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Best racing wheels for xbox one uk (June) 2020 – Thrustmaster, Logitech Racing Wheel with Clutch & Shifter

Best racing wheels for xbox one uk 2020 – Thrustmaster, Logitech Racing Wheel with Clutch & Shifter.

In the list below you will find the different xbox one driving wheels which are the latest best sellers. The steering wheel is the most crucial component for today’s gaming needs resulting in great difference. Usually opting for expensive racing wheels may not yield desirable results whilst driving and drifting supercars within modern games.

These top-notch games are now virtually able to provide the real racing experience you never experienced before. But, the selection of wrong and low-quality controls can ruin your Xbox One and PS4 experience. Therefore, one must choose the best quality, not expensive racing wheels that would deliver enough force feedback. Today, we will be looking at the best steering wheel for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Have a look at the best range of racing wheels to flourish your experience. 

This page offers you the opportunity to compare different products from different areas. Through reviews and ratings from other buyers , we can provide you with useful information and help you find your best-selling racing wheels for Xbox one and PS4 in UK 2020. So just follow the below guide to know which racing wheels for xbox one  or PS4 fits your needs and then yo can make a decision if you want to buy it or not.

You can agree with me on this, having fun with a video game console is a world class experience and when it comes to racing wheels for xbox one  is no exception, but choosing our favourite racing wheel is not an easy task, mainly due to the large number of “multiplatform” options available that in many cases can be overwhelming.

For other platforms of video games perhaps the answer is much simpler but not for the Xbox One, and that is precisely our task here, to answer this great question, What is the best steering wheel for Xbox One that exists in the market? .

Well we will base our analysis on many important factors, the price, its design and outstanding characteristics of each of them that best adapt to this platform, but above all we will be giving real opinions of people who have bought and used a flyer for Xbox One .

Our main goal at the end of the day is that you can have a clear idea of ​​which is the steering wheel that best suits your needs and expectations.

We eviscerate anxieties like these, it is worth investing  in a racing wheel? Or are there cheaper options that meet what I need? Are they so basic that I can not even have the minimum driving experience I’m looking for?

Here we will give you an answer to all these concerns, always thinking about your benefit and the care of your pocket.

Best racing wheel xbox one, PS4 in 2020:

The best steering wheels for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

1 Logitech G920 / G29: (Overall Best Rounder)

This is the best budget racing wheel for xbox one: best cheap steering wheel for xbox one.

1 Best budget racing wheel for xbox one: Logitech G920 / G29 (best cheap steering wheel for xbox one)World-famous Logitech has launched the simpler model yet price identical model of G29 preferred by many for Xbox One, PS4, and PCs. The design of G920 is like the flagship G29, with more improved motors. The only drawback of this racing wheel is that it lacks those ambient night lights which helps a lot while playing at night. You can get this monster within the price bracket of $499. Many YouTubers use G920 for reviewing high-graphic games.

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We started our guide with the Logitech G920 Driving Force, for those who do not know, this racing wheel is specifically designed for the Xbox .

Alternative: Logitech G29 (Durable Controller)

People are familiar with built quality Logitech products. This is the best steering wheel for Xbox One and even for PS4. It has a simple yet compact design coming with numerous features and options within an affordable price range. It comes with improved double brushless motors providing massive force feedback feel when driving. The connectivity with all platforms like Xbox One, PCs, and PS4 makes it more wonderful to buy. Plus, it has identical buttons like PS4. 

If you are interested, Logitech launched the Driving Force G29 , which has full support for PC, PS3 and PS4.Since this, you must bear in mind that the G920 is an elite, functional, classy and powerful power to prove it.

The steering wheel is quite elegant, maintains a similar appearance to what we have customary Logitech, the buttons are very well placed, and one of its great advantages is that it can fit comfortably in almost all places. This is the Best racing wheels for xbox one and PS4 uk 2020

It has many advantages and we can say that the only point against this steering wheel is its price. It costs around 260 if you decide to buy it without the gear lever, and if you buy it with the gear lever, it can cost  400 or more.

But it’s worth it, Logitech offers us a product that borders on perfection , that’s why its price is understandable.

