you can defeat your body by reclining function and extend it is also attractive. It is a recommended gaming chair for any gaming competition.

2 GTPLAYER: Recommended Budget gaming Chair

This budget gaming chair under £150 comes with 2 extra pillows which is great for your neck and back. one of the best budget Gaming Chair in uk for pro players under £150

GTPLAYER best budget Gaming Chair


  • Top rated
  • Quality Material
  • Value for money
  • Armrests can not be adjusted.

This pc chair is reclinable and height adjustable making it a perfect computer gaming chair. It also comes with lumbar & headrest pillows with extra padding. It is very easy to put together.

A sleek and lightweight design with sturdy look. At this low mid budget price, this computer gaming chair is highly recommended. So, for the price you can not put this chair at fault.

Made with luxury breathable leather and thick padded seat, this affordable computer pc gaming chair has good elasticity and provides good value for money. A well made gaming chair with adjustable armrests and lumbar support.

GTPLAYER budget gaming chair under 150 in UK video Review

3 SONGMICS: Editor’s Choice

This comfortable pc budget gaming chair is made for long gaming or work sessions. Comes with footrest and lumbar support. One of the best budget Gaming Chair £150 with footrest and lumbar support.

SONGMICS best budget Gaming Chair


  • Top Rated
  • Great customer Support
  • Robust
  • Very Comfortable

Made with premium materials and comfortable seating make this chair a gaming heaven for pro avid gamers. This affordable budget gaming chair is also a great gadget for business professionals working from home on their pc desk.

The footrest and 90-135 reclining angle gives you endless comfort while resting or playing games. It is made up of breathable synthetic leather. Overall a great chair for gamers under £150, must buy if your budget is below £150.

Video Review of Songmics gaming chair under 150 in UK

4 PULUOMIS Massage Gaming Chair: Must have

Comfortable gaming chair for computer with massage and footrest. A must have cheap gaming chair for a gamer addict. This is a must have Gaming Chair under £150 in uk that comes with massage and footrest.

PULUOMIS Massage Gaming Chair under 150 with footrest

PULUOMIS Massage Gaming Chair

  • Excellent quality
  • With footrest and massager
  • Very well made
  • Cheap low price

360° Swivel, 90°-150° Recliner angles for comfortable positioning.

It is an excellent setup to any gaming device and can be used while playing games on  PS4, PS3, Wii, Xbox One, Xbox 360, TVs. Built with Memory foam and breathable material this comfortable gaming chair under £150 is a value for money if you are on a tight budget.

It also comes with a 2 year warranty  and can handle Max Weight of 150 kg. It is designed in Uk and is Compliant with all UK safety standards. If you are more than 6 feet tall than this is a good cheap gaming chair for your needs.

This gaming office chair can bear 150 kg of weight and also be used for your office, living room, bedroom, and study room.

5 Diablo X-horn: Top selling

A pc gaming chair with extra thick upholstery and great durability. A perfect sporty budget pc racing gaming chair in uk.

Top selling Premium) Diablo X-One

Diablo X-horn

  • Excellent quality
  • very Comfortable
  • Very well made
  • Great Armrests

This is a highly durable and premium comfortable pc chair if you are on a tigh budget. The seating is very comfortable due to its extra comfortable padding and this pc gaming chair has an upper weight limit of 150Kg.

The tilt mechanism also works fine The neck pillow and lumbar support does comes handy when you are relaxing or watching a movie. This is on of the best budget gaming chairs for pc in uk which is very well made and looks fantastic.

At this affordable budget price this computer gaming chair is perfect for gaming, or working long hours in front of a computer.

6 IntimaTe WM: Comfortable pc Gaming Chair  

Made with comfortable & soft material.

IntimaTe WM best budget pc Gaming Chair

IntimaTe WM

  • Very well made
  • Comfortable
  • Under £150
  • Great Armrests

This is a dedicated racing armchair, as the name suggests, especially for the little ones. It features an ergonomic and reclining backrest (with the possibility of locking), adjustable seat height and synthetic leather upholstery. 

