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The 8 Best PS5 Accessories That Will Enhance Your Gaming Experience

Looking for best PS5 accessories? There are bunch of really impressive PS5 and PS4 accessories that you can currently buy from the market. Just follow the below article to know the hot and top selling Playstation 5 accessories.

When you acquire the PlayStation 5, the console comes with the essentials you need to get started, including the critical HDMI 2.1 cable. However, it will help to get several accessories that will make your gaming experience better. Whether you want to make it simpler how you recharge your controllers or want to get some additional storage space, there are several PlayStation 5 accessories you can select from. 

The accessories you need depend on your gaming style. For instance, if you are planning to play games with your pals on the couch, invest in more controllers. Alternatively, if you are an enthusiastic streamer, you might have to go for the HD camera. You should also consider how much you need an accessory before buying it. Otherwise, you risk getting caught up in the new purchase buzz. 

Best PS5 accessories to buy for your gaming setup

Here are 8 top-rated accessories that will enhance your gaming experience. Select the ones that best suit your gaming style; you don’t have to buy them all!

1 PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller

1 DualSense Wireless Controller multiplayer games for the PlayStation 5

When you buy the PS5, it comes with one DualSense Controller. However, if you are planning to play with your friends on the sofa, you will need another one. Your best bet is the official PlayStation 5 DualSense controller. It has a relaxed ergonomic fit that molds around the gamers’ hands perfectly regardless of their sizes. You will also love its sleek and high-end buttons. The controller also has other excellent features like haptic feedback, which is a form of better vibration, and several trigger buttons that are more responsive and tactile than their previous counterparts. Even as you get the extra controller, keep in mind how dirty your controllers can get and ensure you have an appropriate cleaning routine.   

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2 PlayStation 5 DualSense Charging Station

2 DualSense charging station Second best PS5 accessory

This is not the most exciting accessory to purchase. However, if you need to recharge your controllers regularly and would like to keep your living space neat, this would be an excellent addition. Although there are other unofficial solutions, this one is the best. 

Also, remember that you will need an additional wall socket because the charging station does not plug into the console. You will also need to do some reorganization to ensure all your cables remain out of your way. 

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3 PlayStation 5 HD Camera

3 PlayStation 5 HD Camera best camera recording and streaming accessory for PS5

If your aspiration is to be the next big thing in Twitch gaming, then an HD Camera is a must-have. The PS5 HD camera is straightforward to set up. You simply have to insert it into the applicable port on your PlayStation 5, then align it to capture your face faultlessly. 

The camera’s stylings also mean that it ties into the PlayStation 5 aesthetic so that it doesn’t steal focus next to your Television. After setting up the camera, simply press the Share button on your controller and start streaming immediately. However, it does not have backward compatibility support meaning you cannot use it on your PS4.   

4 Sony PlayStation 5 Pulse 3D Wireless Headset

4 Sony PlayStation 5 Pulse 3D Wireless best audio microphone Headset accessory
4 Sony PlayStation 5 Pulse 3D Wireless best audio microphone Headset accessory

Even though there are many gaming headsets in the market, the PlayStation pulse 3D wireless headset is unique. The headset was made with particular PlayStation 5 games in mind. 

It comes with 3D audio, meaning you can feel fully immersed in the gaming experience, making you feel like things are happening around you. It offers a unique way of doing things, and not all games can fully utilize its capabilities yet. 

The headset uses a wireless adapter to connect to your console instead of Bluetooth. You must also remember to recharge it. Nevertheless, its sound is fantastic, and it is comfortable to wear. 

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5 Sony PlayStation 5 Media Remote

5 Sony PlayStation 5 Media Remote accessory for media streaming like netflix spotify disney youtube

Game consoles are no longer exclusive for gaming. You can also use them as media streaming devices. For example, gamers can download apps for all the top streaming services from the PlayStation store. You can download YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, and Spotify. 

This remote controller makes it effortless for you to use these apps than when using the controller. It is also more comfortable for other family members that don’t usually use the controller. 

6 Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller

6 Nacon Revolution best premium controller accessory for playing games on ps5 and ps4

The Nacon Revolution Pro Controller is a PS4 controller. However, thanks to PS5’s wide-ranging back catalog of PS4 games, you will need a more advanced controller than the standard DualSense controller. 

The controller was developed with eSports in mind. Gamers can change the shape and size of the controller’s joysticks expansively. It also allows you to add weights if you prefer a heavier controller. You will also like the programmable buttons. 

7 Seagate 4TB HDD

7 Seagate Barracuda Pro Must have external storage device accessory for PS5 to store games and media files
7 Seagate Barracuda Pro Must have external storage device accessory for PS5 to store games and media files

There is no expandable storage for the PlayStation 5 yet. However, since it comes with a wide range of PlayStation 4 games, it is helpful to have extra storage where you can store these games externally. This also allows you to leave the PlayStation 5 titles for the internal SSD. 

The Seagate 4TB HDD is designed for the PlayStation consoles, making it easy to set up. You just plug and play. Moreover, you can store over 100 PlayStation 4 games. 

8 Sony PlayStation Plus 12 Month Membership 

Purchasing a PlayStation Plus is an excellent way of getting access to free games monthly. At the moment, it offers up to 24 PlayStation 4 games that you can access from your PlayStation 5. Moreover, the PlayStation 5 games collection is slowly growing every month. 

You will also get access to PS Plus Collection that gives PlayStation 5 owners free access to 20 PlayStation 4 games regarded as generation-defining. 

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