The rotation of 900 ° from lock to lock of G920 Driving Force allows to turn the steering wheel two and half times, using two hands for the wider curves. The G920 steering wheel has been carefully designed for the latest racing games from the Xbox One console. You’ll never want to run with normal control again after trying the Driving Force. The Driving Force G920 also works with your PC through Logitech Gaming software. he G920 racing wheel incorporates the D-Pad and console buttons on the steering wheel so all controls are within reach, while semi-automatic shifting helps smoothly and accurately shift gears in tight corners and straight tracks.

  • Compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8 o Windows 7 Xbox One
  • Force feedback motors 2
  • Steering angle sensor with Hall effect
  • Helical gears without clearance

Complete your system for racing to have the most realistic experience possible. Add the change Driving Force six-speed to your steering wheel racing.

[toggle title=”Advantages”]

  • significantly less expensive than the leather TX 458 edition. the prices fits perfectly
  • The wheel wrapped in hand-baked leather is out of series
  • The brake and acceleration pedals are very good, 3 in total for use of manual boxes provided realism and an excellent FFB
  • It’s a very good mid-range midfielder.
  • The pedals are a strong point they come with Logitech’s (smooth-progressive)


[toggle title=”Disadvantages”]

  • You have software problems (drivers) when you switch from Xbox to PC
  • Initial configuration and tuning problems (plug & play)
  • Have problems for new versions of Windows on PC (Win 10)
  • Does not have (Auto-clutch) or Automatic clutch characteristic of Fanatec for Thrustmaster



[toggle title=”SPECS”]

Steering wheel:

– Rotation: 900 degrees locking

– Hall effect steering sensor

– Redirection of double motor force

– Protection against overheating


– Non-linear brake pedal

– Patented anti-slip system

– Textured heel support

– Automatic Calibration


– Steering wheel radius: anodized aluminum

– Handwound-covered steering wheel

– Steering Shaft: Steel

– Marching: Brushed stainless steel

– Bracers: Nylon with fiberglass

– Frame and pedal rod: Cold-rolled steel

– Pedal: Brushed stainless steel

– Pedal Piston Cover: Acetal (POM)

Wheel dimensions:

– Height: 270 mm (10.63 in.)

– Width: 260 mm (10.24 in.)

– Depth: 278 mm (10.94 in.)

Pedal Dimensions:

– Height: 167 mm (6.57 in.)

– Width: 428.5 mm (16.87 in.)

– Depth: 311 mm (12.24 in.)

System requirements:

– Xbox one

– USB port

– Windows 8.1, Windows 8 or Windows 7

– USB port enabled

– Internet connection and 150 MB hard disk space (for optional software download)

– Games that Support Racing Wheel with Logitech Force Feedback


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2 Best midrange Racing wheel for xbox one or PS4 UK in 2018: Thrustmaster T300RS / TX Racing2 Thrustmaster T300RS / TX Racing

Absolutely amazing brushless motor makes it successful force feedback providing controller wheel available for Xbox One and PS4. The price comparison of this beast cannot exist, because it has no competitors in the market in terms of weight, built quality. It is available in the market for $699 although the gear shifter is sold separately.

Best midrange Racing wheel for xbox one or PS4 UK in 2020:

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An adjustable rotation angle between 270 and 900 degrees allows players to pilot all vehicles with unparalleled realism. This is the Best racing wheels for xbox one and PS4 uk 2020

If you are willing to acquire an excellent steering wheel both in appearance and performance, then the Thrustmaster VG TX is the one you must have. Essentially, the steering wheel comes in two different variants, the one with leather and the one with no leather.

Before we start, we want to tell you that the TX is a direct competitor to the Logitech G920 , however, unlike this, the TX has support for PC and Xbox One. Thrustmaster certainly created a great steering wheel, made entirely in leather. first quality and we must emphasize that the leather of which it is made is one of the best, then its price is more than justified.

The steering wheel itself has all the necessary functions you need when playing a racing game. Something that many complain about a steering wheel is the lack of feedback force, but luckily for you with this steering wheel you will not have this problem because it has a strong and sensitive feedback force.