The base is equipped with wheels and supports a maximum declared weight of over 110 kg. It has height-adjustable armrests, a reclining backrest (up to 135 °) . 

The backrest is ergonomic, covered (together with the seat) in polyurethane and enriched with headrest and lumbar cushions.  Check the full review.

Best Cheap gaming chairs uk under £100

Medium-low range Cheap budget gaming chair for Computer or pc gaming and office or home: from £50 to £100 uk approx

In this section you will find competent, ergonomic and sufficiently comfortable gaming chairs that have the great advantage of being offered at a decidedly low price for the type of product. 

Clearly some renunciation is inevitable, mainly with regard to the reduced possibility of regulation of the product, but they are however capable products suitable for any scenario.

It is one of the best cheap gaming chairs for long gaming or working sessions at this cheap budget and affordable price of under £150 GBP. It is made of quality leather and is easy to build.

With great value for money and good customer support, this cheap and budgeted gaming chair is highly recommended.

1 IntimaTe Racing Chair: RECOMMENDED under £100

Gaming chair adopting lightweight metal frame. The load capacity is 130 kg, and it is a high standard specification of the design which can also adjust the seat height. The sheet part is PU leather, you can clean it quickly even if it is comfortable to touch. Because it is something you want to use for a long time, it is an important point that you can keep cleanliness. Check The review.

IntimaTe Racing Chair under £110
  • Very comfortable gaming chair at this cheap price.
  • Excellent Headrest & Lumbar Cushioning.
  • A fabulous chair for gamers with great colour options and good quality.

The design of this cheap budget gaming chair is amazing and the quality of the base and leather used is excellent.

The armrest, base and high back look very nice and the padded armrests are very comfortable. Others, multi-function full loading such as height adjustable armrest and reclining function, 360 degree rotating structure etc. It is a design considered just to play the game.

 It is expensive, but it is a convincing gaming chair for making it.

IntimaTe WM racing budget gaming chair Under 100 Video Review

2 Luckracer: Cheap gaming Chair under 100

This pc gaming chair has Ultra Comfy Design with Top Quality Faux Leather and Wheels. If you are a professional gamer or an avid gamer who loves to play games for long hours then this is the best gaming chair for you as you can easily recline to luxurious 180 degree position. You can also easily relax your head and waist greatly when lie on the demountable neck pillow

Luckracer Chair under £120
  • A fantastic comfortable chair with great padding for long lasting sessions for under £120.
  • A gaming chair with impressive near future design. 
  • The base color black color and vivid color ring are fashionable. 
  • Individuality glows with three-dimensional stitching as an accent. 

This stable and ergonomically gaming chair is height adjustable and 360 degree rotatable. The price of this pc gaming chair is under 100.

It is made up of good quality material and has a decent padding to provide comfort.

A great chair for people who want to use it for short gaming sessions. It can get uncomfortable after continuous sitting.

So, if you are not an avid gamer and want to use this under 100 gaming chair for 2-3 hours daily then it will do the work for you. It seems that as soon as you sit in an atmosphere like a car seat you will enter the game world.

3 bigzzia Gaming Chair: Best Value under 100

This £100 gaming chair is made of soft breathable leather and thick padded foam seat. Recommended computer pc gaming chair under £100 uk. The chair is also good for tall people and even feels comfortable for those who are 6 feet 2 inch.

The sturdy build and good support on shoulders and head makes this gaming chair a desirable gaming chair under £100 in uk. This is one of cheapest gaming chairs. Top selling pc cheap gaming chair under £100 in uk. A very good desk Chair with Lumbar Support and Headrest.

under £100 bigzzia racing pc best cheap gaming chair under £100

bigzzia Gaming Chair

  • Value under 100
  • Value for money
  • Adjustable Arms
  • Sturdy
  • High quality

This cheap gaming chair under £100 is very easy to assemble and is reasonably priced compared to other gaming pc chairs. The swivel and height adjustment functions of this affordable gaming chair work fine and this reasonably priced gaming chair which is one of the cheapest gaming chair on the market is very comfortable and easy to work on.