So, is there anything missing in The Thrustmaster TX? The answer is no, if you are a common consumer.

However, if you are an expert on the subject, then you will probably be bothered by the fact that the pedals on this steering wheel can not be reversed , and also that they are mostly made of plastic, and these can be very uncomfortable if you use them for long periods of time. To conclude, we can say that the Thrustmaster TX is one of the best flyers you can buy for your Xbox One . It has full support for PC and works excellent in all racing games and in all kinds of driving games. The steering wheel offers everything that its price promises.

High-precision steering wheel: optical reading with 12-bit resolution (ie 4,096 values ​​on the steering wheel axis). he steering wheel is automatically recognized by the Xbox One, compatible with the console menus and all the Xbox One racing games that support flyers. Steering wheel with 28 cm in diameter, ergonomically designed perfectly suited for all racing games (GT, Formula 1, NASCAR, Rally, etc.). Never take your hands off the wheel thanks to the built-in Xbox One official buttons: Xbox Guide Button, View, and Menu. Easily access all social functions, switch between the game and the system, navigate through the console menus, etc.


[toggle title=”SPECS”]

900 ° Force Feedback base
– Mixed belt and gear pulley system, metal ball bearing
– Realistic “competition” design: 28 cm in diameter
– Ergonomic design perfectly suited for all racing games (GT, F1, NASCAR, Rally, etc.)
– Integrated software certified for Xbox One: the steering wheel is automatically recognized by the Xbox One
– Compatible with console menus and all Xbox One racing games that support steering wheels
– PC compatibility (Windows 10/8/7 / Vista) is also guaranteed thanks to the Thrustmaster drivers
– Large and optimized pedals: foot pedals with large feet
– The tilt angle of each pedal can be adjusted
– Progressive brake pedal
– The adjustable force feedback mechanism allows you to feel all the details of the race (track relief, loss of grip, braking, impact, etc.)
– An adjustable rotation angle between 270 ° and 900 °
– A mixed belt pulley and gears system is smoother, more fluid and less noisy than helical gears, with metal ball bearing (for increased strength)

– Voltage: 220V


3 Subsonic Universal Racing Wheel with Pedals (PS4/Slim/Pro/Xbox One/S/PS3)

3 Subsonic Universal Racing Wheel with Pedals (PS4/Slim/Pro/Xbox One/S/PS3)

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  • Racing wheel for Playstation 4 / PS4 Slim / PS4 Pro / XBOX ONE / PS3
  • Wired wheel with 180 rotation.
  • Equipped with 5 suction cups.
  • Plugs directly into the controller and console. The Universal Racing Wheel is compatible with all the games of the market: Gran Turismo Sport
  • Forza motor sport 7
  • Drive club
  • Project Cars
  • Forza Horizon
  • GTA V
  • Farming Simulator
  • With the universal racing wheel live an immersive racing experience for the price of a controller


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  • Wire wheel with 180 ° rotation. Equipped with 5 cups
  • Universal Racing Wheel with an immersive live races for the price of a knob!
  • The Universal Racing Wheel is compatible with all games on the market: Gran Turismo Sport – Forza Motor Sport 7 – Drive club – Project Cars 2 – Forza Horizon – GTA V – Farming Simulator


4 (£233) Thrustmaster TMX Pro Force racing wheel for  Xbox One and PC – best force feedback wheel xbox one

4 (£233) Thrustmaster TMX Pro Force racing wheel for  Xbox One and PC - best force feedback wheel xbox one

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Lovers of professional simulation can now enjoy the quality of the Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback steering wheel, plus the award-winning three-pedal Thrustmaster T3PA as an added bonus. It is a dream offer that can not be missed! A complete racing simulation solution at an exceptional price! The TMX includes the set of three Thrustmaster T3PA pedals, whose pedals and internal structure are 100% metal. The T3PA is fully adjustable (the spacing and angle and also the height on the accelerator pedal), and users can even adjust the thrust force independently for each pedal. Also included is the optional Conical Rubber Brake Mod, which achieves an authentic feel with ultra progressive resistance at the end of the pedal stroke. One of the Best racing wheels for xbox one and PS4 uk 2020

– Official racing simulator for Xbox One and Windows.

– Force feedback system 900 ° + mixed system of gears and belt-pulley + metal shaft with bearings.

– Includes the 3-pedal set T3PA: WIDE BASE 3

PEDALS, Pedals and internal structure, 100% metal, Fully adjustable.

– Compatible with the Thrustmaster TH8A * gearbox.

28 cm in diameter, with an ergonomic design perfectly adapted for all driving games (GT, F1, NASCAR, Rally, etc.). Adjustable turning angle from 270 ° to 900 ° allowing players to run on all vehicles with unparalleled realism! Very precise steering wheel: optical reading with 12-bit resolution (that is, 4,096 values ​​on the steering axis of the steering wheel). Official integrated buttons for Xbox One: Xbox Guide, View and Menu. Switch between the game and the system, scroll through the system menus, access social functions, etc.


[toggle title=”SPECS”]

  • Official racing simulator for Xbox One and Windows
  • 900 force feedback system
  • 3-Pedal wide pedal set
  • 100% metal pedals and internal structure
  • 3 fully adjustable pedals – spacing, inclination and height
  • Compatible with the Thrustmaster TH8A shifter (sold separately)


5 (£139) Thrustmaster TM Leather 28 GT Racing Wheel for Xbox One/PS4/PS3/PC DVD

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  • Genuine hand-stitched leather throughout the circumference of the wheel (to get a real feel)
  • The structure of the wheel is identical to the automotive standards with molded polyurethane (for a more flexible feel and comfort) and an internal ring made of steel (to improve transmission of driving sensations and effects Force Feedback, in particular)
  • 28 cm diameter
  • 2 large sequential gear shift paddles mounted on the wheel
  • Complete controls driving
  • Volante detachable Thrustmaster Quick Release system


[toggle title=”SPECS”]
  • 28 cm in diameter
  • 2 mm-thick brushed metal central steering plate
  • 2 large wheel-mounted sequential paddle shifters
  • Detachable wheel with Thrustmaster Quick Release system
  • Compatible with all Thrustmaster T-Series racing wheels

6 (£125) Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel (Xbox One) (Best racing wheels for xbox one uk 2020)

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The second on our list is the Ferrari 458 Spider Thrustmaster steering wheel that was specially designed for Xbox One. Previously we would like to tell you that this steering wheel is so far the cheapest offer we have on our list, since it has a cost of 100  . But having this price, how do you compare it with the beasts of Logitech G920 and G29? To be honest, the comparison would be somewhat unfair. Let’s find out what the VG Ferrari has to offer.

When we take it out of its box, the first thing we notice is that the steering wheel is very similar to the steering wheel of a Ferrari, in fact all the design language of Ferrari is very present in this product. We had our doubts about the quality of manufacture of this product due to its low price, but believe it or not, the steering wheel exceeded all our expectations, it presents a solid manufacturing and works in all racing games or driving games.

The few disadvantages that we have seen in the VG Ferrari are mainly the lack of additional options that if we can find in other racing wheels, and although the constitution feels very firm, it leaves us in turn a feeling of cheap plastic. But we must bear in mind that we are only paying  100 for it, and it is as good as it can be. Best racing wheels for xbox one forza 6 uk 2020

  • Ferrari 458 SSpider racing wheel
  • Realistic: 28 cm diameter racing wheel that incorporates rubber texture grip
  • 2 metallic shift paddles Up & Down
  • Adjustable steering wheel sensitivity (4 preset values) ensures more accurate driving in all games
  • 2 pedals with wide footrest. Brake pedal that offers progressive resistance. Individually adjustable


[toggle title=”SPECS”]

  • Red rubber-textured grips, inspired by motor sports
  • Wide adjustable pedal set
  • 9 replica action buttons (including View and Menu buttons)
  • Automatic centering
  • 240 degree rotation angle
  • Adjustable wheel sensitivity


7 (£539) Best of the best for PS4: Fanatec CSL Elite Racing Wheel

Fanatec Clubsport series has the jaw-dropping build quality and offers multiple customizations. PS4 lovers prefer to have racing wheels having similar controls as of PlayStation. You will find the identical options and buttoning on this racing wheel and amazing the small rev-meter assists in shifting gears in gameplay. The racing wheel comes along with strong and long-lasting shifters. Although, the price forces you to see other options in the league because it sells for $999.