You must consider this gaming chair if you are on a budget, since this is one of the best cheap gaming chairs in uk.

A gaming chair featuring the height of the backrest that comes to the top of the head and subtle colouring. The reliable design made based on ergonomics realizes comfortable comfort. The back side adopting urethane will disperse the force when you put your hips on, so it will not hurt to sit for a long time.

Of course not only the reclining function, but also cushions that support the head rest and the lumbar spine will further reduce fatigue. Firmly support long body that you want to concentrate. It is a recommended gaming chair for favorite professional gamers.

4 Requena pc gaming chair: Top rated under 100

Low cost cheap gaming chair with armrest and high density thick foam. Good for gaming and office use

Top rated under £100 Requena Sport best pc Gaming Chair uk

Requena gaming chair

  • under 100
  • Sleek and simple
  • Swivel Gaming Chair
  • Adjustable Armrests
  • made with high quality PU leather
  • Sit comfartabily with 360 swivel feature 
  • Removable backrest pillow
  • Removable headrest pillow
  • Breathable PU leather

The style of this gaming armchair is a “middle ground” between racer and office. 

With eco-leather cover and sponge padding, it has shoulder rests facing inwards, slightly curved backrest and seat height variable between 108 cm – 118 cm.

It is mainly inspired by the office style, but the ergonomic curvature of the backrest and the customizable height armrests make it an excellent gaming armchair, which could not miss in this ranking, the best gaming chair series.

5 IntimaTe WM Heart: best ergonomic gaming chair

You can use this gaming chair as a Back Office Chair, Reclining Chair for desktop pc or for playstation gaming. Racing office/gaming chairs are specially designed for the office workers who have long hours work or video game players.

IntimaTe WM Heart: Cheap best ergonomic gaming chair uk under £100

IntimaTe WM Heart

This cheap gaming chair in uk under 100 is beautifully designed and is of great quality. The best features are its sturdiness and good padding at this cheap price of under £50 to £100. Good for long hours sitting.

  • Value for money
  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • Stylish design

This gaming chair boasts PU leather lining , non-adjustable padded elbows and a single reclining body. The chair weighs 19 kg and holds a weight of 120 kg. This console gaming chair has Upright lock function and you easily adjust seat height while playing games.

This pc gaming chair has support for user’s arms and  elbows which is good and you will feel very comfortable while sitting on this chair. Also has good support for neck, back and shoulder. It is the best gaming chairs under £100 in uk 2020. 

Good compromise between price and functionality, the IntimaTe WM Heart gaming chair is an excellent starting point to enter the world of the best gaming oriented chairs . 

The features present this chair are certainly “basic”, as the level of customisation is limited only to the adjustment of the height and inclination of the main body, but the quality of the construction is solid and despite the padding is not very thick however, good ergonomics characteristics . 

If you are interested in this product, just visit  Amazon , where you can also find the black, red / black and blue / black.



Adjustable Height Seat

Material: Soft PU Artificial leather
Back Area: approx 20.87″ W x 29.53″H/53*75 cm
Seat Area: approx 19.67″*19.67″*3.15″/50*50*8cm
Item weight: 19kg
Weight Capacity: 120kg
Assembly Require: Yes

6 Amoiu: cheap gaming chairs uk

This budget gaming chair under 100 is height-adjustable and  is designed to provide excellent support for your back.

This is a beautifully designed racing game chair with stylish white and red leather. The Soft quality pu leather is breathable and is of EXTREMELY high quality. The High back lumbar support and padded armrest make this budget gaming chair a very good gaming chair in UK.

Amoiu cheap gaming chairs uk-2

Amoiu chair

  • Great Value for money
  • Cheap price
  • Comfortable and soft
  • High quality

With the tag price of approx £108 at the time of writing this review this cheap gaming chair might be £8 higher than £100, but if you can afford these extra bucks then you should definitely consider buying this gaming chair.