[button-red url=”http://amzn.to/2FpyENL” target=”_blank ” position=”center”]Check Amazon UK[/button-red]

Really by far best PS4 wheel in the market. Works perfect on GT Sport in compatibility mode. Also have other brand wheel as a comparison and this is in another league. No toy and with a loadcell brake the best one for console. Wheel is so smooth, no resistance when turning the wheel like all other ps4 wheels. Got it together with clubsport shifter and v3i pedals. Both work fine with GT Sport, Assetto Corsa and PC2 that I tried. In VR on GT Sport it feels like a real car. Takes one or two hours to set everything up and find out how it works and how to fine tune it. 

The base has contained dimensions (somewhat inferior to the ClubSport of the same manufacturer) and is easy to install and configure. It has a mode button, which allows you to select between console and PC modes. It even has a “CSW v2 compatibility mode” so that the steering wheel is compatible with old PS4 games that were compatible with that base.

The steering wheel itself has a good feel, with leather and leather parts. The display at the top is very useful and the shift cams have a fabulous touch. These cams are undoubtedly one of the best things of the steering wheel, since it is not a spring with a switch at the end of the route, but it is necessary to make a certain force from which the cam yields suddenly. So to say, it is not possible to leave the cam halfway, but it works as an “all or nothing”. The front of the steering wheel is aluminum and the interchangeable buttons are definitely a plus.


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8 (£787) Best of the best for Xbox One: Fanatec CSL Elite Racing Wheel

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Xbox one steering wheel with pedals? The new electronic system features potentiometer sensors with metal gears on the arms of the throttle and clutch pedals, with 12 bits, and the load cell brake with ultra-precise resolution of 16 bits. The covers of the buttons of the Xbox One can be easily changed to the covers of the racing buttons, with symbols according to the most popular functions you will need during the races. best steering wheel for forza horizon 3.

The lightweight steering wheel (970 g / 2.138 lbs) has a realistic diameter of 30 cm (11.81 inches) that uses the simplified quick change introduced with the non-Elite version of the CSL P1 steering wheel. Flywheels Change the steering wheel in a matter of seconds, even during the game, with the Quick Change automotive hitch system established by our ClubSport series. Positioned below the base for the ClubSport V2 steering wheel, but more powerful than the V1, the base for the CSL Elite steering wheel is, surely, powerful enough to respond to your needs in the circuit.


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9 (£699) Thrustmaster T-GT: PS4 Subsonic Universal Racing Wheel with Pedals (PS4/Slim/Pro/Xbox One/S/PS3)

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The T-gt racing wheel is the latest Thrustmaster racing simulator for Gran Turismo sport and is officially licensed for PS4. The t-gt racing wheel is a highly innovative source of technology, the result of a thorough investigation of all the sensations required for an ultra-realistic racing experience. Designed and built to withstand competitions, the t-gt offers the most demanding players a new experience. T-gt is also compatible with PC. xbox one steering wheel with pedals?

Thrustmaster is one of the leading companies in racing wheel controllers. If you look deeply at the design of the wheel, you will see it has four circular dials particularly designed for traction controls, brake dials, and many more. It houses the professional brushless motors, providing the exact force feedback of what happens in the game. The modifiable pedals, and customizable option to change wheel rim makes it stand out of the racing wheel market. However, the price is unaffordable and is approximately $1499. 

10 RWA: Cheap racing wheel xbox one in 2020

HORI has great worth in the fighting controllers and now, they started producing steering wheels controllers. The majority of modern games are compatible with this racing wheel. Although, it does not have a clutch pedal yet it is still recommended to PlayStation players. The overall built quality of steering and pedals is great. You can get this professional racing wheel somewhere around $382.


We have tested and reviewed the above racing wheels, and their performance was amazing. Therefore, we can evidently state that these are the best steering wheels for Xbox One and PS4.

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