7 Cherry Tree Sport Racing Gaming chair

Cherry Tree Sport Racing Gaming chair: cheap pc gaming chairs uk under £50 - £100

Best Under £50

  • Great Value for money
  • Cheap price

Gaming chair adopting lightweight metal frame. The load capacity is 130 kg, and it is a high standard specification of the design which can also adjust the seat height. The sheet part is PU leather, you can clean it quickly even if it is comfortable to touch. Because it is something you want to use for a long time, it is an important point that you can keep cleanliness.

Others, multi-function full loading such as height adjustable armrest and reclining function, 360 degree rotating structure etc. It is a design considered just to play the game. It is expensive, but it is a convincing gaming chair for making it.



Adjustable Height Seat

  • Chair size: 62 x 63 x 114 cm.
  • Height from seat back to floor: 105~114 cm.
  • Height from seat to floor: 44 ~ 54 cm.
  • Backrest size: W 53 x H 72 cm.
  • Seat size: W 49 x D 50 cm.
  • Armrest height: 70 ~ 80 cm.
  • 360 degree swivel, tilt function, upright lock function.
  • Height adjustable.
  • Mounted on strong base, heavy-duty 100mm gas lift and nylon castors to hold load up to 120 KG. 


Best budget pc gaming Chair Under £150

Mid-range gaming chair for pc, ps4, xbox one uk: from £100 to £150.

In this range belong all the gaming chairs that have good adjustment possibilities and the aforementioned lumbar and cervical cushions which consequently increase the level of comfort. 

It is commonly thought that the main reason why a gaming chair should be bought is comfort, but you have to be careful not to confuse comfort with ergonomics . In addition, the level of thickness of the padding increases, thereby improving the comfort of the product. Below are some of the best gaming chairs under 150:

1 GTPLAYER: Best gaming pc chair under £150

A gaming chair featuring the height of the backrest that comes to the top of the head and subtle colouring. The reliable design made based on ergonomics realizes comfortable comfort. The back side adopting urethane will disperse the force when you put your hips on, so it will not hurt to sit for a long time.

GTFORCE PRO FX budget chair under 150

Good head support for relaxing and long gaming sessions. The seat is comfortable, the back provides great support and can securely lock at various angles. This budget pc gaming chair also comes with an extendable footrest. comfortable seats, reclining angles and cushioned armrests give optimum comfort to your elbows.

  • Recommended Budget chair
  • Comfortable seats
  • Smooth leather

Of course not only the reclining function, but also cushions that support the head rest and the lumbar spine will further reduce fatigue. Firmly support long body that you want to concentrate. It is a recommended gaming chair for favorite professional gamers.

2 JL Comfurni chair: Best Value under 150

JL Comfurni best budget gaming chair

A good looking gaming chair with sturdy frame and comfortable seats and armrests. Overall a recommended chair for this cheap budget price.

  • Best Design
  • Sturdy base
  • Really comfortable office/gaming chair

It is a gaming chair that realized both of wanting to concentrate, as well as healing the long tiredness. If you put out an gaming and defeat reclining, you are already comfortable already! Excellent thing that you can stretch your feet while holding your body firmly. It will be a reliable buddy.

This cheap budget comfortable gaming chair has 6-Point multi-function vibration massage  with controller. It can massage upper back, lower back and thighs/bottom. you can also set and use multiple levels of available massage routines. It also comes with wired controller for the massage function. this gaming chair for avid gamers also supports 360 degree swivel capability.

Although ordinary office and gaming chairs have low backrests, many of the gaming chairs are made to cover up to the head. In addition, large head rests are also characteristic. It is a strong ally to relieve fatigue on your neck. It is also recommended for desk work when playing games.

3 (Editor’s Choice) GTPLAYER pc gaming chair

Best console gaming chair under £100 – £150 in uk 2020 with lumbar support. Check the review.

3 GTPLAYER gaming pc chair- best console gaming chair under £100 - £150 uk 2020.jpg
GTPLAYER pc chair- best console gaming chair
under £100 – £150 uk 2020

A seat chair type gaming chair that uses low rebound urethane. It is a material often used for pillows, excellent in cushioning properties. Wrap firmly along the line of the body. Moreover, it adopts a nice lever type that can recline while sitting. You can move comfortably to the angle you like.

This professional affordable inexpensive gaming chair is comfortable and you can recline up to 170-degrees, adjust the height, tilt, rock, 4-way armrest.

A simple design with only the backrest and the seating surface is cheap and also attractive. It also points to a compact size that does not take up space. . It is recommended to choose according to the interior.

4 (Top Rated) Vanimeu pc racing gaming chair

This is the best budget computer chair for long hours in uk under £150 pounds 2020.

This gaming chair boasts PU leather and fabric lining , vertically adjustable padded elbows and a self-reclining backrest. The chair weighs 18.5 kg and holds a weight of 115 kg. This is one of the best gaming chairs under 100 pounds. It is comfortable for playing games continuously, it is hard and durable.

(Top Rated) Vanimeu pc racing gaming chair- best budget computer chair for long hours in uk under £150 pounds 2020

Vanimeu budget chair

  • Top rated
  • Looks amazing
  • Easy assembly
  • Good design
  • Comfortable

This racing gaming chair for pc or gaming console (PS4 or Xbox One) is good for both gaming and work use. You can also replace it as a best budget gaming chair or office chair. If you are looking for red/black gaming chair then this is the  best black gaming chair you can buy on amazon uk under  £120 to £150. This pc gaming chair is Available in a variety of colours, Fully UK Fire Retardant.

If you want to go to something a little less “basic” but you do not have huge claims then Aminiture High-back is definitely the right chair for you. 

Comfort is very good and the presence of lumbar and cervical cushions  is a very positive element that significantly increases the goodness of posture. The possibilities of customization also improve decisively, introducing in a price range all in all contained features such as reclining backrest independently of the base and adjustable elbow rests (even if only vertically). 

A great product then, valid and available by following  this link to Amazon , where you also find the red / black and orange / black.



Adjustable Height Seat

Brand: GTFORCE ™
Armrest: yes
Material: Faux Leather
Total Height:  120 to 128 cm
Backrest Height: 79 cm
Backrest Width: 53 cm
Seat Height: 48 to 56 cm
Seat Width: 53 cm
Seat Depth: 50 cm

5 (Best Selling under 150) UMI gaming chair for pro gamers

Best stylish gaming chair under £150in uk.

UMI pc racing gaming chair- Budget best computer chair for long hours in uk under £150 pounds 2020
UMI pc racing gaming chair-
best budget computer chair for long hours in uk
under £150 pounds 2020

Did you know that there is a chair type on the gaming chair? This gaming chair is characterized by sturdy making like a car chair different from the seat chair you imagine. It has a solid backrest that holds the whole body and a 14-step reclining function. Tiredness does not easily accumulate even in long-time gaming. This is the best rocker gaming chair.

It is also one of the charms that is compact in seat chair type. While compact, thick cushion part is urethane foam, so it will support the body comfortably. It is easy to make synthetic leather for the upholstery and



  • Tilt Locking mechanism 90-135 degrees angle adjuster
  • Height-adjustable gas spring cylinder
  • Height adjustable and elevated armrest
  • It is designed Orthopedically and ergonomically.
  • Adjustable armrest
  • Headrest pillow
  • Seat area:52 x 54 x 8.5 cm
  • Load capacity up to 113kg
  • Weight 22.8kg

6 (Value for Money) Euco Gaming Computer Chair

Comfortable office chair pc best price gaming chair under 100 to 150 uk

Euco Gaming Computer Chair- Comfortable office chair pc

Compactness is characterized by anything. While there are many gaming chairs like car chairs, simplicity stands out. However, it is a popular item that has excellent elements in terms of function. 

If the T-shaped part is backrested, it will become a design that envelops the body, if you hold the T part forward, you will firmly support the hand with the game. 

There are a lot of people who will get tired of the same tactics by all means during the game. Recommended especially for those who like it! Compact but excellent gaming chair.

A gaming chair with a reclining function on the back and neck part. Because you can move freely, you can find a comfortable place by sitting direction and position. There is no worry of sitting and tiring even in the game with a cushion of low rebound.

Even though it is a compact type, it is a multifunctional superior one. Recommended for those who want to incorporate gaming chairs for the first time. 4 colors available for color selection. Please enjoy the game time with your favorite color.

Best gaming chairs under £200

In this category of best pc gaming chairs, i will show you some of the best gaming chairs which have excellent build quality and are very comfortable for pro gamers. You can use these best gaming chairs while playing games on pc, Xbox one or PS4.

These are very comfortable gaming chairs even for home and office use. The padding of these gaming chairs is thick and can be used for office desk chairs as well as a hardcore gaming chair.

If you want cheap budget and top rated chairs then you can follow these links to the above article

  1. Cheap gaming chairs 
  2. Budget gaming chairs £150
  3. Top rated gaming chairs

So, let’s start with the category of 5 best gaming chairs under £200.

1 Ficmax – Best massage gaming Chair under 200

The design and comfortability of this gaming pc chair is excellent. And, at this price of £200 GBP this gaming chair under 200 is a very good deal. The pillow and lumbar cushioning supports your back and neck.

The design of this gaming chair is in S-shape which reduces the stress on the neck and spine.

It is made up of high quality materials and also comes with a 2 YEAR WARRANTY. Overall, a great fit for gaming or office work if your budget us under 100. So, this is one of the best gaming chair under 100 in uk.

Ficmax - Best massage gaming Chair under 200

This is easy to assemble massage chair with high quality material. The footrest is retractable and works good. The lumbar support and comfortable sitting position makes this budget gaming chair a highly recommended one. This chair is also good for tall guys/girls with great shoulder and back lumbar support.

  • Great Value
  • Designed for comfort
  • Premium quality

2 GT Omega pro pc Gaming Chair under 200 with footrest

1 Best comfort for £200 GT omega PRO GT

Very well made budget gaming chair. The high density foam and padding in the seats make this a very comfortable one.

A well designed sturdy pc racing chair with adjustable armrests and footrest. this E-sport chair is an Ultimate Gaming chair. It provides  outstanding support for your back and shoulder.

  • Best racing chair under 200
  •  4-way adjustable armrests
  • 4D Adjustable Armrest and recliner
  • High density foam

The seat shape is very comfortable and the body hugging foam is made of quality material. The faux leather high density foam will last for years. You can recline this gaming chair from GT omega up to 170-degrees.

The height adjustability, 4 way adjustable cushioned armrest are some great features of this pc gaming chair.

You will definitely love the new styled alloy wheels which are good on almost every surface and are also screatch resistant on hard floor.

the lumbar support of this gaming chair is also very good due to its adjustable and removable back cushion and neck pillow.

3 Kirogi premium pc Gaming Chair

Kirogi pc Gaming Chair with footrest under 200

A big, sturdy and very comfortable gaming chair for adults with sturdy frame and Waterproof Breathable leather. Overall a recommended chair for the budget price of under 200.

The wider seat and thick seat filling with high density foam are great for long gaming hours. This gaming chair can support 200kg of weight due to its balanced class-4 gas cylinder.

  • Highly Recommended under 200
  • Comfortable Carbon Fiber Leather
  • Wider seat area

Carbon Fiber Leather

This budget gaming chair under 200 is height-adjustable and is designed to provide excellent support for your back. The design and comfortability of this gaming pc chair is excellent. And, at this price of £200 GBP this gaming chair under 200 is a very good deal. The pillow and lumbar cushioning supports your back and neck.

4 GTFORCE Extreme: Recommended under £200

It’s quite big, heavy and of Good quality.


  • Excellent quality
  •  good relaxing chair
  • For long hours


This perfect for gaming pro racing gaming chair comes with Adjustable height seat and multi function recliner. As you know GTplayer is known for making the best gaming chairs for pro gamers, and this gaming chair also meets the quality and comfortability of any top rated gaming chair.

under £200 GTFORCE Extreme pc gaming chair

GTforce Extreme chair

  • Excellent quality
  • Recommended
  • For long hours

With thick padded back & seat cushioning, this is one of the best gaming chairs by GTplayer. The sitting position is comfortable.  The leather quality is smooth and  it also comes with the lumbar & headrest pillows. This gaming chair under £200 comes with a one year warranty.

5 Anda  International Pro chair: (Editor’s Choice “under £200”)

A High Quality Robust Chair which looks Modern and Stylish. Ultimate high quality chair for gaming and office.

A highly recommended gaming chair under 200 GBP by our Editor’s. This ultimate gaming chair for pro gamers provides over 8 hours of Comfort with its ergonomic backrest and cushionhigh-quality antioxidant soft PU leather which is a soft leather, water-proof and fade resistant.

Anda International Pro chair Editor's Choice for under £200

Anda Gaming chair

  • Editor’s Choice under 200
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Worth every penny
  • Exceptionally well built
  • good relaxing chair
  • Recommended
  • For long hours

This pc gaming chair provides you long-term comfort with its head pillow and waist pillow. This gaming chair from Anda is of  International Pro Leagues quality. The price tag of £200 on this gaming chair is definitely worth it because of its customer and Lifetime warranty service. A worth buying gaming chair for your home and even for office use.

6 GTFORCE Formula MX: Best comfort for £200

This gaming chair is Big, sturdy, and Perfect for gamers. Best design and perfect for long gaming hours.


  • Very good looking chair
  • Great arm rests
  • Very comfy
  • For long gaming sessions


Best comfort for £200) GTFORCE PRO GT

A chair that is good for both gaming and office work. Made to provide unique comfortable seating for long hours to make long gaming and work sessions more fun and enjoyable.

The high comfort arm rests are 3 dimensional  and can be adjustable in vertical, front, and  rear positions.

This is one of the best design gaming chairs on the market. This gaming chair back angle prevents back pain and muscle tension due to good straight seating position. Head and lumbar cushions are made from high quality memory foam and are adjustable.

If your budget is below 200 pounds than you must consider buying this great looking gaming chair.

Most expensive gaming chair uk 2020 

High-range gaming chair for pc, ps4, xbox one

Within this category you will find only the best gaming oriented chairs, with fantastic levels of comfort, ergonomics, quality of materials and customization . 

The wrapping wings of the back are much more marked, wrapping the user, favoring in a more natural way a correct posture, and every aspect from the seams of the cushions to the adjustment systems is built with a higher degree of quality.

1 (under £300) Anda Seat Dark Demon  expensive gaming pc chair

Anda Seat Dark Demon expensive gaming pc chair

This gaming chair boasts PREMIUM PVC LEATHER lining , padded elbow pads that can be adjusted vertically or horizontally, an independently reclining backrest and even a footrest. The chair can hold a Maximum Weight Capacity of 440lbs / 200kgs.

Those looking for a quality product, comfortable and full of customization options, look no further: the Anda Dark Demon  is absolutely an excellent option for every player . The quality and solidity of the construction is absolutely excellent, such as the level of thickness and comfort of the padding. 

The elbow rests are padded, ergonomic and fully adjustable , like the wraparound backrest, plus there is also an extremely interesting feature: 4D armrests.

 Thanks to this tool – absolutely optional, for heaven’s sake – we will be able to wear beautiful clothes to watch a good movie, an event in streaming or even play, bent backwards without giving up the goodness of posture. 

2 “under £250” boulies Ninja Pro expensive racing Gaming Chair

boulies Ninja Pro expensive racing Gaming Chair

An extremely valuable product, therefore, and certainly considered the best expensive gaming oriented chair on our list ; to buy it you just visit the  following page Amazon , where you will also find the other variants and colours.

Some features are:  multi-tilt mechanism, PU leather and  microfiber suede is used for comfort. Rocking and reclining multi-tilt mechanism and 90~180°reclining backrest.

Gaming chair adopting lightweight metal frame. The load capacity is 130 kg, and it is a high standard specification of the design which can also adjust the seat height. The sheet part is PU leather, you can clean it quickly even if it is comfortable to touch. Because it is something you want to use for a long time, it is an important point that you can keep cleanliness.

3  “under £220” Dowinx most expensive gaming pc Chair uk

under £220 Dowinx most expensive gaming pc Chair uk
under £220 Dowinx most expensive gaming pc Chair uk

It is a gaming chair whose three-dimensional seating surface envelops the body. Designed to support the circumference of the body such as overhead cushion and side cushions, thick cushion is also characteristic. I am also happy to make a sturdy construction with a load capacity of 100 kg. You can safely leave your body.

Also, because the footrest is stored, you can rest your predecessor if you withdraw when you want to take a break. It is nice to be able to switch ON and OFF moodally. It is a gaming chair recommended for refreshing at one stroke and full loading of functions with a relaxed body tired from hard work.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Chair

 The comfort aspect itself is important to evaluate, such as the presence of removable wheels underneath the base, but the element that mainly distinguishes a gaming chair from a normal office chair is the emphasis on posture . 

Many non-gaming solutions can be much more comfortable, perhaps using valuable materials such as true skin (never used for gaming chairs for thermal conductivity reasons) but are not therefore indicated for the role they have to fulfil gaming chair.

One of the elements that distinguishes lower-end products from high-end ones is the padding level and the consistency of the material; along with the level of customization of the rudder-elbow position , these are the elements that help to identify at a glance the quality of the chairs in question. 

The best gaming oriented chairs are also equipped with a pair of cushions padded for the lumbar area and the back of the neck , accessories not always appreciated by users but still very practical because they play the important role of minimizing stress on the spine. 

Finally, the best gaming armchairs also boast interesting options like the possibility of reclining the backrest or even a footrest , so that even those who favor playing backwards bent or maybe watching a movie / reading on their own gaming chair can also come across.

The merit of the gaming chair is that it is hard to get tired even if you sit for a long time. It is made to focus on the time to face the game, so comfortable to sit outstanding. It is a structure that wraps around your body and holds your hips and heads securely.

There is also a gaming chair with reclining function when you want to rest your body as well as support while playing the game. It is nice to heal tiredness while sitting in a chair. Because it is suitable for hard work using a personal computer, it is also recommended for those who incorporate it as an office chair.

What is the best gaming chair 2020?

There are several good gaming chairs in the UK that you can buy according to your needs. It really depends on your budget. Gaming chair brands like GTplayer, GTforce, JL Comfurni, Luckracer, Songmics, YOURLITEAMZ, Diablo and more are some of the  best gaming chairs in 2020 that you can buy.

If your budget is under 100 then you can go for IntimaTe, CTF, or Luckracer gaming chairs. For a budget under 150, you can check out more comfortable gaming chairs like: GTplayer, GTforce, JL Comfurni and more. 

And for premium gaming chairs which range between 150 to 300 pounds, you can buy Kirogi, Diablo, GTforce, GTplayer, FicMax, AutoFull TFORCE and more.

What is the most comfortable gaming chair?

Most of the gaming chairs are made keeping the customer comfort in mind. Gaming chairs that come under £100 are also ergonomic in design and provide a comfortable sitting position.

Although, the padding and quality of a racing chair always vary depending upon their prices. For example, a gaming chair for under 100 GBP wil have less padding material and lumbar support then a 150 gaming chair.

Moreover, a more premium budget gaming chair also comes with an extra padded armrests and headrest making them most comfortable. 

According to us, the most comfortable gaming chair under the different budgets are: 1) For under £100: IntimaTE chair and Luckracer, 2) Gaming chair under £120: GTPLAYER and JL Comfurni , 3) Gaming chair under £150: GTFORCE Pro and YOURLITEAMZ  4) Gaming chair under £200: Ficmax and GTFORCE PRO GT  5) Gaming chair under £250Dowinx  and Corsair T2 

Are gaming chairs worth it?

No and yes, It really depends. If you want a chair that is comfortable and durable then, No. They are not worth it. But, if you want a chair that looks cool but is less comfy than a traditional office chair with a slightly higher price then you can go for the gaming chair. So, cool design, ergonomic, and moderate comfort are some of the features of a gaming chair. And for the customers who care more about price and comfort, they should go for traditional office chairs.

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